1. JD2012

    Anchor Brackets for Rhino Shelves Advice.

    I bought some Rhino Shelves a while ago for my bedroom for books. They are all level and built correctly but the seem to wobble. It was suggested to to me to buy some brackets to anchor them to the wall to stop this. I would need to drill holes in the shelves and then the concrete wall. Its...
  2. H

    Can anyone help identify my twin slot shelf bracket?

    Hi all. I recently moved house and am trying to get the study sorted. I have mounted the wall rails for some shelves I had in my old house, but unfortunately most of the shelf brackets were lost during the move. I've bought a few others online that are the same length (170mm) but none of them...
  3. K

    Floating shelf

    Hi folks. I bought a floating shelf with associated brackets to fix to a tiled wall in a shower room. I drilled and plugged for the brackets between tiles (ie: on the grout line) to avoid cracking any tiles. The rawlplugs and screws are substantial and the brackets, once in place, feel really...
  4. H

    Wall Mounted Weight Plates On Single Layer/Skin Brick Wall

    Hi, so I am assessing if my exterior garage/outbuilding can support the weight of a wall mounted weight plate storage rack (See picture two for the rack), there would be two racks both weighing at 80KG~ when plates are fully loaded at two spread-out locations as marked in red, photo 1. The wall...
  5. R

    Corner Utility Room Shelf - Battens or Brackets?

    Hi, I'm planning on installing 24mm thick X 800mm long X 300mm deep shelves in my utility room ( and have some questions about fixing. The long and short wall for the left shelves (1) are newly installed plasterboard...
  6. C

    Shelving Strength Q’s

    Currently looking at embarking on a first ‘ground up’ DIY project (not too complicated for my first one) which involves construction of some bespoke cabinets and shelving in a little alcove we’ve got. Focusing on the shelving, my plan currently is to have three levels of single piece 1 1/2”...
  7. L

    Help identifying type of plasterboards

    Hi all. I'm planning to put up some shelves on walls with plasterboards. I've already done that on another wall, a perimetral one made up as 12mm boards - cavity - bricks. I drilled a couple of exploration holes into an internal wall (in spots where the wall was sounding hollow), and it seems...
  8. D

    Shelving Covers (Using acrylic panels)

    Hi, looking for some advice or ideas to make a project I have in mind come to life. I am looking to add clear acrylic covers to the shelving I have attached an image of below. Purpose: cover the fronts of my shelving to stop dust gathering on my ornaments, while also looking aesthetically like a...
  9. T

    Garage Storage

    Hi all, I'm looking to replace my existing shelving unit with a newer bigger version, and wondered if there were recommendations for items to look at - it's a reasonable size I have to fill, so anything around 1800mm x 1200mm x 60mm would fit. Doesn't need to hold massive weight. Prefer a...
  10. P

    Hanging 5kg shelf on plasterboard - Metal studs

    Hi all, hope this is the right place for this.. but I was hoping I could get some help. Im fixing two 5kg shelves (string pocket shelves) to the plasterboard wall in my kitchen. It's a new build flat and as I've found out today - the studs are metal. I wat going to use grip-it fixings for...
  11. V

    Fixing dresser to wall

    IMG_20161030_094719 by voteforpedro posted 30 Oct 2016 at 9:51 AM I want to fix the shelves above to an internal brick wall in our kitchen. It has no fixing points. It will be free hanging and will be holding mostly jars full of food stuffs. It measures 116x111x19 cm approx and is constructed...
  12. P

    Shelving with Plasterboard??

    Hi everyone! I just wanted ask whether instead of using MDF for shelf cladding, I could use plasterboard cut to size and screwed onto the wooden frame? I think it might work, but this is my first big DIY project. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  13. I

    Shelving advice for stud wall

    I would like to put a couple of shelves on a stud wall to support approximately 12kg of weight (an electronic keyboard plus a few musical effects units). I wanted to use an upright & bracket style of shelf, with a small pair of uprights and the 2 shelves approximately 30cm apart vertically. The...