1. Jonno101

    Wiring 2 lights from a fused spur

    Hello, I had some wiring installed by an electrician some time ago so that I could eventually hang pendant lights. I’ve just got round to doing it and I can’t seem to get it to work. It’s two separate lights running from the same switch. I have attached photos of both lights and how I’ve...
  2. O

    1 wall light not working

    Hello, I’m a real novice to excuse if the below is confusing. I’ve recently changed 3 wall lights after the walls were plastered, prior to all 3 lights worked. The wall lights run off a socket fuse. I’ve installed all 3 however only 2 are working. The 2 that are working have 2 live wires and...
  3. G

    Old fluorescent light - do they have starters?

    Hi, I have an old twin tube fluorescent strip light that doesn't come on anymore. The ends of the tubes light up and they look in decent condition. In our old place our lights had small cylindrical starters that usually needed replacing when this happened. But when I opened this light I don't...
  4. E

    How to change this spotlight

    hi i know how to change regular spotlights on the ceiling but this one seems to be confusing me Do you have any idea or YouTube videos on how I can change that? thank you in advance!
  5. A

    Metal ceiling light with no earth

    Hi All, My partner on a whim has purchased a new living room light, we currently have the dangly kind. I’ve taken a quick look and it appears we may not have an earth wire so might not be able to switch the ceiling light now. Before I call in a professional to help switch the lights I’m...
  6. AllyRachel

    Fitting ceiling rose

    Hi guys, I’ve just attempted fitting my first ceiling rose. Took a photo beforehand, matched all the wires into the same slots but something must be wrong. Every time I try to turn it on its flicking off the main switch. Pics attached if before and after. If anyone is able to advise I’d be super...
  7. M

    Bulb melted socket after installing dimmer switch

    Hi all, I have a plain and simple 100w max light fitting in a spare room. I am just about to renovate it to be a nursery so thought it would be a good time to install a dimmer switch. The fitting originally had a 100w bulb which I found hummed a lot. After some googling I found this was not...
  8. S

    electrics for ne understairs WC (light and fan)

    Hi guys, im building a new understairs WC and theres never been electrics in that space before. I am of course wiring in a ceiling light and extractor fan under there but would like to know how to 'rough in' the wiring for an electrician to connect later? I have the basics locked in already in...
  9. F

    Replace R80 downlight with led

    I have some old incandescent R80 downlights in my kitchen. I'd like to replace them with LEDs. Are there LEDs that work off 240 volts without a transformer/driver so that I can simply disconnect the old fitting and replace it with the new one? This is the easiest option for me because I believe...
  10. N

    R80 to GU10 downlighting conversion.

    I would like to convert our kitchen R80 downlighting to GU10. I understand Screwfix sell kits but I’m not sure which one to get. Also I would like some advice on how to remove the R80 housing, if indeed I do. The diameter is 180mm.
  11. lizziewizzie

    Genuinely need help changing a lightbulb!

    Hi everyone, I can't believe my first post in this forum is asking for help to change a lightbulb, but it is so. I have recently moved into a new house and I've never had bathroom light fittings like these ones. I have tried twisting and pushing up (the outer ring turns but clicks in a way...