hive wiring

  1. B

    Hive not firing heating up

    Hi I've got a Main Combi 30 Eco which currently has a termistat salus rt501RF with a Salus RXBC605 Plug-in Receiver fitted to its fascia , Im now looking at fitting a Hive active heating v3 system to it ( heating only model ) I have followed previous forums by disconnecting the yellow link...
  2. tomvick

    LP241 to Hive wiring.

    Hi, I have done a self install of my hive for the lp241 programmer. I have read on here that it is a like for like switch for the lp241 to the hive dual channel receiver, however I have a slight issue on the heating side. I have disconnected the previous thermostat and linked the terminals...
  3. Danielc11

    Hive help

    I’ve wired in a hive heating single channel receiver to replace a danfoss fp720 controlling a valliant ecotec exclusive 843. I’ve wired it up using the install guide from hive using earth, neutral, live, 1 & 3. I’ve wired HTG on from danfoss into HTG on in hive and what was DHW on into Common on...
  4. F

    Hive - Heating won't turn off!

    Hi everyone - I’m hoping I can get some insight into why my central heating won’t turn off when told to by the Hive receiver. Boiler: Procombi Exclusive 24 Hive: Single channel receiver No previous thermostat had been installed I’ve got a cable going from the Hive receiver to the same fused...
  5. C

    Boiler not working with Hive

    Hi I recently swapped a Honeywell T40 thermostat with a Hive thermostat (Heating Only). The Hive thermostat is connected to the receiver and when I call for heat, the boiler does not fire (the burner light does not come on). However, the receivers Central Heating and Status lights are both solid...
  6. T

    Hive Heating & Hot Water - Disconnecting Old Thermostat

    Afternoon All I’ve recently installed Hive heating & hot water which was really straight forward (or so I thought!) The hub and the receiver are installed fine and I currently have heating and hot water coming on fine via the app and doing what I’d expect. Trouble starts as soon as I disconnect...
  7. Joejoe5050

    BDR91 to Hive system

    Hi, I've installed it as per a previous post on this but it still only seems to fire when I press the hot water button. When turn up the heat, nothing happens. Photos show the previous receiver wiring with this new one. In N, L, 1 and 3 as shown before
  8. Szemko

    Ideal Logic Combi 35+ Hive Install Help

    Hi Guys. I have seen few posts on here and other places but could not fit one to my system . The house doesnt currently have any thermostat or heating control system connected , so its a fresh instal of a Hive Receiver which I have purchased and althought I have some DIY experience and this...
  9. P

    Hive heating and hot water to replace Honeywell CM907 Timer/programmer and Drayton LP111

    Hi Have just purchased a Hive Active heating kit (heating and hot water). I've been browsing the forums and can't find anything relating to my current setup, so hence this new thread. My current system is a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri bolier (conventional not combi) so I have a hot water...
  10. kpu56bl

    Can somebody check my wiring...? ☺️

    Good afternoon I'm installing a Hive and was wondering if somebody can verify my wiring for me? I have a Worcester combi boiler with a wireless Honeywell thermostat that's controlling a R6660D receiver unit. Would I be correct in saying both N wires would go to N in the Hive receiver, both L...
  11. S

    Hive Problems - heating not firing

    Hi, im trying to fit my hive to my WB Greenstar 29CDi, all wired in but not firing up when im putting central heating on. I have t&e flex from fused spur to the reciever, flex from spur to the boiler and then flex from the boiler coming back to the reciever (exactly how the last stat was wired...
  12. J

    Hive single channel receiver install - help!!

    Good morning all Hoping someone can help. I have purchased a hive package for combi boilers so a single channel receiver. The receiver is to replace a Siemens RDJ10 thermostat and programmer (pictured front and back plate.) It appeared to be wired (with 3core flex plus earth cable - see...
  13. D

    Hive Wiring Help

    Hi all, I'm after some assistance in wiring up my new Hive Active Heating Thermostat (with single channel receiver). My current setup consists of an old heating timer, connected to my Worcester 24i Junior combi boiler. I don't currently have a thermostat. I've tried to draw a wiring diagram...
  14. X

    Replacing Danfos TP5000 with hive

    Hi, I have a hive installed that controls hot water and heating of ground and first floor. I purchased a hive multizone to replace a danfos TP5000 on the second floor which only controls the heating on that floor. I have attached a picture of it’s wiring, could anyone help me how to wire that...