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    Monsoon Extractor Fan Kit LED

    Hello, I've installed a Monsoon Extractor Fan kit today, all is up and running and everything is working with the exception of the LED. When I switch my lights on the other bathroom lights are working fine but the LED supplied with the fan is pulsing like a slow strobe. If you fiddle with the...
  2. W

    Difference between LS and LT - Extractor Fan

    Hello. Was wondering if anyone can help. Just had bathroom done and the fitter installed an inline Osily extractor which, quite frankly, is useless! So I've replaced it with a Manrose MF100T which is far better. However, the Osily has a N, L and LT connection. The Manrose has a N, L and LS...
  3. A

    PIR for Bathroom extractor fan

    I'm wanting to fit a manrose mf100s extractor fan in a new bathroom but have it activate from a occupancy sensor. I know that manrose make one but at £100 it's a bit too expensive. Would something like this work instead 360° Ceiling Flush Mount PIR Occupancy Switch?
  4. I

    Extractor Fan Issue

    Hi folks, The extractor fan for my en-suite has died, which has surprised me a touch, as the property was a new build when I moved in about three and a half years ago, and it's not had nearly as much use as the extractor fan above the main bathroom. The fan is situated in the loft above the...
  5. Norfolk Broad

    Replacement bathroom extractor fan

    Hello again, everyone. It's been a while, but I have my next project that I would appreciate some input, please. Background: - First floor flat, with access to loft space. - Internal shower room with no window, no external walls. - Existing Manrose extractor fan is located in the ceiling above...
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    bathroom extractor fan part 2
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    Bathroom extractor fan, part 1
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    Extractor fan and ventilation queries

    Hi all, Have put this here rather than electrics as also looking for general advice on ventilation and reducing condensation, etc. Currently converting a block outbuilding into a utility room to house washer/tumble dryer/chest freezer/garden sink with only cold tap. The shed in its current...
  9. H

    Fixing a draughty bathroom extractor fan vent

    Hi all, I've recently been on a mission to fix all draughts in my house, and I noticed that a lot of cold air comes through the downstairs toilet extractor fan vent, especially on a windy day. The toilet is under the stairs, and the vent itself goes into a pipe the other side of the wall which...
  10. L

    Brown liquid from extractor fan, unable to insulate duct - help!

    As winter months have hit, our extractor fan has begun splurting out brown liquid. We have put this down to condensation. Unfortunately the duct runs up through the loft, and our loft space is fully insulated with no walking space, so we're not really able to insulate it. Also, it goes up...
  11. S

    Sealing around a duct

    Hi, what would be the best way to seal around this ducting? My extractor fan is connected to it and it lets in colde air. Thanks
  12. C

    Bathroom exhaust to old Ridge/Flue vent?

    Currently in the final steps of renovating a late '70s/early '80s Bungalow. The property originally had a warm air heating system powered by a gas boiler which was vented through the loft space via a 125mm flue and out of a vented ridge tile in the roof. The old warm air heating system has been...
  13. S

    2 Extractor fans one ducting - is this ok?

    Hi guys, Looking to install 2 extractor fans within my bathroom and en-suite. Would it be ok to run both through the same ducting? They are the Xpelair C4TSR's so they have the built in back draft shutters. I was thinking if I give them about a 2m-3m run before joining at the main outlet from...
  14. G

    How can I tell of an inline extractor fan is working?

    Hi, I have an extractor fan in a bathroom,after lifting the floor boards above it turns out there is also an iine fan. How can I tell of it's working or not? I guess if it's not working it will create more resistance for the air pumped by the other fan.
  15. Z

    Bathroom extractor fan broken

    Hi All, Just moved into my first house and the extractor fan in the bathroom looks like its seen better days. I'm afraid to turn it in because of that loose wire. Does this look like something that can be easily fixed or do I need to call out an electrician? Any advice would be much...
  16. N

    How does the Silent Tornado Ip45 bathroom fan work?

    Hi, I've recently had this fan installed and I'm very confused to how it works. I think it has a humidity sensor and there is a timer on there as well. The electrian has set the timer but they said there's no numbers on the timer, so they don't know how long it's set for. So far I've counted...
  17. bettz1

    Draft coming from kitchen extractor pipe

    Recently took the extractor hood and splashback down to replaced and noticed especially over the last few days thanks to storm eunice. You can see straight outside (n) no wonder the kitchens always felt cold,and never seems to hold the heat. Any advice on what vent I should get for the...
  18. M

    Help required for flat ventilation

    Hi All, I am currently having my bathroom refurbished. It is an ex council block of flats. The vent already in place appears to be a cover so not sure how this is meant to work i.e. extract steam. Also noticed that no other flat on the block appears to have an electric extractor fan. Can I...
  19. R

    Vent Axia Extractor Fan not working - "twitching"

    Hi, I can't think of another word, but my Vent Axia VASF100T stopped working about a week ago. When I take off the fan cover to show the fan blades with the isolation switch on, the blades are what can best be described as twitching. They are rotating maybe 2mm ever second or so, but never...
  20. P

    Vortice Quadro Super T Surface Centrifugal Fan

    Hi guys. Would you be able to help me? I am trying to replace my bathroom fan but I am not an electrician. First time in my life I see electrical connectors that are not labelled and that is my problem (or maybe I don't know what am doing). My old fan connection is: switched fused spur -->...