silicone sealant

  1. E

    Remove shower frame to replace tile or attempt to seal up cracked tile?

    Hi guys I've recently noticed a hairline crack in the tile of my quadrant shower cubicle, which is unfortunately behind the cubicle frame which means that if I want to fix it properly, I'll need to dismantle the whole shower. I'm not sure if it is a recent crack caused by a little un (or even...
  2. T

    Hard wax oil and silicon sealant

    Hi all I'm about to do the corner joints and sink/hob cutouts on my new solid walnut worktops. They'll be hard wax oiled, that seems to be what is best these days. Is it best to wax the jointed surfaces before siliconing them? Will that stop the silicon adhering properly? Similarly for the...
  3. B

    Sealing a shower cubicle

    One side of my shower cubicle has a slight leak through the silicone sealant. This has also gunged up with a brown fungus. I need to clear it out to reseal it and I'm going to have a go at doing it myself. What's the best way to get the old sealant out? (See pictures)
  4. A

    Shower Door Install

    Hello all, In the process of fitting a shower door onto a square raised shower tray for an alcove shower and would like some advice please. The shower tray has been sealed with silicone on the 3 sides already. When putting the shower door jamb to the wall and resting it onto the surface of...
  5. JimDogweed

    Best sealant for sealing outside of door frame

    We have a small gap (worse on the left side) running around the door frame of our 1900 terraced house. The frame is wood. What's the best type of sealant to fill this gap? Would an outdoor silicone sealant like this be best...
  6. P

    Sealing skirted bathtub

    There are plenty of tutorials for sealing/caulking bathtubs. However, my bathtub has a kind of skirting around its edge, as in picture: How do I go about that? Should I caulk both edges? I plan to use standard silicone, would that be good for both? Is there any particular I should keep in mind...
  7. A

    What type of silicone to use for UPVc windows

    I have some UPVc windows where the silicone seal around the edges has got mould. Trying to wipe it off doesn't make any difference so I want to know what type of silicone seal do i need to replace it. Is this the same stuff as your standard bathroom silicone seal or is it some special stuff for...
  8. A

    Decorator caulk or silicone around wallpaper?

    Hi, I want to tidy up the joint between where wallpaper meets a timber window frame. Not sure what product I should use. Would acrylic decorators caulk be ok or should I use silicone and if so is there any recommended brands e.g painters mate? Also around this join i.e between the window frame...
  9. Careful_Bodger

    Removing hard 'sealant' (possibly adhesive) from uPVC window frames??

    I am trying to clean some uPVC window frames, but the internal corners have been finished with something that does not seem to be silicone. It is quite hard but comes away with scratching, which I don't really want to do. Whatever it is, it is thin with no significant depth. Any thoughts on...
  10. G

    Draft Proofing Metal Windows?

    Hi, I have some old metal windows (similar to Crittal windows), and I want to draft proof them. The opening casements I think could be draft proofed. Initially I tried a draft excluding foam strip, but this has put a lot of pressure on the handles, some of which are now broken. I contacted a...
  11. MarkSmith

    Create a bed of silicone without it sticking

    Hi, Apologies if this is the wrong forum - I'll repost in a different section if there is a more appropriate option. I am fitting a wall-hung basin to a tiled wall. It rocks very slightly due to either the basin or the wall not being perfectly flat. I am concerned this means that pressure is...
  12. KevinRussell

    Chemical Cure for Silicone Sealant?

    Hi A few years ago we had a uPVC Conservatory fitted. The guy who put the uPVC window cills on sealed around the edge and then I am sure he used a chemical on a cloth to harden the sealant, The cills have since settled and I need to redo them - I'd like to harden them off again rather that...