1. M

    Heatline combi - water but no CH

    Grateful for any help with this one.. Just fitted a replacement timer and expected all to be well, but still no central heating. Boiler fires up fine and LCD panel shows it to be heating water, some noises from the pump suggest its moving water round the system, but radiators are stone cold...
  2. Morley333

    How do I repressurise a Heat line Vizo 24?

    The boiler won't ignite and the pressure gauge is just below 1. I've watched loads of YouTube videos on how to increase the pressure, but I can't find a video that shows a boiler like mine. Can anyone help me?
  3. H

    Vizo 24 - Cutting out and Gas Error Light

    I have a Heatline Vizo 24 Combi Boiler which has been running OK until a week or so ago. Initially the hot water stopped, and when checking the boiler there were no flames, but also no warning lights. The next day it was fine - was even able to run a full bath without issue. A day or so ago...
  4. J

    Heatline Capriz 28Kw

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone can give me some guidance on why the above boiler is blowing out the heating flowpipe filter assembly? This has happened 4 times now & keeps flooding the boiler... Every time I replace the filter body it seems to work fine for a couple of months before letting go...
  5. H

    Heatline Vizo 24 Boiler - Flames Cut Out (Pump continues running)

    Over the last few days we are having problems with the boiler cutting out after a few minutes. Hot water seems to be fine (although it may be taking a bit longer than normal to heat up), and the flames are all lit. They remain lit whilst the hot water is running (which is correct). The...
  6. O

    Changing thermostat to wireless

    Bought a house recently and I am renovating it at the moment. It has a gloworm 24cxi combi boiler with a british gas on/off clock and a separate wired thermostat, im looking to upgrade it to a wireless stat. Does anyone know if a honeywell DT9E like this will work with this boiler: The...
  7. R

    Nest 3rd Gen - Heatline Sargon 24 Combi Boiler

    Hello All, First off - My apologies for yet another nest install post. I just dont want to get it wrong and am installing myself. No previous knowledge of boiler work but a family memeber kindly purchased us one for Christmas but I cannot afford for a specialist to do it for me. Within the...
  8. Steve Matthews

    Wiring Hive Dual Channel to Heatline s24 Combi

    Hello, I mistakenly purchased a dual channel Hive self install from Amazon - but didn't realise why it was so cheap. Anyway I thought - this should work - I can just ignore the hot water functionality. My boiler is a Heatline S24 Compact Combi, which did have an external controller fitted...