Big and deep hole/cracks above window frame.

1 Feb 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone.

About to paint our bedroom but there are worrying cracks/ holes above the window that I have been avoiding thinking about until now. I was going to fill them with polyfilla but having had a good look at them, they are worse than I originally thought. Any advice would be welcome.

Basically as shown in the pictures, there is a horizontal crack running along the top of the window frame, or more accurately along a wooden panel in place on top of the frame that is not replicated elsewhere in the house. There are a couple of places where the wall has crumbled away and you can see in behind the wall. The hole in the corner is the most worrying as it opens up inside and you can see the roof lining and a wooden beam. I hadn't noticed how deep the hole went until I shone a torch inside today, but these cracks have been here a number of years now, possibly since we moved in 8 years ago and have widened slightly over time. If you push up on the wood, it moves and slightly closes the cracks.

There is also a half cm gap along the bottom of the window frame where it had come away from the sealant, a diagonal hairline crack along the wall in the bottom opposite corner to the hole, about 20cm long and a big vertical hairline crack that extends down to the skirting board . It looks like there has been some settling of the wall but not sure if I should be worried about the bigger hole. It seems whatever job the wooden panel was doing, it isn't doing it very well any more.

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I have had worse in the past!

You want some expanding foam, PVA and patching plaster/filler. Look up 'Painting and Decorating' on YouTube. He has done loads of videos on this topic.

I think the idea with the PVA and foam is to provide some adhesion to the brick underneath. It is supposedly better than using filler or plaster on its own.
Thanks richw. I will give it a shot. Have some foam and filler in the shed. Would my kids craft PVA do the job or should I get some from Screwfix? Tight budget this month! :D
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No idea, to be honest. Surely it is the same stuff?

I have done it the other way and used some of a five litre PVA container for kids' crafts!

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