laminate flooring

  1. D

    First time laying laminate - a few questions

    Some info: I've got 10mm laminate, going onto 5mm foam gold foil backed underlay with a chipboard subfloor. Questions: 1. Do you need to run the underlay up the wall a few inches instead of just flush to the wall edges, then cut it away at the end? Why is this? Seems a faff with the spacers...
  2. S

    Celotex on the floor

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I have about 32mm space before I have to cut the doors. I have 8mm laminate floor ready but I want to lay some Celotex. The concrete floor has a DPM already so I can put Celotex straight on top of it. Initially I though about putting 15mm Celotex so I can fit...
  3. S

    The best deals for laminate flooring

    Hi All Would you suggest any other suppliers? I think I am after 7 and 8mm thick laminate boards. The ones I was thinking about:
  4. S

    Laminate swelling! help!!

    Hi all, I noticed a small area of what looks like swelling in my 12mm laminate flooring. It seems to be getting worse as the weeks have gone on but to my knowledge there has never been any spillage of liquid in this spot for a prolonged period that could have let moisture seep into the...
  5. GoodOne

    How to waterproof my laminate flooring?

    Hi Guys, I couldn't find any product out there (specifically for laminate flooring) that i could use to waterproof my laminate flooring. Is there anyone know what would be best product to use to waterproof/seal my laminate flooring? Could you send me a link or name or product best for this...
  6. thunt

    Laminate under washing machine 'bouncy' causing knocking noise on spin.

    Washing machine makes loud knocking noise on 1400 spins (transport bolts are out and machine is level) I have 12mm laminate on 5mm foam underlay in the kitchen to which the washing machine sits. The rear of the laminate where it reaches the back wall is somewhat 'bouncy' and i believe this is...
  7. CrazeUK

    What type of flooring - Laminate / Engineered / Real wood

    Hi All. We are looking at re-doing the flooring over the next couple of weeks. Current We currently have a beige carpet which between crazy nephews and nieces that can't sit still with food and a cat that loves to pick at the carpet now needs to be changed after 4 years. What Hallway and Open...
  8. M

    Laminate flooring/Concrete floor

    Hello all, Just wondering if I could get some advice please. I am planning on laying laminate flooring on a concrete floor. The current floor doesn't seem too bad as far as moisture is concerned. However, as a precaution, I would like to go with some form of underlay with a moisture barrier and...
  9. S

    removing tile adhesive before laminate flooring...issues

    Hi all. I am putting down 12mm floating laminate floor right throughout downstairs with the hope to flow the laminate through doorways without a transition strip for a really slick look at the end (same level subfloor important). It is a concrete subfloor. Most of the floor is really nice and...
  10. S

    laminate to tile transition

    I am putting down new floors in a downstairs WC (tile) and adjoining hallway (12mm laminate). I was looking at transitions between the two and was really hoping to achieve a really minimalist finish like the attached pic Is this possible with laminate flooring that is essentially 'floating'...
  11. D

    Advice on laying laminate around fitted wardrobe needed please

    Hi All, I've removed the carpet & underlay from our bedroom and want to install laminate (Quick Step unless someone tells me otherwise). We have a floor to ceiling built in wardrobe and as per the diagram below my first row will be laid against the base plinth as this is the longest straight...
  12. G

    What strip to join laminate to tiles ?

    hi, What sort of strip is best to join a slightly higher tiled floor with a tile edge strip that is partially broken to a laminate as in pic ? Thanks
  13. J

    Insulating suspended ground floor under laminate?

    Currently we have bare floorboards in the lounge with gaps between the boards. Last winter, the room was freezing. We are having building work done soon to knock the kitchen and lounge together. The kitchen has a solid concrete floor. We will install laminate flooring throughout the...
  14. M

    Carpet to laminate transition

    Hi, i’m laying a laminate floor in my hall and putting a carpet on the stairs. I intend to just butt the laminate up to the vertical section(riser , I think it’s called) of the lowest step (as neatly as possible) , and when the carpet bloke puts in the carpet , the thickness of the carpet and...
  15. A

    Removing laminate flooring

    I have some gas and water pipes that run under floorboard for central heating. I want to lay laminate flooring but im concerned that if there is a leak and we need access to remove the floorboards how easy is it to remove some of the laminate flooring in such am eventuality and to easily...
  16. F

    Opinions on flooring and light

    Hi there. I'm redoing my office, which is a 4m x 2m room with a concrete floor, and currently an ancient carpet. Only been here 3 years and haven't yet redecorated anything except the bathroom. I have a lot of thoughts, ideas and questions. I'm not sure of the protocol here, but most forums like...
  17. G

    Laminate flooring at kitchen end panel

    Evening, I fitted the kitchen I now need to fit laminate floor, probably quickstep. The lines of units have end panels and two of them are weight-bearing as appliances will be next to them. How do I fit the laminate up to the panels ideally without using beading? Thanks.
  18. R

    Finishing laminate near UPVC door with trim

    Hi all, I have a dilemma whereby my upvc door frame has trim (covering joint in UPVC frame) which comes out by 3mm but is shaped more like the attached picture. I have moulding ready to lay to finish the floor, but can’t work out the best way to scribe or finish the wood up against it. I’ve...
  19. M

    Line plywood board upstairs on bedroom floorboards.

    Hi Guys, Currently wanting to relay a new laminate flooring on the upstairs bedrooms, have stripped the old laminate flooring to the floorboards which I have fixed, some were creaking which I have now screwed back into the joint timber, however I would like surface to be flat and level which I...
  20. C

    Laminate Flooring in Kitchen. Expansion gaps

    Hi there, As part of my kitchen refit we are leveling the floor with latex then putting laminate down. I understand the need for expansion gaps, which is why our skirting has been removed however I am uncertain what to do by the cover panel that holds the end of our work top up. It has the...