1. A

    Thinning down vinyl matt emulsion

    Hi, Can I thin out some vinyl matt emulsion paint with water to paint a first coat over some new lining paper? The paper is quite absorbent so I was thinking maybe water down the paint for the first coat? what ratio to water down? Any advise appreciated?
  2. BillyWillySilly

    Paint dries very quickly and results in noticeable patches

    I've been covering a wall in Leyland Trade Contract Matt Emulsion and it's starting to get on my nerves! The result is as follows: I know I made the cardinal sin of starting the middle of the wall but the paint was going off so fast I couldn't get to the top of the wall from the bottom...
  3. M

    2 Coats Emulsion?

    Hi I skimmed a wall after a repair job and then put wallrock lining paper on. I then bought a 2.5l tin of Laura Ashley pale linen paint. Fine. Then the mrs said the lining paper looked so good why dont we put it on the other walls?. I agreed. However now I have relaised that I don't now think...
  4. Maxlear

    Which white emulsion is WHITE?

    I'm repainting my flat in white. I have done all the woodwork in Dulux Pure Brilliant White Eggshell (which is a lovely white), now I want to match the walls. I got Dulux Pure Brilliant White Matt emulsion but it turned out to be CREAM! Then I got Dulux Trade Supermatt White and that turned out...
  5. J

    Patchy Paint Finish on Walls

    Hi guys, Just coated my living room wall with its second coat of Dulux Magnolia Emulsion. However after drying, there are light and dark patches on areas of the wall. I have applied two mist coats (underneath) and used a 9" extendable roller. Should I apply a third coat, or change my approach...
  6. M

    Ceiling patches after painting ceiling Help. (Prior patch work fix) PU flex filler. Help

    Hi All, I have run into a slight problem, my ceiling had some very bad cracks in them, I reached out to my plaster who plastered the ceiling and cracks. A month passed and the same old cracks returned. Mist coat was applied to the new plaster ceiling after a few weeks. I informed my plasterer...
  7. D

    Is it ok to skim over emulsion

    I've been tucked up by a plasterer, scrim showing through the skim etc, on a sloping area of ceiling. I dug out a few spots, very thin. I remember the guy standing back from the job whilst he was doing the wall and saying that it didn't look too bad, and I had to agree that it didn't but I think...
  8. C

    I used vinyl matt as an undercoat on fresh plaster, how do I fix it?

    I watered down vinyl matt paint and used it as an undercoat on top of fresh plaster thinking it was matt emulsion. I have not done a second coat yet and would like to know if I should continue or fix it and if I should fix it, how? If it is of any helps the colour that I would like to finish...
  9. M

    Varnishing MDF

    I have built an arcade replica out of MDF. I've given it two coats of MDF primer and two coats of satin black emulsion. It looks nice. I'd like to protect it with a coat of varnish but I wanted to make sure that you can varnish over emulsion with a water-based varnish or not? Something like the...
  10. P

    Silicone Leaching into Emulsion

    Hi In the past I've found a lot of solutions to problems on here, much appreciated. This is my first post. I've just finished installing a sink, behind it is emulsion paint. I applied silicone sealant around it which seems to have leached into the paint behind. It's not water from the taps...
  11. A

    Used oil-based paint on an internal wall instead of emulsion

    Hi, a DIY novice here - as you will soon realize Due to circumstances that do not reflect well on me (inexperience, incompetence, general lack of concentration) I have painted the section of our bedroom above the picture rail not with simple emulsion but with oil-based satin internal and...