skirting board

  1. D

    Skirting around a rounded exterior angle

    Hey folks looking for any ideas on this one. I’ve got a rounded corner leading to a bay window I need to skirt around. I’ve tried to create the bend with kerf cuts, but I think it’s too tight and honestly this skirting is a bit thin at the top for it. Kept snapping. So I’m thinking i may have...
  2. L

    Poorly installed skirting by flooring company - who's in the right?

    We recently had our entire 1 bed flat re-floored with engineered wood. Part of the quote included the installation of skirting boards, with the caveat that this would not include decorating & finishing. However, we are appalled with the final results. We have been doing most of the reno work...
  3. N

    Replacing rotten skirting

    So I recently removed some skirting board in my lounge to run a cable up the wall the house is 100+y/o with concrete floors more recently added I would assume anyhow when I removed it one end of the board crumbled in my hand now I have a replacement but was wondering if there's anything I can...
  4. A

    Void behind skirting - how to fix?

    Hi, We’ve recently removed an electric fire place. The previous owner used trunking in place of skirting board (see photo) to run cables through. We are going to remove trucking and cables (using an electrician!) and put skirting board back. However, I need to fill the gap left behind from the...
  5. E

    Internal skirt removed to brick

    I've recently had an issue with damp next to a party wall where we had a unit pushed up to it. We're fairly certain now it was condensation / lack of air movement. Neighbour has no problems on their side. The skirting board was rotten, so I've taken it out and was surprised to find a second...
  6. E

    Damp and rotting skirting board

    Hope this is the right forum category for this, apologies if not. Long story short... we had a shelving unit pushed up against a wall in the living room of the house, it's been there between one and two years. Moved it away recently and found a damp patch on the carpet around 1.5 ft long by 1...
  7. W

    Skirting around bricks. Angles and Mitre Box - Confused!?! (Picture inside)

    Really confused about what angles and how I cut the skirting architraves. :unsure: I have probably the simplest Mitre box from Screwfix, and for some reason, cutting the angles doesn't seem to overlap at all. Youtube videos haven't helped. I am quite possibly being very daft and missing the...
  8. D

    DIY MDF Skirting

    This is an attempt at homemade MDF Skirting. It's the moisture proof MDF that my husband cut himself. I've tried to prime and paint them but was left with a rough finish. The photo shows where I have tested by sanding with sanding machine and painted one coat of satinwood. Even though I've...
  9. F

    1 inch gap between wall and toilet - skirting board

    Hi, We have had this toilet installed, but there is skirting board around the room. I was expecting the toilet to sit flush against the wall, but I didn't even think to ask about the skirting board. Is cutting the skirting board where the toilet will be considered best practice? Is there a...
  10. P

    Unsual Torus Skirting Board Variety

    Hi all I need to replace a long length of skirting board in my lounge but I'm struggling to find the correct type. It looks like Torus but nothing close to what is available. Has anyone come across this type before? Thanks all
  11. A

    Oil based undercoat and oil based egg shell for woodwork

    Hi, I have painted one coat of oil based undercoat on skiritings and architraves and was going to paint two coats off oil based egg shell. Is it ok to use oil based egg shell over oil based undercoat? thanks Ant
  12. R

    What caused this bumpy texture ?

    So I had some MDF skirting and architraves refitted and painted as part of an insurance job and I think they rushed the painting - the skirting and architraves are painted with dulux satinwood in grey, and they have a visible bumpy texture. I think maybe they sprayed an undercoat over...
  13. A

    Which order to paint walls, skirts and caulk

    I've had some new skirting fitted and I need to caulk the top edge against the wall as some quite wide gaps exposed. My intention is to use clear varnish on the skirting and a white silk emulsion on the walls. Which order do I paint and caulk the walls and skirting. Do I apply the varnish to...
  14. E

    Run skirting down stairs?

    When our house was built they finished the stairs really poorly! They seem to be slightly twisted so there are massive gaps in places between the stairs and the wall. It was covered by a flat bit of timber that looked awful. We’ve taken that off and are now trying to figure out how to create a...
  15. R

    Skirting mitres out…

    Hi, just in the process of fitting some new skirting board to my Victorian terraced property. The walls are slightly out (as to be expected!), and I’ve had to fix new battens below the plaster line to attach the skirting to. I’m having an issue with joining the skirting at one end with a...
  16. Elszeus

    Removing Brick Tiled Skirting Board

    Renovating a 1950s house, and behind the kitchen cabinets seems to be this Brick tiles skirting board. It looks to be dot and dabbed to the brick directly, so am I okay to remove it? I just dont need the skirting as its too high for the plinth of the new kitchen units.
  17. H

    Trying to identify this skirting board?

    We are trying to do up the office space and having pulled out the old desk we have found that the previous owners either removed the skirting board or didn't add it in? I'm struggling to identify what type of skirting board this is? Does anyone know?
  18. O

    Plastering over the gaps behind the skirting?

    Hi all, need some quick advice. After taking the skirting board off, I've been left with 6 inch tall gaps. Which is fine, my plan was just to fill it up from floor to wall (with a 20mm gap of course). But that's not the major issue, in one of the pictures, under the window a fairly large chunk...
  19. A

    Staircase skirting edge to plasterboard

    Hi folks, Bear with me as I try to describe this as best as I can, pictures paint a thousand words though so please see those too! In a relatively new build (5yrs old, housebuilder was junk, lots of issues) and it's time to tackle the gaps appearing between the wooden 'large' skirting that...
  20. H

    Conflicting information - Filling

    Hello, I’m about to start some light renovation work which includes filling settlement cracks and gaps in a new build and I’m looking for the correct products for the job. I’ve watched quite a few videos and read a few threads but still confused as to which filler is best. I know everyone has...