1. N

    EPDM Repair Advice/Products

    Hi. We have had a flat roof kitchen extension built, with EPDM and two skylights. The company that built it pulled out of the project neat completion, it was really weird and I don't know why they didn't finish it but I get the feeling that they misquoted and were just cutting their losses at...
  2. J

    Mould appearing on garage ceiling

    Hello, We have mould appearing on the internal plywood of our garage roof in the past few weeks during the colder/wetter weather. I wondered if anyone could give an insight into why this might be happening? The mould appears between every joist front to back, mainly appearing from the edges but...
  3. D

    Green Roof Joist sizes

    I am putting a new flat roof on a brick built garage, stage 1 is to get the roof watertight and stage 2 next year is to make it into a green roof, probably sedum. The garage is approx 5.25m x 3m with joists to run across the width (3m) I have been looking at some of the weight considerations...
  4. S

    Fixing a cowboy job roof gone wrong... and saving money!

    Hi Guys, new to the forum and DIY in general. Note, I have no DIY experience at all, except for assembling home furniture. I had a garden building built in 2018, and now the flat felt roof has already failed and caused a massive leak inside the building. Large puddles form on the roof, and...
  5. SS-ProjectBuild

    Correct nails for Timbers

    Hi, I will be framing my flat roof using 9 x 3 timbers.... what size/type of nails do i use to brin git all together (noggings/overlaps/framing etc) ? Thanks.
  6. SS-ProjectBuild

    Flat Roof Structure...what nails to use?

    Hi Guys, I will be attempting to frame my own 100sqm flat roof my self! Will be using 9x3 timber all round.... what type of nails and sizes do you suggest fo this size timber? I will also be creating a trimmer for part of the roof...what is the best way to bond the 2 timbers....nails or bolts...
  7. G

    Parapet wall

    First of all thanks everyone for helping with my self build, so much appreciated. Next stage complete the parapet wall design,roof timbers on for warm roof.My plan is to complete the top of the parapet wall either side,them fix the roof down. Need to keep the parapet wall to minimum height...
  8. fatmcgav

    Replacing Garage Roof

    Hey there, I'm after some advice on replacing the roof on our block-built double garage. The existing roof appears to be constructed of Tin Corrugated sheets, which have well and truly had their time, with lots of holes all over the place. The roof is approx 4.8m at the widest point x 6m...
  9. StephenStephen

    EPDM: rubber4roofs or firestone?

    I'm reroofing a porch roof, approx 3 square metres. Planning on 18mm ply (joists are sound) with EPDM on top. Is it worth spending time and money getting firestone rubbercover, or would something generic like 1.1mm EPDM with adhesive from rubber4roofs be as good?
  10. D

    Leaking EPDM roof

    Hi. A few years ago, my parents paid a considerable amount of money to have their flat, cold, felted extesion roof into a warm, EPDM roof. It was OK at first, but a leak formed and started to drip onto the internal windowsill. Not only that, but there was water pooling in places, directly below...
  11. B

    Knowing where the soffit stops and epdm

    Hi, Can anyone show me an image of how the framing of the fascia and soffit should meet the pitched roof. I've been told by neighbour builder that the fascia and soffit should go all the way into the roof and then lead all over that. Fact is there is an internal gable wall stopping that and it...
  12. J

    EPDM edge trim and breathable gap

    Been looking for weeks but cannot find any specific details on this; I'll try to explain but apologies if I waffle. I'm building a garden studio, timber frame, without overhang. The top of the cold roof has 25mm air gap above celotex insulation then osb roof, then will be epdm. The walls have...
  13. J

    Flat roof edge detailing

    About to wrap my timber framed garden office with the breathable membrane and battens but am unsure how the edge detail is finished with an EPDM roof. The cold roof rafters end flush with the stud wall rather than any overhang. If I go by the limited diagrams seen so far (see attached), then...
  14. J

    Garden outbuilding, insulation and more???

    Hi there. I've had some very helpful advice from this forum recently, but need some more if possible. Just wanted to confirm the insulation specs. The plan is currently; Floor 75mm PIR insulation laid directly on concrete with glued battens spanning front to back as a fix for scaffold...
  15. J

    breathable membrane for garden room

    Hi, I need some advice if possible on the best type of membrane for a timber framed structure for a garden office. I was going to have the stud wall, membrane, battens, then ply cladding sealed with Osmo oil. Parts of the cladding might be open joint cladding with vertical battens, but am...
  16. F

    EPDM over felt?

    I am re-roofing my leaky garage roof. I have purchased one sheet of EPDM to cover the whole roof (30ft x 13ft). I was going to remove the existing felt roofing prior to glueing the EPDM to the wood but removing the felt has proved an impossible task as the felt had been laid with hot tar. Is...
  17. T

    Large flat roof. Best covering options?

    Hi all, I’m having a flat roof on an extension I am building and the area is approximately 8m x 6m - 48m2 (not taking into account the skylights) please can anyone recommend a roofing system that’s suitable for large areas such as this. It will be visible from the upstairs windows but I...