1. E

    Wildly varying DPC levels with shallow foundation for patio build

    Bit of a uncommon DPC/foundation situation here has left us in a pickle. I've highlighted the DPC levels in green. See Picture. We bought this house 2 years ago. We found its a 1970s, had an extension in 1975 and a large interior redesign in the last 15 years that included moving the rear...
  2. W

    Foundations needed for brick walls?

    I am building some internal partition walls inside a bungalow, they will not be supporting anything apart from their own weight and anything hung on to them. I plan to construct these out of brick (preferred) or concrete blocks. The bungalow is a 1970s build and has a solid concrete floor slab...
  3. L

    how can we Support neighbouring patio and sun lounge as our footings are deeper

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping someone could advise. We have a semi detached property and my neighbour has a patio and sun lounge. We are building an extension but due the trees in her garden (which are less than 3 meters) structural engineers have asked to go for step footings (1.2, 1.7 & 2.1...
  4. S

    Thin concrete blocks (40mm) as foundation pillars for a garden room

    Hi, I have a thick & reinforced hardstanding that is going to be used to build a garden room within the permitted development. It was originally intended as a brick garage years ago but was never built. The hardstanding is NOT coming up or being drilled out.... The sub-base for the garden room...
  5. B

    Downstairs WC soil pipe through floor slab

    Hi all, We’d like a toilet downstairs, but there are some isues. Our drains are at the back and feed into the main sewer at the back of our garden, so the existing soil stack (and the new pipe) MUST be at the back (WC goes under the stairs). Unfortunately, our foundation is solid concrete all...
  6. A

    What is most economical solution for a strip foundation here?

    Hi, please see attached photo showing rear wall of a 1960's semi-house. The rain-pipe and sink pipe waste run into this gutter. The green hilight shows where the new proposed 60cm wide strip foundation will run for the rear kitchen extension (about 1m deep). What is the solution for this...
  7. E

    Is Ready mix Concrete the way forward?

    Hi, I am building a block wall and need about 1m^3 of concrete. I know there is a number of ways to do this is buying ready mix concrete and hiring a pump the best way? How much would It likely cost? cheers, Ed
  8. karlmanderson193

    What foundation for half timbered shed?

    I'm wanting to build a bit of an awkward shed and have had a lot of conflicting answers and trouble figuring out what foundations I need exactly The shed in question will be a traditional style 4x3m half timbered frame made from structural Oak then the panels infilled with single skin brick...
  9. T

    Foundations for porch

    Hello, I would like to build a porch on the front of my house and while I'm comfortable enough with the walls and roof, I'm not sure what foundations I should be building on. At the moment there is an old concrete slab around the front of the house, this has got a large crack near to a...
  10. SS-ProjectBuild

    Concrete cavity fill (225mm below dpc) question?

    Hi Guys, I will be filling my cavity as per title over the weekend prior to backfilling and compacting the ground. I know i need to use 8 part balast to 1 part cement gfor the mix...but i have read conflicting messages about the consistency of the mix....should it be wet or dry? Also i have...
  11. SS-ProjectBuild

    Help with lintel size

    Hi Guys, going to be building up to DPC for my project this week. There will be 2 bridges for water and electric supplies to run under the blocks... what size/rating lintel will i need (assumng i need 4 lintels also)? Thanks
  12. T

    on waterproofing (victorian) foundations

    what is the general consensus on applying a waterproof render on the foundation of a (victorian terraced) house? Background: frontroom is damp (water pooling on the bare ground below floor level, plaster in walls close the the water pool is blown). We are in the process of digging away clay-ish...
  13. J

    Foundations For Large Shed/Summer House

    Hello, I am hoping to build a summer house/shed combo at the bottom of the garden. I am hoping to build it myself as I won't be able to find something off the shelf that will meet my requirements. It is going to be one big building with part of it serving as a shed and the other part a summer...
  14. G

    Trench Fill or Strip Foundation?

    Hi all, I'm shortly going to embark on my rear extension project. Did my own designs and drawings and full plans approval granted by building control which I'm pretty chuffed about, but I'm by no means an expert!! The plan was, after digging a test hole before submitting plans and speaking...
  15. A

    Foundation info

    Hi all I’m hoping somone can give me a little more info we recently bought a new house where the garden is very sloped and in need of raising. we are hoping to put a small retaining wall in front of the rear fence concrete blocks laid flat approximately 0.5m high and back fill to this to bring...
  16. T

    Existing to new foundation level?

    Hi I’m building a rear extension on my 2 bed bungalow. The existing foundation is a strip foundation, and it’s a fair way below ground level, I’d say 900mm. Because the ground is clay, we have a spec of a 600mm x 1000mm trench fill foundation. My question is, can this new foundation rise above...
  17. T

    Trench foundation at boundary? Cavity wall position

    I’m building a rear extension on my end of terrace bungalow, my Architect has specified a 600mm x 1000mm concrete foundation. At the adjoining boundary to next door we have a concrete post fence, the 150mm “toe” of foundation on that side of the 300mm cavity wall will need to go slightly past...
  18. C

    Rear extension encroaching foundations

    Hi all, My first time posting on here so thanks in advance for any help! I am planning (and have permission for) a single storey, 4 metre depth extension on my end of terrace 1930s house. Our neighbours already have a 3 metre single storey extension and we have dug a trial pit to discover...
  19. G

    Hawthorn - affect foundation depth

    Hello All, I have started to build my outbuilding/workshop as of last week. Cleared and plotted the ground out then called the BCO. There is a hawthorn 1.5m away from the foundation of the building so had to dig 2.5m down which I found takes a certain knack to dig. As I am coming away from the...
  20. cwhaley

    Concrete base for lamp post

    I'm putting up an aluminium lamp post next month 2.15 metres tall. On the base of it are 3 10mm holes to allow it to be bolted to the ground. My plan is to dig an 18" deep hole in the ground twice the width of the post, fill with 1:4 cement/sharp sand, allow to set for 2 weeks and then bolt...