Garage Lintel Replacement with Concrete Roof

1 Sep 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I'm after some advice please. The lintel above my garage door is cracked (see pictures) and needs replacing (along with the garage door). The garage roof is pretty thick concrete...

I've had 2 builders come round so far to look at the job, the first one says that as the lintel and the roof were cast together and so replacing the lintel isn't straight forward as if simply "replaced" it won't be structurally bonded to the roof. The suggested fix is to use some angle iron to replace the cracked section but leave some of the lintel in place as its bonded to the roof. Also, to be weary of those quoting purely for a concrete lintel replacement.
...The second builder has looked and quoted for a concrete lintel replacement and doesn't seem too phased by the cast lintel / roof combination.
-- Both around £1k mark.

So I'm after some advice really from those in the know on the best way to proceed with this and what I should be asking to ensure the job is done correctly. I've really struggled to find someone interested in this work so not sure how reasonable the quotes so far have been.


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Would it have been normal to cast both together?

I dont know, it seems unlikely to me.

either way, it looks heavy!
It may have been cast in one, but that defined line at the junction would suggest separately.

I would be wary about any heath-robinson job of leaving some in and using an angle iron, as the strength of that lintel came from it being cast as one mass with the reinforcement.

There appears to be a lot of load from that roof structure, and you need to be clear that whatever is put back in its place is capable of taking that load - something that will need confirming if some off-the-shelf lintel is used.
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Thansk guys, for your responses. So by the sounds of it anyone coming to look at this should be quoting for a solid concrete lintel, like for like and ensuring that its rated for the load of the roof.... out of interest, what kind of ballpark would you see that costing? Are my quotes of £1k reasonable?

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