expanding foam

  1. H

    Soudal Gap Filler in stairs to fix noise - worked but worried about fire

    Dear all, Thanks for reading my post. In the process of redoing the flooring in my house (circa 1970s construction), the tradesman secured the stairs with screws, glue and brackets, which didn't do much. He then drilled holes into the stairs and filled the enclosed stairs undercavity with...
  2. R

    How to spray expanding foam into tight gaps?

    Hello all I hope you can help me. I do a little DIY, but I have a lot to learn. The current cold snap has made me realise how leaky my house is and I am on a mission to try and patch it up. I have noticed in our kitchen that there is lots of cold air coming in between gaps between the floor and...
  3. marty3

    Use expanding foam to close cavity round window

    I am replacing plasterboard round a UPVC window. I have already added expanding foam round the window frame to close up any gaps. But I also want to close up the cavity round the window, am I safe to use a small amount of expanding foam for this?
  4. N

    Shortening a lath and plaster wall.

    I need to shorten a lath and plaster wall. As you might guess where I need to make the cut is not where there is an upright! One side of the wall is in the bedroom so is accessible whereas the other is in the airing cupboard and I would dearly love to avoid taking this to pieces to add...
  5. D

    Expanding Foam in Cavity Wall Issue

    I am a landlord and my tenants experienced issues with damp on the inside of a bay window and it didn't seem like there was an issue with condensation or ventilation (as is usually the case). I noticed a crack where the bay window render meets the brickwork on the outside of the house and...
  6. F

    Multifinish over expanding foam

    I’m cutting out a 6” channel from ceiling to floor in insulated plasterboard for heating pipes. If I then fill with expanding foam can I just cut it back and skim the whole wall?
  7. marty3

    Insulating a Catnic lintel

    I am on a mission to stop draughts and increase efficiency whilst redecorating. I am about to put plasterboard back up over a catnic lintel that looks like this... I have noticed that you can get catnic lintels that have a polystyrene filling, I was thinking of either stuffing it with...
  8. B

    Expanding foam issue

    Following on from my bathroom renovations. One of the issues I had was the old bathroom was leaking into the kitchen and made a large hole in the ceiling which will be plastered up. The issue I have are the kitchen units are in the way, I've pulled all of them down apart from the unit where the...
  9. J

    Spray Expanding foam question

    Hi, Yesterday i was undertaking some DIY and filling some gaps with expanding foam. However me being silly i didn't wear a mask! Now i am worried after reading some of the dangers of breathing in expanding foam. Can anyone shed some light on if im doomed by breathing this stuff in, one time...
  10. E

    Gaps behind skirting board and sound issues

    Hi there, Hope this is the right forum. I got a builder in to install an engineered wooden floor, which involved exposing the joists and also removing the old skirting. While he was at it he put down 200mm of Rockwool sound block, to block out airbourne sound from the downstairs neighbours...
  11. N

    Replacing seal around steel garage door frame

    Apologies for the long post... I gather that using expanding foam to fill the gap between the frame and the masonry, then caulking with silicone, is the way to go. I'm wary of putting in too much foam, in case it expands to the point of separating the frame further from the masonry. Does...
  12. T

    Plugging hole before screeding floor

    Hi all, I am preparing to screed my concrete subfloor, having pulled out the old one which was uneven and full of redundant pipework. I am the top-floor flat and there is a riser for the soil pipe, mains water feed etc running inside the flats. There is a gap between the structural concrete...