1. andyr123

    Beko Tumble Dryer Drum is not earthed

    I've not long had a new Beko vented Tumble dryer and couldn't understand why I was getting static electric shocks as I was pulling out the clothes after drying but now I think I find the cause. Although the metal cabinet on the tumble dryer is earthed (I tested to the earth pin on the 13a plug...
  2. mogget

    Do I need to bond my cold water main?

    I currently have a bond to the MET on my gas pipe, as per gas regs. There is no bonding on the rising main, which comes in in MDPE before switching to copper at the stop valve. The pipes at the boiler are cross-bonded. I have a TT installation with an earth rod, a Wylex NS consumer unit, and a...
  3. N

    Underfloor Heating - blowing RCD

    I've had electrical underfloor heating in the bathroom for 4 years and its been working perfectly. We went away for a couple of days and I set the Devireg touch to holiday mode so that it would come on when we got back. When we returned the RCD that supplies the underfloor heating (and the...
  4. eveares

    People using the Yellow/Green core in flex as a live conducter!

    Under Regulation 411.3.1.1 (Page 55 of the 17th edition of BS7671 Amendment 3), as quoted; It is clear that that a CPC must be included in all fixed wiring except for Class 2 lamp holders, even if it is a Class 2 device at the other end. Yet people still use the "earth" core in flex as a live...
  5. eveares

    Regulation 710.411.6 (Group 2 Medical Locations)

    Just been reading my copy of BS7671 in my spare time, regulation 710.411.6 says that an IT earthing system with a IMD must be used for group 2 medical locations. Does that mean that expect for devices covered by reg 710.411.4 in group 2 locations, all medical devices must and always be fed from...
  6. eveares

    DB earth fed direct from HRC fused cutout or from external MET first?

    I have seen both configurations in pictures and videos as listed below, and can't find the section in my copy of BS7671 to say what is the correct or preferred method if there is one? All I can find is that the MET's (Does that also include the one inside DB's/CU's?) must be easily accessible...
  7. B

    Earthing metal ceiling rose

    My son wants me to connect a lamp which has no earthing point in the metal rose (the bulbholder has). Is this against the regulations?
  8. agulesin

    Grounding (earthing) via rebar - any comments?

    Hello everyone, I've just read about rebar (reinforcement in concrete foundations) being used as an electrical earth in the USA. Apparently it's in their equivalent of the 17th Edition: "it turns out that rebar in concrete footings or the foundation for a house is actually a more effective...
  9. F

    Exporting tt earth

    Evening all, just a quick question, I've been looking at this subject quite a bit now can anybody give me some hard evidence requarding exporting a earth to a out building, I've heard so many diffrent things like you shouldn't connect a pme earth to a outbuilding earthing terminal and all sorts...
  10. F

    Earthing a metal container

    Evening all, I was asked to price a job today which was putting power into a metal container, the sockets and lights would be installed using plastic conduit as the feller doesn't like galvanised conduit, the supply is already there which is a 10mm twin and earth on catinery and this is fed...
  11. S

    Export earth or not?

    I need to put in a supply for a shed/workshop about 60m from the incoming TNS service, which appears to be fed by a dedicated (only serves this one house) pole-mounted transformer, Ze=0.23ohm. No extraneous conductive parts in the shed/workshop (wooden construction and plastic water supply)...
  12. G

    Earth wire connections

    I want to connect 6mm Earthwire from a bathroom into one of the bathroom power circuits as it must not be taken back to a Consumer board. I have a 20 amp junction box # with cables fitted for the bathroom and the 6mm is too large to fit into the Earth terminal in that box. Is it acceptable to...
  13. A

    Is this ceiling rose double insulated?

    I bought this ceiling rose off Amazon ( It's not like others I've seen as it has a black input sheath to a connection box, which also closes over the top. Does this mean it is double insulated? Thanks
  14. eveares

    16th Ed Theory: Supplementary Equipotential Bonding back to MET not allowed?

    Putting aside the fact that Supplementary Equipotential Bonding is often not needed these days in accordance with the 17th edition providing that all circuits in the bathroom are protected by a 30ma RCD, all incoming services are mains bonded back to the MET, and that all circuits meet the...
  15. eveares

    Earth-less Sockets!!!

    So the front room of my house had all the plaster ripped off a few months back due to damp problems :rolleyes: and is due to be re-plastered next year. :) Well today I went to remove the wire terminating at a junction box from the only socket in the room and discovered the CPC of the cable was...