1. Rageyboy91

    Patio on garage concrete foundation.

    Morning, I've been reading through the searches on this topic and there are lots but all are slightly different to my situation. I've also been reading Paving Expert but i need some eyes on advice before I make a mistake. I'm planning on adding a gravel and stepping stone path to my garden, at...
  2. Kysha

    What foundation for Garden room on slope? (Ed.)

    Hi guys! Hoping to get some advice here. I am planning to build a garden room 7.30m x 4.30m (2.5m high-under permitted development) which will be divided with wall into two rooms each measuring approx. 3.5m: one room will be a gym and the other half would be a shed/DIY room. The construction of...
  3. J

    Bridging over private drain in corner of foundations

    Hello. So currently I am excavating the foundations for a cavity wall garden office. Unfortunately my drain pipe runs at an awkward angle at the corner of where my foundations would be. My initial thought was to excavate the foundations deeper and pour the concrete below the pipe, and then...
  4. C

    Building over a soak away

    Interested to know your recommendations on the following scenario: I have planning permission to build an oak frame garage which will be built on a brick plinth which would go onto a strip foundations. Garage dimensions: 7m x 5.5m ridge height: 4.3m I’ve just been figuring out where existing...
  5. D

    I dug out the foundation but there’s…..

    Hello I am currently replacing my garage door with a door and window …. Just dug out a 1m foundation…. However, there’s an existing footing for the existing side wall… Do I have to dig out underneath it and fill with concrete?
  6. D

    Foundation Depth

    Hello i am replacing my garage door with a door and a window. Under the window, there will be a brick wall. I am digging a trench. 600mm wide and 1m down... According to the below image, how deep should (c) be? I would have thought 1m foundation means from ground level to bottom.... Is this...
  7. D

    Foundation under doors....

    Hello i understand a 1m or so foundation is needed under a wall... but what about under the door... do i need to dig out a trench for the whole width even there is not much load under the door? see pic.
  8. J

    Structure and aircrete for thermal insulation of existing outbuilding (US building practice) (Ed.)

    “I have a 16x12 prefabricated building, repurposed as a recording studio with climate control. Currently elevated by wooden skids on concrete blocks, its height varies from approximately 2 inches at the front to 26-30 inches at the back due to the terrain. I’ve introduced three 4x4 posts at the...
  9. D

    Garage door to window and door foundation

    Hello I want to replace my garage door with a double brick wall soon. Replacing with a door and window. So the brick wall will only be about 1m high and 1.3m wide. Above with sit a small window and the right side fits a door. Do I still need abide to Uk regs at 1.2m depth foundation?
  10. D

    Flooring - Concrete and Insulation thickness

    Hello My garage floor already is already concrete. I want to put 100mm PIR Insulation and was told to put 50mm screed on top. I need to put a bit more, as in 100mm screed. is this ok or will it be too heavy? Or can i put 150mm pir insulaton and then 50mm screed? Suggest i put on concrete...
  11. M

    Diagonal Drain in footing

    Hi everyone, Completed the dig on a 3m single-storey extension today and came across a drain that runs a way we weren’t expecting. Seems to serve as a rainwater waste but not too sure if that’s all it is as there’s another clay pipe behind it that seems to run down (done my best to draw it in...
  12. R

    How would you secure this?

    Hi, I have a gate to put on to a path which is finished with self binding gravel. I need to get a good foundation to bolt into - see photo - what would anyone recommend doing?
  13. B

    Lintel on top of 1000mm of concrete around pipe

    I've posed this question to my Structural Engineer, just awaiting feedback. In the meantime, I would be curious to hear opinions.... The pipe is at the very BOTTOM of the foundations. So essentially, the concrete fill goes around each side of it and cures, creating a bridge. Logic dictates to...
  14. Dee12345

    Foundation for an internal garage conversion to kitchen

    Hi, Just wanting to get an idea of what is required foundation wise. I am not a builder but have a builder coming to speak about the work and I'd like to have a general idea. I have an internal garage which I plan to install a door (910mm wide) and windows (1350mm wide). Garage span is about...
  15. B

    Starting the foundation

    Hello all, Im just about to venture into finally building a workshop in my little garden 2.25 x 4.55M. Now I have helped build a workshop in the past but it was on a concrete base with access and a much bigger budget than I have. I feel a the hard part is starting!.. I was looking at going the...
  16. E

    Wildly varying DPC levels with shallow foundation for patio build

    Bit of a uncommon DPC/foundation situation here has left us in a pickle. I've highlighted the DPC levels in green. See Picture. We bought this house 2 years ago. We found its a 1970s, had an extension in 1975 and a large interior redesign in the last 15 years that included moving the rear...
  17. W

    Foundations needed for brick walls?

    I am building some internal partition walls inside a bungalow, they will not be supporting anything apart from their own weight and anything hung on to them. I plan to construct these out of brick (preferred) or concrete blocks. The bungalow is a 1970s build and has a solid concrete floor slab...
  18. L

    how can we Support neighbouring patio and sun lounge as our footings are deeper

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping someone could advise. We have a semi detached property and my neighbour has a patio and sun lounge. We are building an extension but due the trees in her garden (which are less than 3 meters) structural engineers have asked to go for step footings (1.2, 1.7 & 2.1...
  19. S

    Thin concrete blocks (40mm) as foundation pillars for a garden room

    Hi, I have a thick & reinforced hardstanding that is going to be used to build a garden room within the permitted development. It was originally intended as a brick garage years ago but was never built. The hardstanding is NOT coming up or being drilled out.... The sub-base for the garden room...
  20. B

    Downstairs WC soil pipe through floor slab

    Hi all, We’d like a toilet downstairs, but there are some isues. Our drains are at the back and feed into the main sewer at the back of our garden, so the existing soil stack (and the new pipe) MUST be at the back (WC goes under the stairs). Unfortunately, our foundation is solid concrete all...