1. S

    Extension on a terraced house has nowhere for rainwater to go

    Hello! I need help with a rainwater drainage problem. Not sure what to do in this situation: the terraced house has a rear extension that is the width of the back garden (about 5 m). The length of the back garden is 9m. Currently the rainwater is siphoned into a raised bed. I wanted to put a...
  2. Z

    Gutter downpipe into soil

    Hi, I recently had a blocked downpipe on the side of my house and having cleared this found that the issue was that the downpipe is discharging the rain water directly into what I assume is some sort of Gully just under the surface of the soil near the building. See photo. I have lived in my...
  3. S

    40mm into soil pipe - need a trap?

    I have a permitted combined sewer, so the rain water can go into the waste water sewer. I have all the bits ready to take the gutter down pipe (currently just going straight onto the ground, :oops:) and connect it to the soil pipe (so 68mm -> 40mm then into existing soil pipe). My question is -...
  4. N

    Any help appreciated. What UPVC profile is this?

    I've got a job where I need to source some more of this gutter/downpipe Can't find any markings? Any ideas what this profile is called? Any links etc appreciated Many thanks
  5. P

    Fix leaky external kitchen sink pipe

    Hi, I am a novice DIY-er and was wondering how I can fix this external kitchen sink pipe that goes to the drain (see pictures). The 90 degree attached to the wall has cracked and the joint is held with some kind of silicone material. The joint comes off completely sometimes and needs to be put...
  6. C

    Upper gable gutter discharge onto roof not lower gutter

    Hi, I've had all the gutters and downpipes to the main house replaced - previously plastic/cast iron mix. The new gutters are 5" seamless aluminium in a Victorian style and downpipes 68mm cast aluminium. The upper part of the side gable was previously a rotten wooden gutter with fall to the...
  7. J

    Downpipe bend required for gutter

    Hello, We just bought a house and yesterday I (a new home owner and general no-nothing regarding property ownership and maintenance) was checking the guttering. I have attached a photo showing a downpipe that doesn't have a bend to take the water away from the house. The previous owner has...
  8. O

    neighbours moved gutter downpipe without permission

    Hi all, My dad lives in a semi-detached house with the shared down pipe being on his neighbours property. The neighbours did a loft extension and remodelling of their house and during this time they have drilled into my dads property and moved the down pipe to his side without asking...
  9. E

    Shared downpipe problem

    We have a 1950s semi detached house that was built originally with 1 downpipe at the front of the property (my side at the end) and 1 downpipe at the back of the property (in the middle, my side), the front drains into the main sewer, the back drains into my garden (no soak away just literally...
  10. Bishop m

    Difficult to reach shared downpipe

    Semi detached house with one downpipe on my side has come away from the gutter (think it's blocked at the dog leg aswell). Problem is that it's above 2 extensions that form a valley so can't get a ladder up. Got someone to have a look and he's suggested tricky scaff job and 2 new downpipes at...
  11. Rageyboy91

    Terrace downpipe to storm drain, layout.

    Hey guys, I've brought a house with dodgey drains and I've had drain companies out but they dont seem to have answers. I've been trying to read up on schematics and designs of how downpipes on terrace houses were traditionally built and how they deal with rain water at the front of a 1900 mid...
  12. mixer28

    What is this down pipe made of?

    Hi. I'm looking to paint an old waste down pipe outside my flat. The paint has started flaking off but I can't really tell what material its made out of, to know what paint to buy. Can anyone tell what type of pipe it is please? It's on a 1960s (UK) building. There seems to be what looks...
  13. robodelfy

    Down pipe, waste and drain confusion?

    Hi, I'm trying to sort out the back of my terracedhterraced Victorian houseahouse garden. As you can see in the photos, the soil stack ends up just going directly into the ground, where I imagine it bends away from the house and meets the sewage pipe that the neighbours say run horizontally...
  14. J

    Downpipe to nowhere - soakaway?

    We recently moved into an old terraced house (c. 1895) with a small front yard. We've just pruned back a large rosebush to find that the guttering downpipe has rusted away and separated from the section that goes underground. I had actually noticed a bit of rainwater getting in to the crawlspace...
  15. C

    Gutter and Downpipe Responsibility

    Hi, Couple of questions.. about downpipe and gutter responsibility.. 1. Early Victorian terrace of 4 properties.. 1 downpipe to serve the whole front.. placed roughly in the middle.. whose responsibility? Is it shared? Or the responsibility of the property it goes down and into the land of...
  16. C

    Cast Iron Downpipe Broken Collar Repair

    Hi, Got a cast iron downpipe with a broken collar, when it rains quite hard the water spills out of the broken section. I know it may be best to replace but is there a way that a good quality repair can be facilitated? The back of the pipe is rusty but no leaks as far as I can see. Thanks...
  17. S

    Downpipe has disconnected from gutter

    Hi all just after a bit of advice. Our drain that was used for the guttering downpipe and waste from the washing machine has blocked, but to be able to clear the blockage we had to cut the bottom section of the downpipe (just above the shoe) as it was resting on the metal grid covering the...
  18. H

    Plastic downpipe union with cast iron downpipe

    The area near my back door regularly flood with rain water from a plastic downpipe. How can I divert the water into the original cast iron downpipe? Do I need to totally remove the original downpipe first? Is there a way of joining them up? Here's a photo:
  19. J

    Guttering DIY first timer

    Hi there. New here so please go easy :) I live in a 70's semi-detached and am replacing my existing upvc guttering. I measured mine and my neighbours existing dia before ordering which was 100mm dia half round. When I got the new guttering delivered to my house I double checked the dia to find...
  20. symbiosis

    Backed up rainwater downpipe

    Hi all Just moved into a new house that's been empty for months. First hard rain and noticed the water pouring over the gutters - on inspection, the downpipe was backing up from where it disappears into the ground (its concreted in). Any suggestions on clearing it? Also, there's a huge drain...