1. F

    Pop up sink plug damaged - how to fix?

    After unblocking the bathroom sink (long story) it appears that whilst unscrewing the pop-up plug, the bracket holding it in place had snapped off. Please see photos below. What options do I have to replace or fix this issue? Are we talking about a brand new sink?? :eek: I know getting a...
  2. JD2012

    Kitchen Mixer Tap Problem

    I have a problem with the Mixer Tap in my Kitchen. The Cold Tap seems to be slipping and won't turn off with a single turn. Is this just a washer that needs replacing or do I need a whole new tap? If its just a washer how do I open the tap? I have done this years ago but forgot what I did lol...
  3. T

    Attaching sink to plasterboard wall. Is this the wrong wall plug?

    Hello. I purchased a new sink online and plan to fit it tomorrow. It will be put on a plasterboard wall, but the fittings it arrived with look wrong. I have attached an image of what it came with, but there were zero instructions included. Is this type of fitting for a masonary wall? If it...
  4. O

    Where to run my Waste pipe kitchen sink

    Hi, I’m wondering what the best course of action is for running my waste from my new kitchen location. I’ll add a photo so it makes more sense but my waste and everything is on the right hand side and I’m moving my kitchen to the party wall side but I need waste for the kitchen sink and the...
  5. DannyDyer

    How do I get this tap off?

    I got this far… i think the number inside is k937a01 But Google didn’t offer much help. There’s no other screws, bolts or pieces of gum holding it on that I can find. I’ve tried pulling on it, tapping it with a hammer and asking it nicely. But this thing just won’t come off. No brand on the...
  6. K

    Convert downstairs bathroom back to utility?

    Hi all I am wanting to convert our downstairs bathroom (previous owners had council conversion due to immobility) back to a utility room. It has a kind of wet room floor and a large double shower tray that was in a walk in shower. The shower has been removed and for a quick fix we had our...
  7. C

    Sink popper won't work when stopper is on?

    Hi all, My sink popper will happily go up and down all day long with the cover bit taken off of it - however when the cover top is put on it goes down and stays down (needs to be pryed up) Images below if someone is able to diagnose this and let me know how to fix or suggest the name of the...
  8. M

    How do you remove this tile?

    Hello, I had an issue with my bathroom below the sink and an engineer removed a tile long time ago. It's empty behind this tile, it's not a wall, just the sink and the pipes. As you can see on the photo, he didn't fix around the tile when he put it back, we can still clearly see the cuts he...
  9. R

    Bulky pipe under sink

    Hello everyone, We will be installing a new kitchen and would like to simplify somehow the piping under the sink (see attached pic for what we currently have). The brass pipe in the pic controls the water in the house and also an outdoor tap, but it's very bulky and takes up most of the space...
  10. K

    1.5 bowl sink waste too low?

    We are in the process of installing a new kitchen, and we've hit a problem with the sink. Everything has been replaced, so it's new units & worktops with a 1.5 bowl ceramic top mount sink which has replaced a metal 1 bowl sink. We bought a new waste to fit the 1.5 bowl but when we fitted it...
  11. SinkyWinky

    Sink slow drain, washing machine backing up too

    Hope you've all had a merry Christmas, I appreciate anyone taking the time to reply. Newly renovated property, I'm a tenant looking to get a headstart on diagnosing the issue before approaching my landlord. Water has never drained quickly since moving in over a week ago. I cleaned the trap out...
  12. J

    Bath hot tap flow

    Hi, hoping someone can make sense of my problem and point me in the right direction. The hot tap flow on my bath mixer increases if I turn on the bathroom sink hot water tap, close the sink tap and flow decreases again. The bath tap supply comes straight from the combi boiler and the sink taps...
  13. A

    tweeny food disposers-reset button not working (Pic attached)

    hi ive got the Tweeny Chelsea disposer and after removing some glass from the unit have turned it back on.nothing but a humming sound. pressed the reset button,but no obvious click from the button,and unit wont come on again. is there some trick to get the reset button to engage? Thanks A
  14. D

    Proposed sink proximity to combi?

    Am sorting my zonally challenged bathroom, the more learned of you may notice certain issues.. That bath is coming out, new bath position rotated 90% to to run along left wall with taps at exernal wall end, to left of window. With shower screen. The waste water outlet is below that window...
  15. D

    Positioning of pull cord switch

    There's either a sink or a bath either side of the bathroom door. Could I put a pull cord switch above the sink? Thank you Dain
  16. L

    Smelly drains - advice please

    Hi all, Looking for advice regarding an intermittent sewer/drain smell in our kitchen that we can't get rid of please! We have a 12 year old townhouse and over the last few weeks have had an intermittent smell in the kitchen coming from the sink and the part open top back of the kitchen lower...
  17. L

    Is the kitchen waste outlet pipe too high?

    Hi, I've just moved onto a new place and the wager drainage is very slow. Underneath the sink, it looks like the water has to push a lot of water above it to get out. It goes down from the sink, then into a u bend before going upwards through a flexible pipe to the outside. Is this too far to...
  18. robodelfy

    Water and waste coming through plasterboard?

    I'm running my water feeds for toilet and sink into the wall cavity. Then I plan to pop them out of the wall to connect. I will be using plastic push fit 15mm pipes inside the wall. What should I do when coming out of the wall. I guess I will need an isolating valve as soon as it comes through...
  19. E

    Blocked Double / 1&1/2 sink water trap

    Hi all! I've recently moved and the home I moved into has a kitchen sink with a 1&1/2 bowl kitchen sink. I have a 1&1/2 kitchen sink bowl. The 1/2 sink waste is completely blocked and doesn't drain at all. The full sink bowl runs with no problem whatsoever. I've removed all the pipes from...
  20. bettz1

    Replace Old Kitchen sink

    Any idea what would be the best way to replace the old sink with a new modern black sink? At the moment the old sink is just siliconed on at the sides and back and it looks like its...