self leveling compound

  1. D

    How to level my fireplace?

    Hi there! I am relatively new to DIY and would appreciate some advice on how to level my fireplace. Currently the fireplace is lower than the floorboard (up to 3cm) , and I am planning to fill it with self levelling concrete/ compound to bring to the same level. However, I am not sure how I...
  2. S

    Liquid DPM -> then screed -> then self levelling compound

    I am in the process of converting my 8.5m x 3m garage into a home workshop. The floor is old concrete and dips ~25mm in the middle. My plan so far was: - fix up any cracks and dodgy bits in the current concrete floor - lay a liquid dpm - finish with a self levelling compound I spoke to...
  3. CCoomber

    Raise a concrete floor

    I have a concrete slab floor and I need to raise it by 2-3inches what would be the best way of doing this? Originally I was going to pour some concrete, however I have recently seen some self-levelling compounds which can pour to a depth of 2inches is this a viable option of are there negatives...
  4. R

    Can I...?

    I was wondering what I would do about a uneven plywood overboard would I be able to use self leveling compound ontop of the ply wood overboard. Would the adhesive stick I assume yes if it says it it will stick to concrete but... Could I just lay the vinyl straight onto the compound or would...
  5. J

    Self levelling compound question

    Hello all. I am planning to lay engineered floor in our bedroom but I need to prepare the existing sub-floor first. This is an old victorian house and existing floor is made of old pine floor-boards, which seem in good shape from a structural pov but does need flattening/leveling in places. My...
  6. S

    Self levelling compound on a shed floor

    I have a 3m x 3m Steeltech shed in the garden which has a concrete floor. Due to bad advice from the builder I sealed the floor with PVA. On dry days it does the job fine and keeps the dust down. However as PVA (I used Evo-Stik) is not waterproof, when it's raining the PVA sticks to my wet shoes...
  7. H

    Self Levelling Compound Barrier - Novice

    I need to level a concrete floor ready for laminate flooring. Previously tile and cement. Floor is 4.5mx3m. Never done this before and unsure how to deal with creating a barrier for the compound. I've attached diagram below but basically 4 sides: 1x patio doors (currently gap of 8mm...
  8. P

    Self Leveling over caberdeck/chipboard flooring

    Had bi folding doors installed earlier in year, pre COVID. We lifted the inside floor by installing a DPM, sandblinded to level, overlayed 100mm insulation then covered with 22mm caberdeck flooring. As the DPM covered the bottom of the door I didn't take a lot of notice as we installed the floor...
  9. ajmetro

    Self levelling compound over polyethylene paint

    Hello everyone, There is no mention specifically about SLC over polyethylene paints. The general consensus of leveling over paint is a no no as the adhesion is not there. I have a large area of floor that needs levelling out slightly to get rid of the ridges in the laid concrete. The concrete...