pitched roof

  1. J

    Position of VCL - warm flat vs warm pitched

    Hello. When I look at construction details for warm flat roofs I see the VCL is placed above the joists. However for a warm pitched roof the VCL is placed below the rafters. For example see the attached image from...
  2. J

    Crown roof - warm or cold better?

    Hello, We’re figuring out the design for our crown roof - something like the attached image, where we have a flat part on the top (with appropriate fall to stop water pooling), and then it would be pitched on three sides. Would this kind of roof be better as a cold roof or warm roof? I...
  3. M

    Damp ceiling

    Hi everyone, hoping someone would provide some guidance if possible. In my house one of the bedrooms gets a bad damp problem from condensation, this looks to be the worst I’ve seen it. It was built in the 1950’s, there has been insulation laid in the attic, only on the ceiling level which I...
  4. S

    Extension roof issue

    Hi All Looking for some advice. We had a single story extension designed and built 8 years ago. Since it’s construction we have had issues with water running off the parapet walls down the face of the wall. This happens on both sides. The initial builder did some remedy work initially but...
  5. S

    Noise insulation pitched roof / vaulted ceiling

    Hi. We have opened the ceiling in our living room which had previously the ceiling in 2.4m height, with a normal plasterboard and 10cm mineral/glass fibre mix. The outside noise was less, but still noticeable. We now want to use the full space of the pitched roof to create a vaulted ceiling...
  6. Rachael1976

    Conversion of coal shed/outside toilet

    Good evening. We have submitted a lawfulness certificate to convert some outbuildings connected to the house which include an integral garage/stable type space and an outside toilet and coal store into a kitchen diner and utility. The planner is fine with the majority of the application but we...
  7. R

    do I need PP for the new pitched roof over existing extension

    Hi, I am in process of replacing my existing flat roof with new pitched roof. After much thought, apex type pitched roof will be best option for this kind of structure. It is for kitchen extension at the back of the property. Photo attached. Following are the measurements: Length (from the...
  8. R

    New pitched roof (replacing existing flat roof)

    Hi, I am in process of replacing my existing flat roof with new pitched roof. After much thought, apex type pitched roof will be best option for this kind of structure. It is for kitchen extension at the back of the property. Photo attached. Following are the measurements: Length (from the...
  9. R

    Mono pitched roof ... possible

    Hi, I got a kitchen extension which is 5 meter long and currently has flat roof (which I am sick and tired of it as its leaking all the time + it looks ugly). So I was thinking about replacing it with mono pitched roof but I am not sure given the meaurement if its possible. Length of the...
  10. J

    Pitch roof, loft trusses clarification. Can I remove or cut a trusses to introduce a beam

    Hi, I was taking into consideration to remove my chimney breast and an engineer advised to run a beam between the front and rear wall. After my survey, I got to the conclusion that I could run a 152x89 without lowering the ceiling at first floor but this can happen only If I can cut some...
  11. T

    Supporting loft purlins with struts...angle issues

    Hello All - have been scratching head on this one. Need to get strut supports to sit on load bearing wall (where central props currently are just off-centre). To angle them so one end sits bird-beaked to purlin and other end sits on central load bearing wall seems too acute an angle to offer any...
  12. B

    Roof light on 18 degree roof pitch

    Hi all I'm fitting three roof lights into a new pitched roof. Lots of connections to other walls so going with a GRP roof covering. I aimed to put in a velux rooflight but the website doesn't show any installation details for a warm roof, and really I think all new roofs should be warm these...
  13. ralphius

    Advice on leak in tiled roof

    My job for the weekend was to remove the polystyrene tiles off the ceiling of one of my upstairs rooms. As soon as I slipped a putty knife behind one, the lath and plaster crumbled and disintegrated: Removing the weakened plaster shows the laths have rotted away and the bits that are left are...
  14. B

    Is this flashing acceptable?

    hi. Yesterday the builder finished the roof on our extension. I was slightly concerned to see these gaps at the nose of each tile as the flashing steps down the pitch. Potential for water ingress with rain/wind and insect entry?? Any advice would be greatly received. Many thanks.
  15. L

    Existing Ground Floor Extension Flat Roof to Pitched - Planning Permission?

    Hi All I am looking to buy a semi-detached property which currently has a rear ground floor extension (extension also goes slightly down one side of the house) and as the roof needs re-felting etc. I would like to know/clarify whether changing this roof to a pitched roof would require Planning...
  16. R

    Insulating slopping roof - who has done it?

    I know this has been covered many times on here and I have a pretty good idea of my options. I have a bathroom in a Victorian terrace that is located in the rear extension, the roof is pitch but internally it has a half slopping roof. So from inside the ceiling boards are nailed directly to the...
  17. D

    Pitched roof meets flat roof

    hi all, just wondering if anyone can help with a little roof issue a workmate has, he's had an extension that has an almost flat roof(slight pitch) which butts up against the pitched roof of the garage, currently theres a 200mm brick upstand to the rear of said flat roof, the tiles from the...
  18. S1llyB1lly

    Pitched roof and sarking

    Does anybody here have a good working knowledge of sarking boards in roof applications? :) I'm thinking to go with the following construction on the pitched part of my warm roof (top down): 1. Cupa Heavy 3 slate 2. Counter battens / battens 3. Breathable membrane 4. OSB3 or sarking boards 5...
  19. NoniMK

    Using SIPs need advice on roof (moved from Projects)

    building a 12x8 shed using SIPs and now I need advice on the pitch of a pent roof for it please
  20. D

    Extra layer of insulating board?

    Our house is circa 1900, stone built. Top floor is converted. One bedroom is warm enough because it's a newer dormer, but the hallway and other bedroom are cold. Both mainly have a pitched roof. Both ceilings painted but one appears to be standard plasterboard, one Styrofoam and both are pretty...