lintel problem

  1. I

    Rust on lintel

    Hello, I am looking into buying a town house (ground, first and second floor) and during the viewing I noticed that there rust on the lintel of the first floor window. There is also a crack under the window of the second floor but I am not sure if these two issues are relevant. Is this...
  2. W

    Fireplace - no lintel, problem?

    I am opening up an old blocked up fireplace, but I'm not intending to put a burner or fire in. I've stripped back the plaster looking for a lintel, and about 1.65m from ground and not found one. Plus the brickwork shape is making me wonder if there will be one at all - can't find any other...
  3. J

    Lintel issues for new patio doors

    Hello all, I have been planning to replace a current window (3m wide) and replacing this with patio doors. There is no lintel above the window currently so needed to install one. Over the weekend I removed a couple of the soldier course bricks to confirm there is no lintel. However the internal...
  4. P

    Single skin Brick shed: Advice to replace wooden door and window with lintel in 2 pieces

    Hi all, I have a single skin brick shed at the bottom of the garden that I want to renovate and convert to a office, I want to replace the existing wooden door and windows (if you can call them that) but I'm not sure how to go about it, the lintel is in two pieces and I'm not sure if it will...
  5. Alex93

    Barn door track installation

    Hi all! I'm hoping someone may be able to help me out... I'm wanting to install a double barn door over the kitchen opening to keep out pesky pets whilst cooking. I have the doors and track kit all ready to go however due to having a picture rail and coving around door will need to install a...
  6. J

    Garage Lintel Replacement with Concrete Roof

    Hi all, I'm after some advice please. The lintel above my garage door is cracked (see pictures) and needs replacing (along with the garage door). The garage roof is pretty thick concrete... I've had 2 builders come round so far to look at the job, the first one says that as the lintel and the...
  7. R

    Lintel failure?

    Hi, Just looking at a property where the brickwork above the bay window appears to be bowing downwards. I suspect this is because the lintel has failed or there is in fact no lintel. Any ideas? See image.
  8. F

    Open up boarded fireplace - lintel advice

    Hi I have looked around the net and not been able to find an example of the situation I am in and would appreciate some advice. We decided to expose a boarded up fireplace in our house (Victorian terrace). Started by removing the skirting board and plaster in the (assumed) centre of the hole...
  9. Halfaudio

    Destroyed lintel with a drill what now?

    Hello. I am feeling defeated buy my lintel problem above the window and can a knowing person clear things up for me What happened? I was using my standard weak drill not sds because i was too lazy to get it and this one was very handy next to me.. I was drilling a hole to make some string lines...
  10. K

    Re-opening a bricked fire place?

    Hi folks, first time poster and newbie but I’m in the middle of renovating my living room and the previous owners had removed and bricked up the fire place. I’ve removed the plaster and my intention is to open it back up and have a cast iron insert installed. I believe I can see what would be...
  11. W

    Brickwork Cracks above lintels

    Thoughts on these cracks, same lintels used on the whole estate. (circa 1970's) but not seen these cracks above other windows on same estate. Just a messy patchup job of something more severe? Also at the rear some cracks near the corner of the house but don't penetrate below the DPC...
  12. 0tto

    Removal / raising of old wooden lintel to ceiling height

    Good afternoon, This is my first post on DIYnot :) I live in a bungalow and am about to knock through from my old kitchen (which is becoming a bedroom) into the cloakroom toilet. I will then make a stud wall in the old kitchen to make the cloakroom big enough to fit a shower cubicle. I have...
  13. H

    Do I have lintels above my windows?

    I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but I've got a 1950's house and can't find any evidence of lintels above my windows. I have cavity walls and have a course of soldiers which run all the way round my house. They stick slightly proud of the other brick work. I'm just about to have...
  14. Blimey

    Lintel Problem

    Hi, I've been a visitor to this site for a few years, it's the best. I'm in the process of doing some renovation work on an ex 1950's ish council house I bought recently. It's previously had various work done (some good and some bad). The picture shows a window that's been fitted in place of the...