1. S

    Best way to cut hole in plasterboard

    I need to cut into a boxed part of the wall downstairs to access some badly fitted plumbing from when the house was built,. I am wondering what the best approach is? The attached picture gives some idea of what I think maybe the best method, as in staying at least 1 inch away from the edges, to...
  2. A

    Help with re-fitting kitchen cupboard after leak

    Hi all I had a burst pipe in the utility last year which resulted in me taking a kitchen cupboard off the wall to access the pipe. The wall was a wet and it left a big hole where the fixing was for the kitchen cupboard. There is now a big hole in the plasterboard which I now need to fill so I...
  3. L

    Hole in concrete floor below kitchen sink unit?

    Hi all I've been trying to find the source of a cold draft in my kitchen after taking off the plinth below my sink I have found a hole in the concrete floor (where the cold air is coming from), and it has a pipe going into it. I have a few questions... 1. Does anyone know what this pipe is? I...
  4. J

    Rebuild exterior window surround

    I have an old window which I am getting replaced and in the process of removing some of the timber, the brickwork around the window has crumbled away. Just wondering what to fill this with? I am thinking of building a form and filling in with concrete. Does that sounds sensible or is there a...
  5. Matthew Bester

    Mystery hole!

    Mystery hole in partywall. While lifting some floorboards near the main entrance to our home I found a small hole on the party wall side. A bricks width and height in size, filled with loose stone, the likes of which I have not encountered in the rest of the building. I could reach into the...
  6. L

    Cable hole grommets/tidies

    Hi, Can you get these in a "screw" together, back to back style by any chance? I have a hole that I would like to tidy from both sides. Need diameters of 10mm and 40/50mm, actual hole bit. Prefer chrome finish if possible. Thickness required for the 40mm/50mm is 18mm carcass + 13mm end panel...
  7. P

    Damage to aerated blocks

    Hi there, any help would be greatly appreciated!! I've just taken off some tiles in the bathroom with the intention of dot and dabbing some plasterboard on to the aerated blocks (I think they're Thermalite) then plastering over the top. (It was a fully tiled bathroom but I'm changing it to a...
  8. B

    Missing brick under service panel

    Hi All Can anyone help with a possible issue I have discovered. I have been going around the house sealing up gaps to prevent draughts. Recently I discovered a misssing brick just below soil line . It is directly under this grey service box (not sure what it is) I was wondering if I could...
  9. J

    Gypsum repair for heavy load

    I was affixing a wall anchor to a hollow plasterboard and the bolt inside rounded because it was defective (it round two more bolts). So I removed it and of course damaged the gypsum. Can you advise on how I can fix this to attach a new wall anchor? John **picture of wall anchor and hole attached.
  10. Ben0

    Hollow block chased

    Hello all, Just chased a wall for a piece of trunking 50x30 for a media outlet and didn't realise the wall was hollow blocks until too late.....doh! Don't think it will make a structural prob as its vertical and still has the other side of the block and the brick for support but should i fill...
  11. F

    New vanity unit - big holes around pipes

    Hi, Not sure if this is the correct sub forum, but we've had a new vanity unit and basin installed in our WC. The fitter has left 4 gaping holes around the pipes in the wall. Who would I need to call to get these covered as much as possible. This is currently a big risk and an invitation for...
  12. M

    Burying cable

    I’m making preparations for burying an electric vehicle charger cable to be installed by British Gas. I’m digging the hole 450mm deep and have been told to put 150mm of sand covering the ducting. I’m preparing it as per BG instructions and taking photos. my question is what type of sand to...
  13. D

    Hole in roof felt under ridge tile.

    Hi, I've recently moved into a house and have discovered this hole in the roof felt. My initial reaction was of course looks terrible and I need to patch right away. I've discovered that it is however right underneath the one vented ridge tile, so I'm wondering if at some point it was opened up...
  14. K

    Two flat vent channel ductings through one external hole

    Hi All Is it fine to run two rectangular 204x60 channel ductings (one on top of the other) through a single external hole as shown in the enclosed drawing? Drilling a second hole is not possible. The two flat channels each 204x60 would go through single rectangular hole 204x120 and would be...
  15. A

    Fixing a tv to the wall

    Hi everyone. I am trying to fit a tv to the wall and would very much appreciate some help. Upon getting a tv bracket and drilling into what i thought was a solid wall diving our living room and bedroom, the wall isnt a solid wall after all. I have 60mm of some material that is soft, plasteboard...
  16. B

    Repairing old hearth and filling large hole

    Hi there, This is my first post and have been searching the Internet for someone with a similar issue. I have opened up the fireplace and have removed an old metal Ash box which has left a large hole in the floor. I am looking for the best solution to help infill the hole which is around 20 x...
  17. Amober

    Massive hole in the garden

    We have removed two 1000l underground water tanks from under the rotten decking in our garden. We are now stuck on how to fill them. My partner wants to break up a pile of bricks we have in the garden and use with sand that was under a brick patio we removed, however this appears to be just...
  18. adamthriver

    Filling a Large Hole in the garden

    Hi everyone, We inherited a very large and deep hole in the garden. It is about 15 meters x 15 meters and about 1.5 meter deep. It was probably dug out with the intention of creating a large pond but just left there. We would like to fill it up so the final thing is a levelled garden, but would...
  19. R

    Big and deep hole/cracks above window frame.

    Hi everyone. About to paint our bedroom but there are worrying cracks/ holes above the window that I have been avoiding thinking about until now. I was going to fill them with polyfilla but having had a good look at them, they are worse than I originally thought. Any advice would be welcome...
  20. R

    Broken concrete at the base of the soil pipe

    At the base of the soil pipe leading to the drain, there is a hole in the concrete which reveals the main sewer pipe. What is the best way to repair the hole?