1. E

    Blocked Double / 1&1/2 sink water trap

    Hi all! I've recently moved and the home I moved into has a kitchen sink with a 1&1/2 bowl kitchen sink. I have a 1&1/2 kitchen sink bowl. The 1/2 sink waste is completely blocked and doesn't drain at all. The full sink bowl runs with no problem whatsoever. I've removed all the pipes from...
  2. bettz1

    Replace Old Kitchen sink

    Any idea what would be the best way to replace the old sink with a new modern black sink? At the moment the old sink is just siliconed on at the sides and back and it looks like its...
  3. A

    Sink Waste (1 & Half)

    Hi everyone, I am struggling to find a waste that is similar to the current one I have. As you can see main bowl is quite standard but the small half sink is hard to find. Any ideas? I have a Wickes and Screwfix close by. Andy
  4. M

    What material to use for sink surround (to be tiled.

    I’ve been renovating our guest room and have built a vanity unit for a small sink in the corner of the room. there is a small work surface which fits around the sink (100mm at its widest) which I plan to tile with small mosaic tiles. The sink will only get occasional use but the surface will...
  5. C

    Installing Worktop Around Belfast Sink

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but hoping you can offer some help. We're currently coming towards the end of our kitchen refurb and about to have our worktop installed. The worktop is not being fitted by the same company as who installed our kitchen units and appliances. The worktop fitters have...
  6. S

    How to repair small hole in stainless steel sink

    Managed to get a small hole in the kitchen sink (see photo), which is leaking underneath. Unfortunately the sink can't be easily replaced as it's fully integrated within a granite worktop. Just wondering what's the best way to repair this? Would applying plumbers mait underneath the hole keep...
  7. D

    Are old style 1000 base units still available (without legs/plinth etc)

    My last sinkwas a sit-on from Wickes with an old style all-in-one 1000 base (no legs/plinth etc). I didn't realise it at the time but it was better suited to my requirements than a sink recessed into a MFC worktop. It got old so I bought another sit-on and now I can't source an all-in-one base...
  8. D

    40mm void at rear of sink base unit - seriously? WTF!

    I've been looking online at a new sink base unit that's listed as having a 40mm void to it's rear? Is it 40mm, or is it actually larger in order to accommodate the compression connections etc? My existing sink waste pipe is slightly over 40mm anyway, with the various connectors being...
  9. D

    Fit Cooke & Lewis sink base.

    I have to fit a 1000x600 sink base for a left hand drainer so the copper will need altering (including the removal of the hot washing machine supply!) Presumably I need to bring the risers so far up the wall so far and then switch to flexis? Approx how far up the wall should I bring the risers...
  10. D

    Required - Kitchen base units etc - olde style (no carcass)

    Is it possible to get good quality old style all-in-one kitchen base units, but on legs (no carcass, or separate end panels). I'd like to drop a sit-on sink into a 1000x600 base, and I need a 500 wide drawers unit, both on legs...? A few new wall cabinets would be good too, if I can find...
  11. D

    Are roll front and square edge worktops different depths?

    If a 600 deep (30thk) worktop or sit-on sink have a roll front, then this means that they actually measure up as 615 deep, because of the radius, right? Thank you, Dain
  12. Sappy73

    Fitting an electric shower in a detached garage

    hi all, We have a detached garage which I want to install an electric shower to wash the dogs in using a huge (old school art room) Belfast sink which we are putting in. Grey water is sorted as going into nearby drain. We have installed 25mm mdpe pipe 800mm underground insulated in 110mm pipe...
  13. bettz1

    Securing wash basin & toilet into floor

    Hi we've just had out bathroom floors tiled in porcelain tiles. I'm about to put the toilet back on and the washbasin,tilers mentioned that I'd get away without having to drill the toilet down and washbasin and that silicone will hold it secure? I plan to secure the sink to the wall as it's...
  14. M

    External Waste Pipe leak for the kitchen sink. Opinions on possible solution / tips / advice.

    Hi Guys, Wondered if you could all help me please regarding my kitchen sinks external weld waste pipe. Six years ago had an extension done on the home, though in the last 2 years my kitchens external drain waste pipe has been leaking a little from the outside on the wall. Could anyone advise...
  15. N

    Running 3m kitchen waste - what diameter

    Hi - I am installing new kitchen and changing position of sink. Access to soil pipe is 3m from sink and will run behind units with one 90 degree bend. At end of run just before soil path the waste will pick up washing machine and dishwasher waste. Would 40mm pipe be sufficient with...
  16. L

    Sink leaking and pipe not blocked off

    Hi I have just had a flood in my kitchen where I let the water go from my sink as usual after washing up and it came pouring out an unblocked pipe under the sink. This has never happened before and we have lived here 2 years! Firstly any tips on how to block off or connect the open pipe to...
  17. C

    Sink waste Thread Size

    I'm installing a new sink in our kitchen, and am at the stage of installing the waste pipe work. The threads that connect the pipework to the sink waste, are they all the same size? I ask as p traps come in 32-38-40mm sizes. I am assuming this is just the connecting pipe OD size and doesn't...
  18. R

    Is it normal to not use flexible hoses under sinks?

    The plumber has used flexible hoses to connect up the taps everywhere else, but not for the downstairs WC sink. Is this normal? 20170514_194959 by r_c posted 16 May 2017 at 12:17 AM
  19. Michael lee

    Kitchen Sink Pipes

    Hi, can anyone help. Our kitchen sink pipes have been leaking for a week, we've isolated the leak to the right side. There is a pipe without what I'd image should be a screwed on end piece ? (I will attach a picture), we've placed a bucket under the leak temporarily. FYI, I'm not much of a diy...
  20. G

    OneShot drain clear in pipes

    I have recently bought some OneShot instant drain cleaner and am a bit worried about it damaging my plastic pipes especially downpipes etc. Will all be OK as long as I follow the instructions? Thanks