1. D

    How can I build this column?

    Hello, I am currently replacing my garage door. I would like a door and a window There is a part which divides the window and the door, there is a column and I’m wondering how I can make a column from 4 inch concrete block. The width of the column is the width of the concrete block, and I’m not...
  2. D

    Thermolite vs concrete block?

    Hello I am currently converting my garage and replacing the garage door with a window and a the door. I have finish the foundation. I called up merchants to make an order for blocks and bricks etc…. He asked me which block, thermo lite or concrete block? I am not sure. I am going to...
  3. S

    Hole in wall

    Hello, I'm looking to understand how I can fill a hole in the side of my house. The part of the house with the hole was built in the 1860 so is made up of very thick walls and stone. The hole itself is approx 30cm and about meter deep, and has steel all the way through the hole (which I assume...
  4. ckl7

    Shower leaking into downstairs wall

    Hi all. Shower is leaking into downstairs when water is being aimed at wall . All sealant has been redone on outside and between shower tray and wall at the bottom on inside , can’t spot any leakages here. It runs down the wall downstairs beneath shower in lines , when water is sprayed at the...
  5. JD2012

    Anchor Brackets for Rhino Shelves Advice.

    I bought some Rhino Shelves a while ago for my bedroom for books. They are all level and built correctly but the seem to wobble. It was suggested to to me to buy some brackets to anchor them to the wall to stop this. I would need to drill holes in the shelves and then the concrete wall. Its...
  6. J

    Walls or floor first

    Hi, I'm renovating my upstairs bathroom and have taken the walls back the the brick, and replaced the ceiling with PIR + new plasterboard. I will be replacing the existing floorboards with 18mm plywood but I'm unsure whether I should: 1. Plasterboard the walls, then underfloor plumbing, then...
  7. K

    Advice on Ways to brace/block sand

    Before you read on.. join me in laughter at my awful attempt of a “drawing” obviously my architectural skills are flawless. I hope this makes sense. It does in my head but that’s not always a helpful thing Initially we were repairing a wall going down into the basement. The wall has a 2...
  8. Q

    White chalk substance on external extension wall

    We have an extension that's about 16-20 years old that has just had a white chalk like substance appear pretty much all over the front of the extension. It is just like chalk when I touch it. Anyone any idea that this is? And how I get rid of it? Thank you
  9. R

    Light Switch not fitting flush to wall (Screwed plate)

    Evening! I've recently run into an issue with LAP 10AX brushed stainless steel light switches I'm fitting at home (with the help of my old retired sparky dad). Despite having a flat profile, they aren't sitting flush against the wall. Strangely, they seem to be bowing a bit. I've attached a...
  10. J

    Width of external wall with 2023 building regulations

    With the 2023 building regulations changes it looks like the external wall width (from exterior brick to finished plastered internal wall) for a new extension would be: 102.5mm - exterior bricks 150mm - cavity for standard insulation (unless using some higher performance / more expensive...
  11. C

    Paint colour for an accent wall in a dark room?

    Hi all, I'd like to paint one or two walls in my living room green, but the room doesn't get much natural light (and those walls are the darkest). I found a photo online of the colour I'd like to paint it (attached), but all the samples I've tried look way too dark in the space. The lightest...
  12. StephenStephen

    Underground damp kitchen wall - membrane and stud, tanking or just tile?

    Hi all, We've a smelly kitchen, tiles starting to fall off. Walls are rubblestone, uneven, plastered (some tiled) We don't currently have an extractor -One underground wall is studded out to halfway along it, boarded and tiled - we've not yet had the units off to see behind, but suspect damp...
  13. D

    Blocking up garage door

    Hoping for a bit of advice. We have a single garage not attached to the property, but shares one wall with the neighbours garage. Since it’s too small to fit most current cars, I’m looking at converting it to an office, and to do this would require blocking up the garage door, which I’ve come to...
  14. C

    What is the most effective type of screw / plug for weight to use in a part of the wall that has already been repaired with polyfilla?

    I had a Brantia internal washing line for maybe ten years until one day it came crashing down due to the weight demands put on it and it pulled the plug on one side out of the wall with a bit of the wall as well. The hooks on the other side were just fine, but on the other side there is a metal...
  15. J

    External extension wall facade with paint coming off at few points. How would you make good?

    need to paint this wall but not sure how to make good first as paint came off leaving 1 or 2 mm difference. Any tips would be appreciated
  16. CrazeUK

    Wall mounting a TV on dot and dab

    Hi all. This has been coveted in similar ways a number of times. My other half lives in a flat that has dot and dab plaster board walls. Some time ago I decided to use reclaimed pallet wood to make a feature wall. The wood is secure with nails on 5 1.5" x 2.5" buttons running vertically...
  17. R

    Broken brick: poor trademanship?

    Hello. Got a Ring floodlight installed today and the traders have broken the brick on which they installed the mount (not saying anything to me afterwards). I understand you can drill outdoor brick without damaging it. Would this prove to be poor tradesmanship from them? Is the cam secure to the...
  18. A

    Internal wall removal?

    We've started renovating our kitchen and we're wondering whether we can safety remove an internal wall The wall itself does not appear to be supporting anything and runs in line with the joists above and there is no wall that runs directly in line above. We have blocked the side door In the...
  19. N

    Wall design for outbuilding

    Hello all :) Never built anything big before. I'm want to build a masonry 15m2 outbuilding as a gym. I want to use the building all year round and I can imagine a lot of body heat being generated. I plan to have an electric heater too for winter. I have two wall designs I would appreciate...
  20. T

    Internal wall crumbling, pipe behind wall has turned green but is not wet. Ideas?

    The top corner of my kitchen wall started to crumble a bit. I used a paper scraper to remove it. There is a radiator/water pipe behind this section of wall. The pipes have turned green but are not wet. In fact, nothing there appears to be wet, but that corner of wall is almost dust now. I have...