1. P

    Hairline wall cracks (not external, only internal), block of flats from 60s

    Hi, I'm the owner of a flat in a block of flats, ground floor, this is the entrance to the door of my flat, you can see this long hairline cracks in the top left corner of the entrance door to my flat. The building is from the 60s and in the past, due to a tree very close to the building in the...
  2. L

    Polystyrene wall

    Hi all we have this wall in our house which seems to be covered in a polystyrene foam. Any idea why it would have been added? Seems to have been picked apart for some time and seems very easy to remove, but no signs of damp so wonder why it would have been added?! Insulation or to cover...
  3. R

    In what order to repaint/fill this stringer

    So I have a stringer that was all cracked and had a huge smear of dirty cailk down it. I cleared the caulk off and scraped out the gap, and filled the void with expanding foam so the plasterboard isn’t flexing any more. I was going to easifill the gap and then paint the stringer, but I’m not...
  4. F

    Diagonal cracks ceiling and walls - 100 year old property, advice?

    Hello. We are purchasing an Edwardian flat in a share of freehold situation. The other flat (1st) has some long cracks that span the entire doorframe - diagonal across ceiling - corner of door in one area and long dispersed cracks on the ceiling in others. The co-freeholders appear to think it's...
  5. R

    Big and deep hole/cracks above window frame.

    Hi everyone. About to paint our bedroom but there are worrying cracks/ holes above the window that I have been avoiding thinking about until now. I was going to fill them with polyfilla but having had a good look at them, they are worse than I originally thought. Any advice would be welcome...
  6. B

    Crack inspection

    Hi all. Sorry if you get these messages a lot. I've noticed a couple cracks develop/worsen in my house (7 year old, moved in last year). Wondered if anyone could give me advice on wether these look serious or are just superficial. They appear in two different rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom so...
  7. M

    Wall fix

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've bought a new house and I've found a few issues that I need to sort out. Can anyone recommend how I can fix this? 20210726_131037 by Mountain mj posted 26 Jul 2021 at 4:54 PM 20210726_131041 by Mountain mj posted 26 Jul 2021 at 4:52 PM It looks like...
  8. Rob broom

    Minor cracks in mortar

    Hi. There are few photos attached. Can I get some advise on what cause these cracks please? the blocks have been in place for about 2 or 3 months. the cracks are less than hairline. mortar mix was 4:1 sand cement with additive. Is it any if the following reasons? Thermal. Shrinkage. Drying...
  9. BBBerks

    Separated and Eroded Mortar: Concerning, or just in need of some repointing / TLC?

    Hi all, first post here after a bunch of research and probably going a bit stir crazy. We're scoping out some projects for our 1970s mid-terrace townhouse, which had me looking at the walls. I've noticed a few issues, which I'm hoping are just normal ageing for a near 50 year old house and...
  10. Rob broom

    Do moist blocks shrink enough to explain my hairline cracks?

    Hello again! Quick question about laying moist dense blocks? I laid 3 courses of 10.4 dense (Dennis May) blocks about three weeks ago. I layed one course per day over three days. The weather was cool, damp and the odd bit of rain and snow was around. The blocks were stored on a pallet in my...
  11. Rob broom

    Freaking out about cracks while I’m still building!

    Hi! I have a few concerns about some cracks on my self build that I am half way through. This is my first project, I might add! I have found a few hairline cracks and wonder if I should be freaking out? Here is the story: the site is 8m x 7m I dug the foundations myself! I dug down...
  12. A

    Is this subsidence on exterior wall front of property?

    Hi there looking to buy this property but trying to figure out whether it's got subsidence issues and how much it would cost to do if so, would really massively appreciate anyone's help! Thanks
  13. D

    Who's responsible for fixing the cracks?

    My bungalow was extended just over 3 years ago and some fine cracks appeared on walls (plaster-on-aerated block) and ceilings (skimmed plasterboard) after 6 months to a year. No new cracks have appeared since although one or two may have grown longer and opened up a touch more but no crack is...
  14. L

    Cracks in walls - serious or not

    Hi, 3 years ago we had a 2 storey side / single storey rear extension added to our semi-detached house. This involved the removal of the "old" rear wall with RSJ installation. Since it was done we've had vertical cracks near the "join" in the rear extension, not deep not wide but definitely...
  15. F

    Are these plasterboard cracks in ceiling?

    Hi there, Just wanted some advice. From googling lots, I think the cracks we have in the ceiling above our stairs/landing are just the plasterboard joints? If anyone can confirm this and am I right in thinking I use joint tape and plaster to fix them?
  16. C

    Cracks in walls queries

    Hi all, I’ve recently bought a property, built in 1985, and whilst I had a building survey carried out prior to buying it, there was an element regarding the roof missed and so I wanted to gain some thoughts on areas of light concern regarding cracks in the wall. I live in a block that is...
  17. M

    Wall cracks in 7 year old barn conversion

    Hi all, I hope you are well. Just looking for anyone's opinion on these cracks. Both cracks have been here since we moved in and after filling they have recently began to open again 18 months on. The first crack is against the join in the wall and runs vertical up the wall between the join. It...
  18. Fishwalker

    Advice on cracks to internal plasterwork in house I'm buying after survey please!

    Hi! I wanted to get some more views (from builders if possible but anyone who knows about property construction), on cracks to internal walls of a house we are hoping to buy. Due to lockdown we've been stalled since having a full building survey done back in Feb. And due to the discovery of...
  19. 6

    Wall cracks, garage conversion.

    Hi all Please see photos Thinking of converting garage to bedroom and started exposing brickwork to have a look at the cracks. Brick wall on the right is single and the brick wall on the left is double (external). This is a 1930s property. Now at what point do those cracks become a concern...
  20. F

    Cracks... to worry about or not?

    Hi, i bought this 1940's bungalow 5 years ago and fully skimmed after refurb. Unfortunately the plaster has blown in a few places which I accept for such an old house. My concern is the crack in the bricks above the middle of the door. The bungalow has a kingspost truss resting immediately...