1. D

    Roof rafters for dormer conversion.

    Hi all, just looking for help with my dormer conversation. I’m installing new roof rafters 150x50 and sitting these on the load bearing eaves to which the original rafters from this to the wall plate are to remain but I have a couple of problems. -replacing the whole rafter will make the roof...
  2. O

    Rafters in Ridge Steel beam help

    Hi, I'm having a vaulted ceiling and a Ridge Steel has been fitted. Internally, I want a triangular ceiling. I was wondering how the rafters should be fitted on the steel. I've attached an image with two options. 1. where the rafter fits into web of steel with noggins 2. add a bolted timber...
  3. O

    Rafters meeting flat roof section, how to fix.

    Hi, I'm constructing a roof for a single storey extension. The roof is composed of two parts, one gable (vaulted ceiling) and one flat roof. I've attached image. I'm under the understanding that usually rafters from an inclined section are connected by a birdsmouth, but internally this will...
  4. N

    Flat roof insulation advice

    Hi :) I have just bought a house in need of much renovation! One room is flat roof and I am unsure if I need to add any insulation between the rafters or if there is a layer of inuslation above the boards and the space between the rafters is for air flow. Any advice welcome :) Thanks
  5. D

    How far can 5x2 span?

    Hi there. First time post - nice to meet you! I'm planning a self build timber frame garden room with a flat roof that has an internal span of 3.3m. From the span tables I've seen, 6x2 on 400mm centres would be best - based on minimal loads as doing a cold roof and wont be up there often and...
  6. S

    advice on replacing roof rafters following historical woodworm

    Hi I purchased a 1600's house a few months back which has historical woodworm (obviously) but following 2 independent assessments, no sign of new infestation. However - having had a *really* good look around the loft, probably 10% of the rafters have been well chewed through and I suspect need...
  7. R

    Loft: Random plasterboard between rafters - why?

    I have come across some random plasterboard in-between a few of our loft rafters. The previous owners had a two-storey extension built 10 years ago with some new roofing that joined onto the existing roof. There is some overlap between new roof felt (beathable) and the old existing felt (the...
  8. O

    Positioning flat roof rafters

    Hi, I'm installing a flat roof on a single storey extension. I'm installing the first rafter and unsure how far it should be from the adjacent wall that runs parallel. Is there a set distance or does butt up to the internal wall ? I will be adding insulation in between the rafters so not sure if...
  9. D

    Polystyrene tiles between rafters

    I probably already know the answer to this question but I will ask it anyway. We had all the roof tiles replaced about five years ago and afterwards I renewed the loft insulation and boarded the loft. I also fitted 2" thick polystyrene between the rafters, the polystyrene being cut into tiles...
  10. DIYNoobDude

    Can I screw into lower end of rafters?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this stuff so thanks for all your help guys! :) Sorry for the long post! Summary: Trying to fit curtains onto a bay window but there is no wall to screw into above, only rafters. Detail: There is no wall or lintel above my bay window. Basically, it's a normal pitched...
  11. L

    Insulating a sloped roof on 1st floor - sanity checking

    Hey everybody, ~1950's two storey hip roofed house, with part of the roof extending down through the 1st [UK] floor: The original rafters are suprisingly small (45 x 70mm), despite some of them going nearly 8m to the apex. The main hip section of the house has been insulated for a while, but...
  12. M

    Securing eaves plate to brick wall

    I’m in the process of building a lean-to on the back of the house and wondering if anyone has any alternative methods of securing the Eaves plate two two separate brick walls? I would normally use wall straps, but I’d sooner not see the metal work, as I’ll be keeping the walls brick. Each...
  13. SS-ProjectBuild

    PIR Insulation between rafters - Cold Roof

    Hi Guys, I am about to put in my insulation between the rafters after my electrics first fix, The question being do I put the insulation in so they are flush to the bottom of the rafters or can I put them above my wiring as long as I leave my 50mm air ventilation gap? There will be 50mm pir...
  14. R

    Wall plate timber

    Evening All. I am about to start constructing the roof on my extension, which is a typical single storey, with a lean to roof joining the house. The 'lower' wall plate, I.e. the one sat on the blockwork is best made from either 50x100 or 75x100 timber by the sound of it, to give enough to nail...
  15. C

    Loft Insulation - A Big Con?

    I have debated installing loft insulation...... My house is a 4 bed detached and i pay £100 per month for gas and electric. Joists are 70mm so putting insulation in between joists is futile and impossible as thinnest width i can find is 100mm. And i am not stupid enough to start raising...
  16. L

    Extension pitched roof

    Hi all, we are planning on adding a pitched roof to an extension we want to build with Marley concrete tiles on it and two roof lights in it. The total span will be about 5.5 metres. 31 degrees pitch. Which leaves the rafters length at 3430mm and the rise 1646mm What I wanted to ask is if we...
  17. DerMitchie

    Moving rafters in existing flat roof

    This is a section of my flat roof extension. The top rafters simply support a suspended ceiling below the original ceiling. The bottom ones are only approx. 500mm short and are placed inside the RSJ that supports the building and connected to the frame that supports the roof light, I cannot...
  18. Andy_r2o3

    Insulate slate roof

    Hi I am looking to create a warm storage space in my loft. House dates to 1900 Original slate roof I want to insulate the rafters and eventually add plasterboard etc. There is no felt beneath the slate roof. I have not noticed any leaks up there. Can I add the insulation boards into the...
  19. Tomkatoz

    Repairing Rotted Hip Rafter Tails

    Hi all, I am in the process of replacing my gutters due to the rusting and leaking. My roof has exposed rafter tails and the corner tails have rotted due to the water damage from the leaking gutters. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can repair the rotted sections? I seen a few...
  20. Molsy

    Loft ceiling cladding

    Can anyone suggest a budget (white) cladding to hang under rafters in a cold loft that will look half decent? I have to cover approx 16000 mm x 2600 mm So far I've found 3m long hollow PVC soffit. Will this be suitable? TIA