1. C

    Water leaking passed slates

    Simple question here? How does water get passed slates when they are showing no wear or cracks? My only feeling is water gets passed between the slates laid on each other? If that's so why amI told not to seal the edges of the slates, because in my mind wouldn't that stop the leak? Next question...
  2. A

    Rain water through cavity wall

    Hello all, I hope you can help me with this problem. When there's a heavy rainfall, the water somehow gets into the cavity wall at the entrance of my ground floor flat, it travels down and comes in down through my door entrance. I have had the wall and the roof looked at: I have redone the...
  3. B

    Rainwater Ingress Via Front Door?

    The Problem I've got an issue whereby water is getting into my house whenever there is moderate-heavy rain. This is a new build from 2015 (maybe that's not so new now...) I suspect it is coming in via the front door, but there is no visual evidence of water ingress anywhere - however, walking...
  4. J

    Penetrating rain through gable wall - will this work?

    Hi all, We are getting penetrating rain coming in through our gable wall. The gable is made of block work added for a hip to gable loft extension, with a very thin concrete render over the top. There is some cracking visible as seen in the photo. We are thinking of the following solution: 1...
  5. D

    Water dripping from shed ceiling

    Hi there First time using this forum so many thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide, it's very much appreciated! I'm in England - cold winters, warm summers. I have a new shed (installed December) which, for the last two days, has dripped onto the floor from the ceiling for five...
  6. 9

    Bifold Door Leaking and Defying Gravity!

    Hi all! Long term lurker, first time poster here - been using DIYnot forums for many years and always managed to find an answer, alas this one has me stumped so time to create an account and get posting! We have some bifold doors in our kitchen that occassionaly leak in a very specific place...
  7. B

    Mysterious Victorian Roof

    I’m trying to get to grips with a water damage problem on one side of a 4 storey late Victorian house in London. There’s a flat area - looks like a trough - in front of the sloping roof, so presumably when it rains, all the water goes into there. But from there, how does it drain? There’s no...
  8. O

    Leaking bay (not window fitting or roof)

    Heya guys, I'm trying to find info + solutions but being new to owning a house I am struggling getting the right info etc, maybe I'm searching for the wrong terms - hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction. I have recently purchased a ~1900s Victorian mid-terrace, the bay...
  9. cwhaley

    Gazebo Overhang

    I built a decked area with a gazebo above it. I laid 18mm ply on the top with felt which lips over the edges by about 6". Unfortunately I didn't calculate the overhang right. As a result of this, driving rain gets into the gazebo from all sides. Currently it's soaking wet. I'm a bit gutted about...
  10. S

    Weather proof bathroom vent on roof - cowl fitting?

    I've had a constant build up of water in our extractor fan ducting in the loft. This has been made worse by a tear in the ducting causing a leak to spread. There doesn't appear to be water dripping inside the loft from the outer edge of the pipe so I think the seal is secure holding the pipe in...
  11. T

    Boiler vertical flue cowl / rain cover broken

    So monday when i came home from work and found the (cowl cover / rain plate ?) had been blown off by the wind. what are my options? can i get the cover sparately.
  12. S

    Best spreadable sealant / waterproofing for covered

    Hi, I have a basement room which runs below the steps to the main entrance (see pic). This has been there for years. Every couple of year we have been painting the steps with bituminous mastic as the waterproofing fails and water makes its way through. Has anyone got any tips or advice as to the...
  13. thompa25

    Water ingress into flue

    Have recently moved into a different house and the boiler is leaking water down the vertical flue. the boiler is a vokera mynute he 35 system boiler. When it rains really heavy the water drips from the flue and down onto the condensing heat exchanger and into the bottom of the boiler. it has...
  14. J

    rain getting in through HOW?

    Hi Sorry for the vague title, I have rain somehow get through and starts to seep down the plaster by my living room window My property is a flat roof terraced, it has hardly any brickwork because it has one whole length of wall between two columns of brick that separate me and my neighbours...
  15. M

    Wet patch around upvc door frame, help needed

    Hi all, I recently stripped some really old wallpaper from my kitchen and it is currently nearly all bare plaster Last night during the bad weather I noticed wet patches on the plaster around the door I have attached some photos to show. has anyone got any advice on how to fix as i dont want...
  16. L

    How to fill weathered lintel to remove water trap

    Hi all, My house has "stone" lintels over a number of the windows. I say "stone" as I think they may be man made as they are really soft and permeable and on one I think I can see concrete in the interior where it has weathered away. Anyway, they are useless and rain soaks through them so I am...
  17. swishy6

    Lead lined guttering

    Hi, Guttering question. My house is about 150 years old and the guttering is a trough built into the top of the wall. Stone tiles on the roof and the gutter doesn't protrude over the edge. I don't know what you call this system but it's lead lined and I don't think it's sound. The lead doesn't...
  18. B

    Flue Sheild?

    Is there a legal and gas safe weather shield that can be fitted in front of a horizontal flue pipe (fitted 2012) to stop wind blowing rain into the boiler housing? I have looked on-line, but can't seem to find an answer. Whenever the blowing rain hits within a certain arc I have to put a jug...