1. C

    Loft Insulation - A Big Con?

    I have debated installing loft insulation...... My house is a 4 bed detached and i pay £100 per month for gas and electric. Joists are 70mm so putting insulation in between joists is futile and impossible as thinnest width i can find is 100mm. And i am not stupid enough to start raising...
  2. L

    Extension pitched roof

    Hi all, we are planning on adding a pitched roof to an extension we want to build with Marley concrete tiles on it and two roof lights in it. The total span will be about 5.5 metres. 31 degrees pitch. Which leaves the rafters length at 3430mm and the rise 1646mm What I wanted to ask is if we...
  3. DerMitchie

    Moving rafters in existing flat roof

    This is a section of my flat roof extension. The top rafters simply support a suspended ceiling below the original ceiling. The bottom ones are only approx. 500mm short and are placed inside the RSJ that supports the building and connected to the frame that supports the roof light, I cannot...
  4. Andy_r2o3

    Insulate slate roof

    Hi I am looking to create a warm storage space in my loft. House dates to 1900 Original slate roof I want to insulate the rafters and eventually add plasterboard etc. There is no felt beneath the slate roof. I have not noticed any leaks up there. Can I add the insulation boards into the...
  5. Tomkatoz

    Repairing Rotted Hip Rafter Tails

    Hi all, I am in the process of replacing my gutters due to the rusting and leaking. My roof has exposed rafter tails and the corner tails have rotted due to the water damage from the leaking gutters. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can repair the rotted sections? I seen a few...
  6. Molsy

    Loft ceiling cladding

    Can anyone suggest a budget (white) cladding to hang under rafters in a cold loft that will look half decent? I have to cover approx 16000 mm x 2600 mm So far I've found 3m long hollow PVC soffit. Will this be suitable? TIA
  7. Timmer

    Removal of rafters for (side) loft access?

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  8. T

    Fitting restraint strapping ceiling joists?

    Hi guys/gals, I’ve recently had my building regs drawings through from my architect for a loft conversion where the truss roof is coming down and new roof put up, it states “restraint strapping - ceiling joists and rafters to be strapped to walls and gable walls, straps built into cavity across...
  9. P

    Flat roof advice

    I appreciate things are hard to explain without pics but here goes. I have a square house with an attached square garage (just say it is the same size as the house) but this is set forward of the house by around 2 metres. I am building a small extension to the rear of the garage so back of house...
  10. J

    roof joists spacing for OSB

    Hi, going nuts here a bit. I'm trying to do the dims for my garden office and am doing 5x2 roof joists with firring strips on top for the pitch. I am doing 400mm centres, but this does not seem to work to get the end of the OSB (1220x2440) to end on half the joist. I've read somewhere you do...
  11. C

    Upgrading new build garage roof

    Hi, Just moved into a new build with a double garage. The double garage is a nice size and I want to use it as a man cave. The roof structure is formed of a complex network of slim rafters spanning the space. Over long spans, they are joined together using those thin metal plate rafter...
  12. B

    Insulation between exposed rafters

    Hi there If I'm renovating an old property where the beams are to be exposed, what is the procedure regarding insulation? To meet building regulations what depth of insulation is required? I can only find regs for a pitched roof/ceiling where the rafters are going to be plastered over...
  13. A

    Timber frame garage, do i need a wall plate?

    Hi, i'm erecting a timber frame garage. I have used 150 x150mm douglas fir for posts and beams. Do i need a wall plate on top or can the rafters be fixed to the top beam?