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  1. HomerJay99

    Google Nest E 2 wire installation..

    Hi all, I’m trying to install my Nest E as per the instructions for a 2 wire system there doesn’t seem to any useful labels on the existing thermostat that would allow me to connect to the correct terminals of the Nest E. All I have are 2 wires (blue & brown) and a clipped earth that are...
  2. HomerJay99

    Google Nest E

    I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought a Nest E which I’ll install myself to replace my 150 year old Honeywell CM51 thermostat (2 wire). It all seems straightforward but I’m a little confused about exactly which temperature sensor is used in determining the current room temperature. It seems...
  3. M

    Help with Nest E Heat Link Wiring

    Morning all I'm walking through moving to a nest e from a neomitis and I was hoping someone could let me know if I've made the right assumptions about the wiring please? On the photos below am I right in thinking I need the brown live as the C wire on the nest and the black as the NO?
  4. D

    Nest E to Heatmiser UH4

    Hello, I am new to this great forum so first of all apologies if this has already been covered somewhere else. Here goes: I have a WB Greenstar 8000 Life boiler for all my radiators in the house. This is controlled by a battery operated, 2-wire Nest-E which was installed by the plumber at the...
  5. O

    Advice on wiring Nest Thermostat E to Alpha Eco Combi Boiler

    Hi, I.m looking to add a Nest Thermostat E to my Alpha Eco Boiler. The boiler has no room stat but just a timer. My understanding is that I should leave the timer in and set it to always on. I should then remove the link connecting 1 and 2 and run instead two wires from 1 to NO/Call for heat...
  6. D

    Nest E thermostat issues

    Hi guys, New here. I have a nest E thermostat which I've put in replace of a honeywell t6360. I've wired this is before at a previous address with no issues. However this time round no matter what wires I put in what place the heating stays permanently on. The nest thermostat is on the off...
  7. Ben Rattigan

    Google Nest Thermostat E

    I have a Siemens RAA02 and want to install Google Nest Thermostat E with Heatlink Can I replace the room thermostat it has wires in 1 and 2 and earth, or do I have to take out controller. Really not sure what either wires are for and where they go into Google Heatlink. DSC_0876 by Ben...
  8. N

    Possible to replace UT2 programmer with Nest thermostat E Heat link?

    I have a nest thermostat E that I want to install in a house without a pre-existing thermostat. It has a British Gas UT2 programmer connected to the boiler. Is it possible for me to replace the programmer with the heat link or will I need to install the heat link separately? Could anyone give...
  9. C

    Honeywell T6360 to Nest E - Wiring Help

    Looking for help connecting up a Nest E. Only needs two wires Common and ON Going off this. Live (1 Red) is Common and goes to C 3 Yellow would be to ON ??? Thank you for...
  10. E

    British Gas thermostat Receiver with Nest

    Apologies... I know this is much discussed thread. I have looked at others but none exactly much my wiring. Attached are pictures of current wiring and nest... could someone advise how to wire nest. Thanks in advance
  11. Dashy999

    Nest E compatible?

    Hi, Wondering if some kind person on here happens to know whether my Honeywell cm907 thermostat can be swapped out for a Nest E thermostat? Currently I have the honeywell connected to my gas combi boiler and the thermostat controls the heating alone. The screen on the honeywell has failed (a...
  12. M

    Replacing Salus VBC600RX wireless thermostat with Nest E

    Hello, I know very similar questions have been asked but they haven’t covered this version of Slaus from what I have seen. I apologise if it has. I have a Valliant ecoTEC pro28 boiler which I believe has a Salus VBC600RX wireless thermostat. The boiler is a combi boiler which delivers hot...
  13. E

    Can I replace British Gas Wireless Thermostat WL2 with a Nest Thermostat E?

    I have bought a Nest Thermostat E; the existing thermostat is a British Gas Wireless Thermostat Wl2. There is no wiring on the thermostat itself but on the receiver. The wiring doesn't align to examples in the Nest fitting instructions so I not clear what to match with what. Is it possible to...
  14. S

    Nest Thermostat E with Honeywell CM900

    Hi, I’d like to apologise in advance as I’m a complete novice to this stuff. I’m trying to learn how to do wiring/installations and not rely on someone doing it for me so please be patient with me. I’ve bought the new Nest Thermostat E to replace my Honeywell CM927 controller. I’ve located...