1. S

    Bosch Oven HBA64B251B trips the electrics out

    Sunday's roast pork dinner was cooking nicely then suddenly BANG all the lights went out. Soon realised the problem was the oven itself. Switched the oven off and reset the mains RCD and all Ok. Then switched the oven back on and it all lights up ok, reset the clock and then turn the dial and...
  2. Rageyboy91

    Lead to mdpe pipe worth it?

    Hey guys, Ive got a dilemma, the lead stop cock is leaking and I just want to replace it, but I thought I might aswell take the opportunity to replace the length of lead pipe. I can only replace the section from the front of the house as the drive is concrete printed and cant afford the work...
  3. A

    Mains water pipe in slightly the wrong place

    Hi, I have my mains pipe coming into the side of my house. I am going to have the adjacent wall studded out and therefore want to hide the mains pipe behind it and put on a low profile stop tap. My question is that it is approx 10” further along the wall than needed. Is it ok to make a channel...
  4. mixer28

    Best way to connect a USB LED strip to a ceiling light fitting

    I wanted to know the best way to use my ceiling light fitting (which is a bayonet cap) to connect an LED light strip that has a USB connector and typically plugs into a USB to mains plug adaptor (like the iPhone charger ones). If I plug in a cable with a bayonet fitting ( as per image)...
  5. M

    Advice required to fit 2 x new sockets in bedroom

    Hi everyone, I have an upcoming project that I would like some advise on please... I am going to be redecorating a bedroom which only has one double socket at present. I would like to add an additional two double sockets on different walls. My initial thought was that I would do a nice and...
  6. eveares

    When were mains (230V/240V) underwater lights banned?

    I know some very old water fountains use to have mains powered underwater lights. Just wondering what the history is behind when the were banned and made presumably illegal? Regards: Elliott.
  7. T

    Extending Mains Cable for Hutch Heater

    hi all, we have an outdoors socket which we want to power a heater for our guinea pig hutch, only the power lead on the heater is too short. I can cut the lead and add a longer lead with new plug of course, but is there something I should use for the join in the wires since it will be outside...
  8. MeldrewsMate

    Water supply leak - underground. How to locate it?

    I very important customer of mine, the landlord of my local boozer, complained of a continuous noise coming from the pipework of the pub, even when he turns off the mains stopcock. It stopped when I turned off the supply at the water meter, so I determined there is a leak underground between the...
  9. M

    Texecom Premier Elite 24 'Mains power off'

    I have one of the above panels that has been running for about 3 years. I came home the other day to see an error on the RKP 'Mains power off'. Checked and everything was okay, so cleared the error. It was only a few hours before it popped up the error again. Tested the mains, all okay...
  10. M

    15 or 22mm for my Cold Mains? Water loop?

    Hi, I have just plumbed all of the Cold Water for my house. I have put in a new 15mm stop cock, pressure reducing valve, drain cock and then 15mm copper pipe with soldered joints to my Kitchen and then to my bathroom. I have done it ALL in 15mm, including up to the Bath taps etc. The reason...
  11. K

    6mm t&e in close proximity to each other

    Hi I've run some cables through a wooden joist but quite a small hole so the cables are very close to each other at this point. Is this going to give me temperature issues when I want them connecting upto a shower, the water tank and an oven? The oven is single electric oven and came with a...
  12. T

    Small flat replumb, mains & cold water storage tank - which supplies to use?

    Hi All, I'd really appreciate some enlightenment with this. My wife and I bought a flat which is at the top of a council block and it's in a really bad way and was clearly plumbed and wired by cowboys, we are gutting it and will be re-plumbing it. I'm trying to picture the desired general...
  13. L

    Bosch Classixx 1200 Express trips mains mid cycle

    Looking for a bit of advice on our washing machine. It's a Bosch Classixx 1200 Express (WAE24162UK) and until now has been faultless in operation. However last Sunday it began to trip the mains about 10 minutes into a cycle. The main panel lights up, the drain pump seems to work, the motor...