1. Froglodyte

    New Intercom Phone Install help

    Hi all, I was wondering if you can help me please. I recently moved into a new flat with a broken intercom which makes it impossible to get my deliveries, no buzz and no dial tone. I identified it as a "ACET 22220 (2 Wire)". It has 6 wires inside (yellow, green, white, red, blk, blue). Cables...
  2. G

    Getting wire out of block - intercom - adding on / off switch (mute)

    Hello, Any help appreciated. This is a new post on a different problem related to the adding of a mute switch (on/off switch) to an intercom phone inside an apartment. Photos are attached. Postmen keep ringing my doorbell from the street to deliver other people’s packages. There is no mute...
  3. D

    Door entry handset buzzer not buzzing

    I live in a tenement flat and the door entry handset has never been great, but recently it really got worse. Ever since we moved in 10 years ago the handset speaker and mic has not worked - we could not hear visitors at the panel by the main door, nor could they hear us. We put up with this for...
  4. Rawflippa

    Elvox 6200 - Buzzes but can't unlock door

    Hi Folks, Just recently moved into a new flat and after a week had some visitors up, it seems though that my entry phone isn't unlocking downstairs, great for the legs but I'm top floor so not ideal! Appears to be an Elvox 6200, I can hear the person on the other end and they can hear me...
  5. O

    Android- bubble booster malware

    I am posting this here to help anyone that makes the mistake of downloading cra.pware such as Bubble Booster. I go a phone call from an elderly relative (via her landline). She was unable to use her Android Motorola because of pop ups asking her if she wants to improve the phone's performance...
  6. C

    Master Socket NTE5 Extension

    Looking for some advice I have had a new Master Socket NTE5 NTE5C MK2 installed by open reach problem is when they installed it they disconnected my phone extension for my landline phone. I need to connect an extension to the master socket for a land line. After looking it up it looks easy so...
  7. H

    Wiring for BT NT5 phone socket

    Hi... And happy New year We're renovating an old property and I want to reinstate the phone socket, which had to be moved due to walls being pulled apart There's a junction box where the phone line comes into the house. First pic below. The phone line then went into what I think is a BT NT5...
  8. G

    A quick fix for a numpty

    20180816_094332 by Gazzereth82 posted 16 Aug 2018 at 9:45 AM 20180816_094351 by Gazzereth82 posted 16 Aug 2018 at 9:45 AM 20180816_094401 by Gazzereth82 posted 16 Aug 2018 at 9:45 AM Hi all. Trying to help my old dear out with what looks to be an old phone (master) socket. Can someone help out...
  9. M

    Door Entry Handset Wiring

    Hi there, New to the site and looking for some help replacing an existing Door Entry Handset with a Bell 801. The image below is the existing handset's internal wiring. And the image below is the new handset that is to be installed...
  10. J

    Yale Premium B-HSA6400 Calling Issue

    I have the above stated Yale alarm installed and working fine for a while now. My issue is that when the alarm attempts to call the 3 listed emergency numbers it for some reason cannot call one of the numbers. I have triple checked the number is correct and the alarm system manages to dial...
  11. eveares

    New Forum Help How to view my media and search by keyword on iOS App?

    So normally I just use a standard web browser to access DiyNot, however I thought I would give the official iOS app a go for the first time. Can't figure out how to view my media, edit a post I made, or search for a thread using keywords using the app. Anyone know how to do the above using the...
  12. A

    Urmet 730 Handset Help

    I wondered please if anyone could help. I'd like to replace my Urmet 730 handset. I can't stand the noise it makes, it's so loud and really makes me jump when it goes off. Does anybody know if this can be replaced with a handset that has volume control or gives out a different tone altogether...
  13. N

    Correct Wiring Setup with 2 Master Sockets?

    Afternoon all. I am stuck at a crossroads with how to further proceed with a non existent broadband connection setup by talktalk. We had an engineer come to the house to setup all the wiring etc to get everything working for us and was told within a few hours we would have an Internet...
  14. R

    External BT junction box

    I recently cut back a hedge at the boundary of my property and uncovered this BT-branded junction box: The reason it has a cut black wire coming out of it is, I think, because this house used to be the show home for the development (15 years ago), and there was an office in the garage during...
  15. adecc

    300mt phone extension

    hi looking for some advice on moving the master phone socket 300mt to a new building, without losing signal strength for voice/broadband etc looked at running in cat6 and bt drop cable, but been getting different responses can anybody suggest how to or had experience of a long extension cheers
  16. T

    Intercom phones with light

    Hi Similar to my fire alarm post I'm also after any suggestions for intercom handsets that can be switched to silent but that have a strobe light built in (or a way of attaching one)... again for home recording studio. Thanks