1. 0

    Final check before ordering - garage conversion

    Hi all, Had loads of really useful help on here, special thanks to Woody on that front. Just wanted to list out everything i'm getting before putting quite an expensive order in (that I can't afford to get wrong). Plus it may help someone seeing this level of detail. I've spoke to building...
  2. sammerz

    Lintel detail for door opening to support flat roof joists

    Hi, I am looking for the best solution to span across 2400mm doors, supporting roof joists. The building is governed by height, and I am already too high so ideally want a solution where I won’t need a wacking great box section or concrete lintel with joists supported on top. I need 150mm...
  3. P

    Single skin detached garage insulation & flooring

    I'd like to insulate my (concrete) garage floor. It's single skinned so I will seal the concrete (1st coat sealant, 2nd coat sealant + SBR). I will then use tanking slurry on the walls (1st coat slurry + SBR, 2nd coat just slurry). I expect a little slurry left over so I will use that to re-coat...
  4. C

    Workbench frame supported by block on flat on interior garage/retaining wall. DPM or Breathable?

    I have recently purchased a new property and I am looking at converting the detached garage into a workshop. The garage sits at the bottom of a reasonably steep slope leading up to the house and the rear garage wall doubles up as a retaining wall for the garden behind it. In order to reinforce...
  5. rayleigh20

    Changing a single garage into a double

    Hi Viewing a house on Friday that I am quite interested in buying. Currently has a single garage at bottom of garden and am wondering how hard it would be to get someone to extend it into a double width as there is space in garden next to it. Would have it with a single double width roller...
  6. J

    Mould appearing on garage ceiling

    Hello, We have mould appearing on the internal plywood of our garage roof in the past few weeks during the colder/wetter weather. I wondered if anyone could give an insight into why this might be happening? The mould appears between every joist front to back, mainly appearing from the edges but...
  7. bettz1

    Recommend a vacuum cleaner for garage

    After a vacuum cleaner to tidy up the sawdust etc for my garage. Ideally like one with a bag if possible? I know Henry hoovers used to get recommended a few years ago.
  8. J

    DPC bridged internally by concrete slab

    We have a detached garage which we are looking to convert to living accommodation. Whilst trenching for utilities we noticed that the damp proof course has been bridged by the concrete slab. This is inside the garage, the external levels are below. Construction is single skin lightweight blocks...
  9. D

    SWA only or T+E joined to SWA for new garage supply

    Hi, I need to put a new supply to garage as old supply is a 2.5mm T+E spur off of ring main which runs overhead outside! Is it standard to a) run the SWA all the way from the house CU all the way to the CU in the garage in one continuous run or b) run T+E from the house CU to a junction box...
  10. D

    Outuilding renovation

    I have an outbuilding which was a pair of single garages with a hallway between them. A previous owner has gone some way towards converting the building to living accommodation. Bricked up the garage doors, insulated the roof (mostly), plastered one garage out and 2 walls on the other, wired but...
  11. A

    Garage conversion - planning permission

    Hi, the rules say no planning permission is needed for converting a garage into a room if it's internal. Is replacing the steel garage door with a window and brickwork deemed internal or external? The rules are a bit confusing as this visible change will be seen by external passers by? If no...
  12. C

    HELP!? Keeping A 1970's Single Garage Dry?

    Hi All! First time post but have been a long time reader of the forum. I bought my first property in 2020 which is a 1970's maisonette which includes a single garage which is one of the middle garages in a row of 4. Last winter and whenever there is heavy rainfall the garage becomes damp as...
  13. M

    Size of steel needed to support a small mono pitch roof

    Hi Guys, i have a small lean-to outbuilding that currently has a door and a window next to each other, i want to enlarge the opening and use it as a garage. this would mean removing a central block column that is helping to support the rafters. Im trying to ascertain what size of steel to...
  14. N

    Bricked up gap between walls and roof

    Hello I'm looking for some advice for how to remedy what appears to be a bodge by a previous owner. I have a standalone single story garage which I'll soon be renovating into a workshop (new plasterboard, insulation, flooring...) but I want to be sure the structure is sound and secure before...
  15. K

    Studwall partition in garage

    I'm going to seperate the garage to create a utility room and was wondering if a stud wall can be used instead of block work? If so, what depth should the timbers be and what PIR board to use? I've seen Wickes stud work timbers are 89mm but PIR board is either 75mm or 100mm.
  16. K

    Demolishing 1 of 2 detached garages

    Hello, I've recently moved in to a property and I am planning on replacing my garage with an extension. My garage is linked to my house but detached from my neighbours. My neighbours garage is completely detached. However, the two garages are very close to one another. They both have pitched...
  17. G

    Tarp tent over leaking garage roof.

    My flat garage roof has been leaking and lack of funds means I'm having to tarp it. I have a load of old bricks so I was thinking of loose-laying a couple of courses down the centre then putting the tarp over thus forming a tent. The idea is that the tarp will last longer as any rainwater...
  18. B

    Extending power from garage to log cabin

    After being in our latest house for about 6 months, I'm thinking of building a log cabin at the end of our garden about 40-45m back from our garage, but I need to be sure that we can safely and effectively supply it with electricity before even starting the project. Connecting directly into the...
  19. D

    Cable for garage and workshop

    Hi I have reviewed some previous posts but I am not sure of the size of SWA cable to use for a garage and workshop. I am only planning to put the cable under the floor before some laminate gets laid - I am yet to get planning permission for the garage - but thought I would save an awkward job...
  20. M

    Garage ceiling

    Hi, this is my first ever post so please be gentle. I have a garage in a block of two and I would like to make it a little better for storage. As it's all very open around the top (the dividing wall only goes up to the bottom of the roof slope) I was wondering if a ceiling might help as a first...