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  1. I

    Radiators not heating

    Hi guys Wondering if someone has an idea to my issue even my plumber doesn't know why. Firstly, the boiler is about 3 years old (moved into new house Sept 2019). The boiler is absolutely fine. I'm getting hot water to all taps and showers, so we can rule the boiler out. I have 2 central heating...
  2. L

    Hot water but no heating - Vaillant boiler

    Hi All, Hope someone out there can help! We have a Vaillant ecotec plus 832 and nest thermostat. Tried putting the heating on this afternoon and isn't working at all, but have still got hot water. There is no fault code showing, and pressure is fine, 1.6. I put it into service mode and...
  3. J

    Victorian plumbing column radiators not getting hot

    Hi I recently moved to a new property and we had all the traditional radiators swapped for column ones. I had a heating engineer into fit these, at first all the radiators were working and getting hot, then in the coming days we noticed certain radiators not working. The heating engineer has...
  4. C

    Microbore copper and new boiler

    We had a new boiler (ideal Max 24) installed in April. Long story short, house is 20 years old and pipes are microbore copper 8mm. We have no heating or hotwater. New boiler has never worked great. Had power flush, new pump, new divertor and ideal engineer to make sure boiler was not faulty...
  5. A

    Worcester combi 30cdi greenstar hot water no heating

    Hi, the boiler will supply hot water but no heating,have reset boiler.system pressure ok, have checked room stat is operational. will run heating in chimney sweep mode. but nothing after that.
  6. R

    L2 error/inaccessible frozen pipe?

    so it's been freezing cold and our boiler now has an L2 error and refuses to work. i assume this is because our condensation pipe has frozen. the problem is, i can't physically reach it because our boiler is in the loft and the condensation pipe runs outside the house (i.e. up near the roof and...
  7. Sarah_W

    baxi duo tec combi 33 he a - water ok but no heating

    Hi, I moved into my house a few months back but with the weather fine had no need to use the heating and now its getting colder I tried putting it on but it doesnt seem to work. No error codes displayed. Pressures fine. I topped the gas up (payg) I turned the boiler off and back on again and it...
  8. M

    No Hot Water or Heating after removing a radiator - Do I need an engineer?

    Yesterday I was painting my kitchen, we have push-fit plumbing so I decided to remove my radiator to get behind the pipes and the radiator. I drained the central heating system, but forgot to switch the boiler off. Afterwards, when I put the radiator back, re-pressurised the system, bled the...
  9. T

    No hot water or heating

    Hi All, Hoping someone might be able to solve this conundrum. I have a hot water cylinder with a boiler. I recently drained the system and washed out the radiators. I have no hot water and no heating. The boiler fires up, the 2x two port valves turn the valve to their open position. The...
  10. C

    How can I override a Siemens RDJ10RF programmable room thermostat?

    hi there, I've the Siemens room thermostat which hasn't properly worked for the last few years i.e. Intermittent activity as programmed, then nothing. I've gotten round this by just overridding the receiver unit that is wired into the boiler however tonight even this isn't working! Is there...
  11. M

    Help! No heating or hot water after gas safety check

    Hi all we have an ariston microgenius 23/27 mffi Lovely chap came yesterday to do annual gas safety check (which it passed with flying colours) However now we have no heating or hot water If you switch hot water tap on, the boiler makes all the right noises and then the red ignition failure...
  12. M

    Hot water no heating after fitting new danfoss HSA3 valve and actuator

    Since switching my heating on this winter I have had hot water no problem but to get heating had to manually push the spindle on the actuator head to manual which works fine until house gets to temperature then cuts out and I gave to do this again to get heating. Found on a lot of threads that...
  13. D

    ICOS/Ideal HE18 Hot Water but No Heating

    I have an ICOS Ideal HE18. Got up this morning to NO HEATING but water is working fine. I've done as much checking as I can - I'm no expert. I have hot water, my wireless room thermostat appears to be working (I've reset it to test it) and it's turned up to 25. I've fiddled with the valve...
  14. S

    Rd 532i boiler heating not working

    Hi there, I havea rd 532i boiler that has stopped working yesterday. I still have hot water but I don't have any heating. The thermostat is electric (checked for battery) when I took the fascia off the boiler got an error code. I have checked the out door condensor pipe which is not frozen...
  15. S

    Rd 532i combi boiler - no heating.

    Hi there, I have a rd 532i boiler that has stopped working yesterday. I still have hot water but I don't have any heating. The thermostat is electric (checked for battery) when I took the fascia off the boiler got an error code. I have checked the out door condensor pipe which is not...
  16. T

    Saunier Duval F30e - Hot water, but intermittent heating from Stat

    Hi all, Last year we had issues with the hot water, in that we had none. We pretty much replaced every part before identifying the Diverter as the issue. I was adamant that as we'd replaced all parts for new and we'd have no further problems. Probably jinxed myself... With the weather on the...