1. eveares

    Socket to close to Sink?

    Just wondering what the regulations were for how close a socket could be to a sink in the year 2000. The photo below is from a kitchen at a commercial office building that was likley built around the year 2000, the edge of the socket is only about 100mm-150mm away from the edge of the sink ...
  2. B

    Kitchen tap cold water pressure too high.

    My kitchen tap had a little wire mesh aerator/filter thing fitted to it (inside the nozzle) but it made the water flow too "smooth" and silent. I couldn't hear the hot water running and I was afraid that I would let sink overflow so I removed it and discarded it. I am now finding that the cold...
  3. D

    Mixer tap hot water temperature

    Our bath has a mixer tap and when turned on sometimes when the tap is set to be fully hot the water is warm but not hot. If we turn off the bath tap and run the hot sink tap in our bathroom we get steaming hot water. If we then turn off the sink tap and turn on the bath tap again we now get...
  4. F

    Help with a drain question?

    Hi all, Our kitchen sink drains directly into an outside drain, via a plastic pipe that stops just above the drain grille (pictured). Since we moved in about 6 months ago, each time the sink drains then water escapes over the patio and appears to be soaking through the cracks, and we're...
  5. M

    Slow Draining Bathroom Sink

    Hi all. I'm having a bit of a problem with my bathroom sink. Basically it is very slow draining, and takes up to a minute to drain a few centimetres of water. Obviously I assumed there was a blockage so used drain cleaner and a snake to try and clean it. This didn't work so I removed the p-trap...
  6. swisscheese

    Complex (and problematic) plumbing under sink

    About 10 years ago, we had our kitchen redone. Under our kitchen sink (see photos attached), the following are connected: - waste from the double sink - dishwasher waste - washing machine waste - condensation from the tumble dryer (small white tube coming down from the top) (+ connections for...
  7. TedTrippin

    Remove toilet, screed, add washing machine and sink and toilet

    Hi, I have a toilet with drain in the floor. I want to screed the floor, raising it about 100mm, and add a new toilet, sink and washing machine trap. My first thought was to get an extender that will be buried in the screed. This would then join a 90 degree pan connector with boss, to connect...
  8. K

    Kitchen sink waste pipe

    Hi, Sorry if this is obvious, but I have read the Wiki and the FAQ and can't find an answer. The last trap (there are two after the pipe) at the end of my sink waste pipe has came away from the outlet at the wall. It looks like the trap doesn't quite reach the outlet far enough to fit tight...
  9. M

    Bathroom sink mixer tap washer replacement

    I have a mixer tap for my bathroom sink which is dripping about 1litre overnight. Happy to change the tap washer if possible, but don't know how to access it on the style of tap I have inherited from the previous owner. Can anyone help identify or do I need to replace the whole tap? Will post a...
  10. P

    Replace Marley kitchen sink waste trap

    I am trying to replace the waste trap beneath my kitchen sink. The old, broken one is labelled : Marley Extrusions 11/2 / 40 PP BS3943 I cannot find this brand anywhere. I showed the old trap to the local plumbing merchants and they sold me a McAlpine trap, saying it should definitely fit...
  11. C

    Under sink tap leak

    Hello All I have a leak under my kitchen sink from a pipe leading from the tap, the water seems to be pushing up out of the top bolt as in the photo below. IMG_20151129_092359 by Cs1 posted 29 Nov 2015 at 9:42 AM Is it a simple case of tightening?
  12. V

    Long sink waste pipe run

    Hi, I'm slowly renovating an old cottage in the UK and want to switch the lounge into kitchen, and vice versa. I want to place the sink, and a dishwasher next to it, as shown on the image attached. My problem is getting the waste water away over a long distance with inconvenient doors in the...