1. S

    Thoughts on Lean to/Enclosed Walkway connecting house and garage?

    Hi All Got an interesting semi DIY project lined up, and wanted thoughts from anyone who's done anything remotely similar, and problems you ran into. I've got a double story brick house with a detached simple double garage (also brick) sitting to the side. The garage sits offset to the back...
  2. J

    Room above garage - odd suspended floor & insulation

    Hi All, Looking for some guidance. Our property has a side extension with a bedroom above a garage. We've recently topped up the loft insulation and fixed a leaky window which has helped, but the room still has a cold floor (almost like a heat sink) so doesn't stay as warm for long enough...
  3. N

    Garage damp

    Hi all, new here so apologies if I've got the wrong forum, provided too much information, etc. I've just had my first winter/heavy rain in a property with a garage built by the previous owner. The garage has become very damp and moldy. I suspect I have a trifecta of damp - penetrating damp...
  4. H

    Single skin garage stud - awkward area

    Hi there, I am insulating my detached single skin garage. I decided to build studs in between the concrete columns using 3x2, a permeable membrane on the outside and PIR insulation with a air gap between the concrete wall and the stud. I construct them on the floor, attach the membrane then...
  5. C

    Garage roof repair

    hello! Could someone advise me on the best way to repair my garage roof. Flat roof. - felt with stones. The flashing into the gutter has worn, which is now allowing a small amount of water into the ply underneath. Looking for the best way to seal.
  6. desperate-unbodger

    (yet another) integral garage thread

    I've read a lot of threads like this, but don't think I've found quite my answer yet (which probably just means I haven't found the right thread yet). I've got an integral garage on my 1930s house. The previous owners constructed over the top of it so our en-suite and half of my sons bedroom...
  7. OwenF

    Ceiling binder - unsupported one end

    Hi. I’m up to speed with cut roof construction from previous threads. Looking for advice/opinions on specific situation. Existing garage ceiling joists 47x100: 6m span on wall plates either end. 400 c-c over 3m run Existing binders 47x125: at 1.5m spacing perpendicular to joists. One end...
  8. J

    Woodworm in garage beams

    Hi, I've a garage that's in a block separate to the house. It's a flat roof and I've noticed woodworm in one of the beams. Upon looking, it appears to be in at least one other beam (2 affected, 2 not affected) and has likely been there a while (some of the beams look reinforced with other bits...
  9. J

    installing garage floodlight to 3 pin plug

    Hi, I recently bought to replace a existing floodlight that has stopped working. Original cable was just fed through a garage vent into a 3 pin plug so was going to replicate this. The new cable is a...
  10. D

    Blocking up garage door

    Hoping for a bit of advice. We have a single garage not attached to the property, but shares one wall with the neighbours garage. Since it’s too small to fit most current cars, I’m looking at converting it to an office, and to do this would require blocking up the garage door, which I’ve come to...
  11. henriquedroog

    Garage conversion in a terraced house

    Hello, I have a question that could not find the answer Googling. Is it possible to do a garage conversion in terraced house where one of the garage walls is shared with the neighbours house?
  12. bettz1

    Boarding garage out

    Looking at boarding the garage out to help with storage and possibly adding insulation later on. My question is can I remove the diagonal piece of wood? So It makes it easier to lay the boarding? Also what do people do when it comes to filling in the joists? How do you fill the small gaps?
  13. S

    Structural integrity - Can i move the beams in single skim brick garage pitched roof?

    Hi all, Looking for some help/advice re: if I can move some beams in a single skim brick garage pitched roofup to give more height in room. The room is 4x2.5m and is in good quality. As it's a fairly small room i dont want a flat root (even though it passes building regs re: height after...
  14. M

    What type of paint for internal garage wall?

    Hi everyone :) Next week, I'm planning on painting this wall. It's certainly seen better days. It's the internal wall of our garage. I was wondering what paint/filler I should use. I had been considering Masonry paint, but read somewhere that this can be harmful and so should not be used on...
  15. C

    Basic garage rewire and CU installation.

    I'm about to start the process of refreshing my single detached garage. Currently the power to the garage is supplied from an RCBO in the house, via SWA to an old metal clad isolator (FCU?) similar to this: Which then feeds out to a couple of lights and a double socket. The plan is to fit a...
  16. Twtiger89

    Opinion: How Best to Close?

    We purchased a house with an attached garage that opens to the back garden, however its not been completely closed off. We’d like to close the garage as when it rains water comes in but also to protect any stored items. Whats the best way? I’d like to put in a uPVC door with glass to allow...
  17. C

    A reliable damp-proofing paint/liquid coating that does not require plastering/screeding?

    Afternoon, all. my detached garage sits below the ground level of the garden and acts as a retaining wall towards the rear of the building. This has resulted in some minor damp ingress during wetter times of the year (mostly at the internal corners). I'm looking for a product that I can paint...
  18. LucyS91

    Roughcast / pebbledash garage repair - Need help with render /cement ratios

    Hi all, I am currently doing up my garage and plan on painting my garage with masonry paint but first I need to repair my garage since part of the roughcast/pebbledash panel has broken off. I am going to remove any loose bits with my chisel and then pebbledash a layer over it, it doesn't have...
  19. 0

    Final check before ordering - garage conversion

    Hi all, Had loads of really useful help on here, special thanks to Woody on that front. Just wanted to list out everything i'm getting before putting quite an expensive order in (that I can't afford to get wrong). Plus it may help someone seeing this level of detail. I've spoke to building...
  20. sammerz

    Lintel detail for door opening to support flat roof joists

    Hi, I am looking for the best solution to span across 2400mm doors, supporting roof joists. The building is governed by height, and I am already too high so ideally want a solution where I won’t need a wacking great box section or concrete lintel with joists supported on top. I need 150mm...