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15 Nov 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi, I've been a visitor to this site for a few years, it's the best. I'm in the process of doing some renovation work on an ex 1950's ish council house I bought recently. It's previously had various work done (some good and some bad). The picture shows a window that's been fitted in place of the back door when the house was extended (more on the extension another time). The window is obviously wider than the original door and there is nothing supporting the lintel on one side. I'd be interested in some opinions, should I replace the lintel or could I put another lintel under the original. It's a semi and the the window position is in the middle of the gable end.
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support the old lintel with a couple of strongboys then fit a new lintel above the window and brick up above it, id probly take out that half a brick on the left just under the old lintel, and replace it with a full one while im at it.
It's cantilevered and wedged in and does not look like it's moved or is going anywhere.
It looks like the left hand edge is being supported by a piece of wood with the white paint on. The lintel looks as though its too deep as its just supporting a triangle of bricks 30" wide by 20" high. Fit a new lintel underneath it and when the mortar has cured pack the joint tightly with blue slate.
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Thanks for the quick replies really appreciate your thoughts. Going to get a couple of props and strongboys today if I can and get it propped up. I'll look at what's been suggested and try to get a lintel under the existing one. I'll get that socket out of the way and rebuild the left side to support the new lintel. You're right Frank there is a bit of wood and it's only just wedged on the end of a brick, the whole thing looks pretty dodgy to me but it was probably done about 10 years ago and doesn't look like it's moved.......YET.
Obviously ensure that the new lintel has a minimum of 150mm bearing on each side of the opening.
Any pointers as to what size lintel I should use, it needs to be around 1500mm long to give me at least 150mm each side. @Cabbyfan..Nothing wrong with the electrics, the socket in the pic only feeds three spurs and has a horizontal cable feed to the light switch in the extension..........:(
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You could use a pair of 100x65mm prestressed concrete lintels. Or as you've got two bricks between the top of the window and the existing lintel it might be easier to put in a pair of 100x140s.
If using 100x65s it's prudent to ensure a good bond between the lintel and the masonry so that you get composite action and more capacity from the lintel, although it won't be an issue over such a short span.
@RonnyRaygun Thanks for the response, I wouldn't get two 100 X 140's in would I ? If I used a pair of 100 X 65's do put anything between them?
Sorry, I was assuming it was an external wall and you would need two lintels, one under the inner face (or leaf) and one under the external face (or leaf).

If that's not the case then you only need one lintel.
It is an external wall but I plan on doing the outer lintel from the outside (it's steel) later, does that make sense?
It is an external wall but I plan on doing the outer lintel from the outside (it's steel) later, does that make sense?
Yes, and you can use the same lintel on the outside. If you require a brick finish a Catnic ANG or CCS lintel would be most suitable.

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