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  1. D

    Postcrete. Wooden posts rotting: solutions?

    I put some (allegedly) pressure treated posts into postcrete about five years ago, and I'm surprised (shocked) just how decayed they have become. See picture Is there a remedy that would prevent me having to dig them all out and replace them? If I did, I think I'd flatten the surface of the...
  2. R

    How would you secure this?

    Hi, I have a gate to put on to a path which is finished with self binding gravel. I need to get a good foundation to bolt into - see photo - what would anyone recommend doing?
  3. F

    Fixing gravel boards with fence post spikes

    Has anyone got any ideas how I can fix gravel boards to a fence when using fence post spikes. The gravel boards are 15 cm but so are the metal sleeves of the spikes into which the fence posts slot, leaving no bare wood to attach brackets or to drill in to. (n)
  4. M

    Is this sensible approach to make 6x4 fence post by joining 4x4 and 2x4 posts?

    I am going to replace fencing in the back garden and after careful measuring the total length of fence to be installed comes to 19.80 meters. I have worked out the materials required and it seems like I would need an extra fence panel, post and gravel board etc just for the sake of last section...
  5. S

    Fence post cracking

    I had a fence put in our back garden with a pretty heavy gate, which has most/all of its weight supported by a single fence post. I just noticed the post is starting to split. Is there anything I can do to fix and/or better support this? I'm thinking it's not going to support the gate much...
  6. P

    How can I remove these fence posts?

    How can I remove these concrete fence posts they are embedded in my concrete driveway. I am not comfortable using a jack hammer nor a large circular saw. I have this small saw: DeWalt DCS571N, would it be possible to use it to cut then out of place? When putting new fence posts in, I am...
  7. Careful_Bodger

    Expanding bolts into concrete gravel board?

    I have access to only one side of a concrete gravel board. There is very limited access to the other side (i.e. barely finger reach). Can expanding bolts be used without cracking the concrete? Would a toggle fixing be an option for outdoors? If so, what fixing products might I consider for a...
  8. G

    Tool to Hire

    Hi, I am going to replace some wooden fence posts but probably will only remove the concreate thats directly in front of the post and use those concrete spurs to attach new posts too. Just wandering what tool i need to hire, as in what is it called and what power. I'll probably use HSS as...
  9. T

    Fencing on top of sleeper wall

    I've read the other sleeper threads on here and, given my site intall have settled on using i-beams and horizontal 3m "tall" sleepers, similar to this thread: https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/retaining-wall-questions-sleeper-design.502344/#post-4144197 My new next door neighbour is very...
  10. Smileysmile

    Extending fence posts

    Hi guys, I like a little diy hence why I'm here. So to cut costs I removed old concreted in 4 × 4 8ft posts and replaced them with 8ft 10" On hindsight I should've sourced 10ft posts for a sloping garden. Because next door has decking I should've measured at least the distance from decking...
  11. B

    Cladding over existing fence

    hi guys, I’m planning on cladding over my fence panels with roof battens as in the picture posted, my question is will this work with concrete posts? I plan on bolting a length of treated 3x1 for example to each concrete post and screwing the battens to each post. Over a length of 5m. The...
  12. B

    Fence Post Issues with Wider Wall Foundations

    I hope that someone can help me. I am partway through constructing a close board fence next to my new single skin garden wall. The previous fence was posts and panels some of which were bolted into the wall, these recently took out part of the wall in a storm. Have got half the fence done...
  13. A

    Concrete Gravel boards on wooden Fence Posts???

    Hiya guys, 1st post so im hoping this is enough info. I have a lovely garden however the garden slopes down from one end to another. The fence panels have also seen better days so whilst we are in the pandemic i thought id get my fence replaced. The fence posts are wooden and are in solid...
  14. O

    Fence Post Question

    Hi all We need to replace a rotted fence post in the garden and I was just wondering if I could get some advice on the length of post to get. I found that fence posts seem to come in two sizes - 270cm and 300cm. The existing post is 180cm in length above ground - so I'm guessing the 270cm one...
  15. Tommywoz

    2M Fence onto an old Brick Wall

    I am putting up a fence to replace an old brick wall, I removed all the bricks down to the concrete foundations. Do I try and get up the foundations and postcrete the fence in or should I use a 4" post shoe? The posts are substantial and quite heavy, not sure how good post shoes are?
  16. G

    Arris rails

    Afternoon, I'm about to erect a fence using wooden posts which don't come with holes for the arris rails. What is the usual method? Making the holes myself or using metal brackets?
  17. R

    Attaching fence post to house wall - DPC required?

    Good evening all! I'm shortly looking to put up a new fence *above an existing wall* in our front garden. -BACKGROUND INFO- The (single brick) wall is not in a great state and the intermediary pillars are on the neighbour's side, but she has asked us to put a fence up in order to hide our...