immersion heater

  1. A

    Immersion troubleshooting - is there anything else I can test

    Immersion isn't providing any hot water. There's not gas to the property, just a coal back boiler, which isn't currently lit. Here's what I've done so far, can I do anything more? Pressed the reset switch on the thermostat Replaced the thermostat Called out an electrician to confirm electricals...
  2. D

    2 Gang Immersion heater switch

    Hi, I'm want install a new switch for the immersion heater. Currently there is a two gang socket in the airing cupboard. The immersion plugs into one socket and the water pump into the other (this is in a second floor flat). The plug for the immersion heat burntout/melted at on of the...
  3. M

    Programmers for a Megaflow Hot Water Cylinder

    UPDATE: I can't find a way to delete my post but on reflection I think an economy 7 programmer will work but I will move to an analogue one which will hopefully be more straight forward for the tenants and will not lose the settings if the electricity cuts out. Hi, I have a Heatrae Sadia...
  4. G

    low-wattage immersion heaters

    I'm installing a 2kw solar array on my garage roof; I won't be getting FIT or have a battery, so I'm looking at making the most it. I was planning on putting a diverter in place so that the immersion heater in our hot water tank kicks in when there is a suitable surplus. You can get 1kw...
  5. F

    Disconnection of Immersion Heater

    Hello, I’m a female with no plumbing knowledge. My hot water tank is in the airing cupboard, I have an immersion heater (never used) and a boiler that serves the hot water and central heating. If the immersion heater is switched on it trips the RCD. Dynorod plumber said it is faulty, he...
  6. I

    Direct Unvented hot water Cylinder Question

    Hi There, Wondered if anyone can help me work out how exactly my boiler works and how to use it efficiently to save money after some quite costly bills. I have a Santon Premier Plus Unvented hot water system as well as a slimline Amptec Electroheat boiler (C400) alongside. I'm pretty sure the...
  7. D

    Installing a programmer/timer for an unvented hot water cylinder with dual immersion heaters

    I wasn't sure if this should go in this forum or in the electrical forum but hoping this is the right place. I've got an OSO Direct 20 RD unvented water heater (210 ltrs nominal storage at 2 bars). This is in a 2 bed flat, electricity only. From reading around and looking at the manual I...
  8. R

    Wiring an Immersion Heater direct to mains

    Hi all. 5 years ago my Plumber friend fitted a shower pump for me, but disconnected the Immersion Heater to use the socket to provide power for the pump (as we don't use the immersion). My boiler is currently on the blink, and he can't come out for a couple of days. Is it possible to fit a...
  9. therafox

    Why do I have so many thermostats?

    Hey folks, I just recently moved to the UK and the way heating systems work here is new to me - apologies if this is a dumb question. In my current flat, I have an immersion heater which consists of an unvented indirect cylinder (TI120P4) for both hot water and underfloor heating. This is...
  10. W

    Should I change electric water boiler to combi or keep electric if I have solar panels?

    Hi all, I would appreciate advice from people who know their way around boilers or had similar issue. I would be using professionals to do the work but can't decide what is best for me as never owned a house before. It's me and my wife, we just purchased a 3 bedroom house with: solar panels...
  11. N

    Hot water cylinder going cold over night

    We have a hot water cylinder with two immersion heater, one standard, one booster. We are with SSE on the Total Heating Total Control system which switchers the main immersion heater on at various times during the day. We had a power cut last Friday and since then the water has been cold and...
  12. R

    Whistling unvented heater

    Hi there, Recently had engineer out to our 11 year old Oso direct immersion water heater as it was slow dripping through tundish. He drained and refilled/reinstated internal air gap and no dripping now, however, when turned on it immediately starts making a slight whistling/squeal type noise...
  13. Vendikar

    Heating & Hit Water question - sorry long

    Hi, Just moved into a flat that has storage heaters and an immersion tank. The lanlord said it was economy 7 but I discovered when getting meter readings for the electricity board that the meter is only operating on a single rate so it must have been changed at some strange. Inside the...
  14. Josh9247

    Boiler has two switches, and both seem to be linked to an immersion heater?

    I don't really know much about boilers, but I have just discovered that most boilers have two heating elements: a slow to heat, but cheap heating element which should always be left on, and an immersion heater which is very expensive to power. My girlfriend's boiler...
  15. Derekbirmingham

    Immersion heater replacement

    Hello people im today had an immersion heater tripping the board.its a sunvic VK 4451. Ive asked my plumber for a quote but he hasent got back to me yet. Would this be easy to replace and what is a reasonable quote for a plumber to replace this please. Its 18” i think.
  16. S

    Changeover switching for Economy 7 immersion element

    We've got a standard water tank with a bottom element fed from the economy7 wiring, and a top, "boost " element wired to the standard wiring. Unfortunately it's quite a small tank and if someone has a bath in the morning there is no hot water left, and the boost only heats the top of the tank...