1. Lulusun

    Distorted reflections on window glass

    I’ve ordered grade A double glazed windows and the way light and other objects, like overhead cables, reflect off the glass gives the impression that it is warped or wavy. For example the straight cables look like they bend in two directions. The neighbours windows don’t have this but there are...
  2. stratford_noob

    Roof glass panel installed wrong?

    Hi, so I got installed warm roof on the conservatory including fancy glass panel . However the glass panel behaves weirdly, as when there is a sun light, it gets very hot in the inside and is basically emitting heat into the room. Also now there appeared some sort of weird blistering on the...
  3. D

    Divide existing single uPVC window into 2 panels, one glass, one infill panel for cat flap

    I'd like to put a catflap into a tall, narrow double-glazed window (300mm x 1800mm), but the window isn't wide enough for a new glass panel with circular cutout for cat flap adapter. The next best solution would be to divide the window into 2 panels. a 300mm x 300mm infill panel at the bottom...
  4. T

    Energy Saving in an Open Plan world

    We’ve an open plan kitchen/diner/social space, that, as you can see, has a lot of glass. It carries the same thermal delights as a conservatory. Scorchio in summer, freezing in winter. It measures about 8x8m. The area has WarmUp UFH covering it, but I’d have to sell a body part to fund...
  5. J

    Adding an additional pane of glass to a wooden frame door

    Hi everyone, Would like some advice on insulation of the front door. The front door is made out a really nice wooden frame (looks better on the outside): And I really like the look of it, however it's not the warmest. The bottom panels were just basic thin wood ones so I was able to cover them...
  6. J

    Conservatory built between 1999 and 2000 ho to check if comply building reg

    hello everyone It's been brought to my attention that the conservatory which was built between 1999 and 2000s with planning applications may not comply with today's building regulation due to the glass safe and building control may enforce it and this would cost me a fortune to replace all...
  7. ChrisR

    Adhesive for oven door glass-metal?

    U shaped stainless brackets slot over the hinge pin and are bonded to the outer front glass door - red. "Red" patch is about 3cm x 1cm. Original goo was some sort of silicone I think. Back of glass is a white enamel type paint I think, or maybe it's white-surfaced glass. I tried sanitary...
  8. G

    How can I tell if this glass is safe ?

    Hi, I have a 1930-40s terrace with glass panels in the vestibule,with a small section of glazing going down to the floor, can I tell whether it’s safe ? Also a half glazed internal door with a leaded pattern on it, looks fairly modern. Thanks
  9. T

    Caulk Wood Window Frame

    Hi should you caulk around the inside of a wooden frame? I have fitted a new glass unit with security tape but should I also seal it inside? I was looking for rubber sealing same as you see on PVC. Thanks
  10. T

    Wooden Window Frames Internal Seal

    Hi lads, I have wood frames...they are solid so not going with PVC. I have new units and used double sided tape which is great but should I then on the inside rubber seal as you see with PVC, if so what shape would this be? triangle sticky ? thanks
  11. T

    crack on inside of DG unit

    Hi can someone advise? I got a new DG unit fitted but managed to get a small crack on inside bottom right, unit is new and looks good apart from crack, its on edge next to there anything I can do to conceal it make it look better for now as dont want to fork out more doe just yet...
  12. eveares

    Internal Glass to Glass Door Lock, accessible from both sides?

    Does anyone know of a lock like the one linked below, except that has both sides of the lock connected together for use in a office with a glass to glass sliding door? One side being a key and the other side being a thumb turn...
  13. T

    Replace glass on wooden frames

    Hi chaps Just asking a question a few of my glass windows have bust and white matter and condensation inside, its an old bungalow updated but windows are still wood, we are selling house now. Do I replace the bad windows glass about £150 each or would you replace those bad glass windows with...
  14. O

    Identifying and purchasing glass

    We came home to find our patio door glass shattered. Thankfully it was only the outside pane. To this day we have no idea why this happened. Anyhow, we had a contractor quote a piece of glass and install it. However, when they came to put it in, the unit they brought with them used glass...
  15. E

    Glazing Unit in New Composite Door Moves

    Recently got a new front door - the Endurance Fuji door which has a narrow pane of glass in the middle of the door. Is it normal for the glass unit in the door to have a slight movement to it when its pushed? The reason I pushed it was because I can hear a small amount of outside noise coming...
  16. C

    Can anyone identify these shower door hinges please?

    Can anyone identify these shower door hinges please? Google doesn't know, and local bathroom and plumbing shops have no idea. I've looked for a manufacturer's mark, but seen anything. Please help!
  17. R

    Advice fitting polycarbonate sheet to greenhouse

    Hi, Looking to upcycle the greenhouse which we inherited with our house. There are various panes of glass missing and I have been pondering over replacing these with polycarbonate sheets (in part as we have an almost 2-year old son running around the garden). Is this the best option? We would...
  18. H

    Fire regulations - glass partition

    I'm looking for advice on fire regulations for a renovation project. Building: 3 story, end of terrace Victorian house. 3rd story is a loft conversion. An existing stud partition separates the entrance hallway from the living room (which is located at the front of the house). I'd like to...
  19. L

    Loose window panel on upvc front door

    Moved into a property with fairly old upvc doors. The front door has a glass panel insert in the top half of the door, horizontally centered about 2/3 width of door. I've noticed the glass can be moved from both sides and seems the seals and fascias have come away to some extent probably due to...
  20. P

    Glazed Gable Over Bi-Fold Doors?

    Hi all, We are having plans drawn up for a ground floor extension. We are going to go with bifold doors on the family area, but are in two minds whether to go with a small glazed gable roof above above the bi-fold doors, so I was looking for a second opinion on potential costs and added value...