1. L

    Thermal Imaging

    Hope somebody could shed some light on this I bought a new build around 14 months ago and have had the following thermal imaging report carried out by the developers as part of snagging and draught issues. Thermal imaging is not something I have much experience with. I’m under the impression...
  2. I

    Kitchen Extractor Hood - Preventing Backdraught

    We get a terrible draught through our kitchen extractor which vents outdoors. We have tried various back-draught flaps in the duct and hoods on the outside, but to no real avail. In all cases, the wind blowing past the outlet on the wall seems to pull the flaps open and let in a draught at the...
  3. C

    Intermittent bad smell

    Hi all We've been experiencing an intermittent smell from our downstairs toilet for the last few months. We've tried replacing the pan connector and have had a CCTV inspection on the drain, but the problem persists. Last week I removed the toilet again and disconnected the sink trap. Both have...
  4. D

    Timber frame draughts and general construction queries

    Hi, I'm trying to locate draughts (drafts?) in my timber frame house and I don't expect to find everything, just any faults or things that could be fixed in DIY jobs where possible. I know this is a never ending task for some houses so I'm just looking for big wins (autocorrect says big wind!)...
  5. D

    No cavity barrier at top of timber frame

    Hi, I live in a timber frame house, it's approx 13 years old. In general it is warm but over the years I've noticed some draughts at times, in places such as when I have changed a socket on an external wall or from the sides of the (unused) gas fire. I can hold a feather near the sides of the...
  6. J

    Draft proofing vs ventilation

    Hi, I’m currently renting a room in a mid-terrace maisonette. Generally the insulation is really good, but there are a few annoying draughts in my room. There is an air brick underneath my room, and the draught comes through between the carpet and the skirting board (I think). I tried to seal...
  7. A

    Filling big void around UPVC windows

    Hi all. I'm planning on internally insulating the front of our house and have just stripped back the wallpaper and am taking the UPVC surrounds off the double glazing to fill the voids. There is a massive void above the double glazing in the main bedroom (8 inches between glazing and brick)...
  8. J

    Draught left panel of window

    Hey all! I've lately been noticing some draught coming from the left side of the left panel of two of my windows. I understand that you can adjust the tightness of the window against the frame by turning the lock head with an Allen key. Unfortunately, only the right panel of my window has a...
  9. T

    UPVC Front Door Not Sealing Properly

    Hi All, So I'm a student in a small uni town and the way some of the houses are here have a front door that opens directly into a ground floor bedroom i.e. my room. I've noticed now that the front door doesn't properly seal in the bottom right corner below the handle and it's leaving enough of...
  10. C

    PVC Door very draughty and cold

    Hi Working on an old bungalow renovation - Kitchen is very very cold, have noticed that a pvc door that was previously installed is very draughty and cold... rest of house is warm but this particular corner of the kitchen is barely getting heat despite being 2 foot from a rad. Door install is...
  11. AdFromEssex

    Draught around boiler flue through tiles

    Hello all, Is there anything I can do myself to stop draughts coming in around the flue of my boiler, as pictured? Aside from covering the cupboard in silt and occasionally blowing the door open, the draught hasn’t caused any major problems. It’s more of an annoyance. If it’s best left as...
  12. A

    Cold Home - Thermal Camera/Flir One

    Hi everyone, Can someone please help me? I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure out why our home is so cold. I managed to get a Flir One (Gen2) Thermal Camera pretty decent price. I'm not sure if I'm using it properly. I've taken some photos of the outside of the house and some of the...
  13. J

    Spray Expanding foam question

    Hi, Yesterday i was undertaking some DIY and filling some gaps with expanding foam. However me being silly i didn't wear a mask! Now i am worried after reading some of the dangers of breathing in expanding foam. Can anyone shed some light on if im doomed by breathing this stuff in, one time...
  14. T

    Reducing draught from air brick

    I have a terraced house (built around 1900). My office is upstairs and has an air brick near the ceiling. I'm convinced that the office is colder than most of the other rooms in the house because of the air brick. I don't want to get rid of the air brick, but can I part-fill it with something...
  15. E

    How to close gap on uPVC French door.

    Hi, I have a draught coming from a gap at the bottom right-hand corner of our french door. Does anyone know how this can be fixed? There is a gap at the top right-hand corner too. Image here: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AvxDFgUHUgNCxGQLt7Za-i5ZIY8n Thanks!
  16. E

    Garage door draught gap

    Hi Folks, there is a pretty large gap in our garage door which lets a lot of cold air into garage. Can this be improved in any way? Picture here: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AvxDFgUHUgNCxFFWrt2bKXIebhqD Thanks folks.
  17. E

    Gap in garage ceiling below bathroom

    Hi Folks, during winter our bathroom can be quite cold and doesn't really hold much heat. I have the bathroom window sealed up and loft insulation in place. Recently I have noticed a draught coming out of a gap between the tiles and our bath. The bathroom is above our garage. I went down to the...
  18. C

    Draughty brand new windows and balcony door.

    Hi, March last year I've had new pvc windows and door installed. Flat was in process of being redecorated and we really only noticed the problems when it started to get really cold around December. I've noticed a lot of cold draught coming from around the balcony door frame and window seals. I...
  19. L

    Window seals still not sealing

    Hi, hopefully someone could help. Rather than get new windows Im going the full hog a correcting and fixing my current double glazed upvc windows. All have 1x side hung sash. So far I have: Changed all friction hinges Replaced all seals on sash and frame with 6mm bubble seals Replaced all...
  20. B

    Vertical Door Draught Excluders? - Do the exist?

    I noticed on both of our French doors that around the lock part where the doors come together and close, there is a roaring draught coming in!! I wondered as these wont be opened for another 6 months or so and kept locked and closed, is there such a thing as a Vertical Door Draught Excluders...