1. D

    Skirting around a rounded exterior angle

    Hey folks looking for any ideas on this one. I’ve got a rounded corner leading to a bay window I need to skirt around. I’ve tried to create the bend with kerf cuts, but I think it’s too tight and honestly this skirting is a bit thin at the top for it. Kept snapping. So I’m thinking i may have...
  2. L

    Poorly installed skirting by flooring company - who's in the right?

    We recently had our entire 1 bed flat re-floored with engineered wood. Part of the quote included the installation of skirting boards, with the caveat that this would not include decorating & finishing. However, we are appalled with the final results. We have been doing most of the reno work...
  3. goldielocks

    Black gloss on top of Zinsser Bin applied to skirting/trim

    Hi Plan on Zinsser Binning my really old (11 years+) white glossed moulded skirting & then hopefully some black gloss on top. Being a noob i have only gone and bought Dulux WB Quick Dry Gloss & have seen many comments about how crappy it is. Should i get rid of the dulux and go oil based...
  4. S

    Matching Skirting Boards

    Hi all, this is my first post and was hoping someone can help. I have to replace some existing skirting boards due to some work being done on parts of a couple of rooms. The current skirting boards are the Torus variety but the problem I am having is there seems to be a number of variations and...
  5. R

    How to fill this gap between timbers?

    There is a 5mm gap between the bottom of a stringer and the skirting. What can I fill the gap with? Can I put some foam in and then easifill? Or is this a caulk job…
  6. E

    Run skirting down stairs?

    When our house was built they finished the stairs really poorly! They seem to be slightly twisted so there are massive gaps in places between the stairs and the wall. It was covered by a flat bit of timber that looked awful. We’ve taken that off and are now trying to figure out how to create a...
  7. N

    Latest and best trends for skirting?

    Hi all, Got to do the entire house (4 bed + loft), what's in and what's out? No budget in mind. Thanks
  8. B

    Floorboard gaps under carpet query!

    Not long before we have a carpet fitted (with underlay) in our front bedroom once plastering and decorating completed - normal floorboards with a small void (where you can see some dust, debris and wiring) between this room and the lounge underneath. Does anyone know if you need to 'fill' gaps...
  9. C

    Advise on scribing bullnose/pencil round skirting please - see picture

    Hi can someone please advise on best way to scribe this type of skirting. It is similar to bullnose/pencil round. I have seen videos on how to scribe various profiles but the small curve at the top is so close to the edge I am not sure how this would work? Also I am assuming i don't need to...
  10. D

    Floor tiles 1st?

    Do floor tiles go down before wall tiles go on? Are there skirting tiles? Is there any other type of skirting to tidy up the floor edges/btm of tiling, than standard wood/mdf?
  11. H

    Help! Can I notch this stair stringer and replace with Skirting?

    Hi, I’ve been a long time follower of the forum but have been moved to post for the first time after encountering some frustrating issues with the staircase in our new house. The house was built circa 1905 and wall on the left hand side of the stair was either built wonky or has moved in the...
  12. R

    skirting board profile

    hi anyone able to assist me in matching this skirting board to a profile? need to get a few lengths but not having much luck matching it?? thanks
  13. robodelfy

    Skirting boards not fixed properly at bottom?

    Hi I'm about to paint all the woodwork in my lounge. All the skirting appears to be fixed about two thirds of the way up each board, but I can push the bottom in about 10mm And then this of course means the top comes apart and cracks the paint/caulk. And it just feels bad! Is there a way to...
  14. B

    Chips / Flaking in Lead Paintwork - Advice Needed!

    Hi, I have a mid 1940s house so am assuming that the wooden skirtings, door frames etc are likely to contain lead... Should I be worried that many areas have chips exposing bare wood underneath and a few areas are flaky, potentially exposing my family to lead? (I used to think that as long as...
  15. Pie&Chips

    What to repair this black layer with?

    Hi all, I have taken the skirtings off a late 60s/early 70s building and in some areas there was damage caused by the nails as seen in the picture. I am filling these with a rapid set cement based mortar. The question I have is that there is a smooth, rubbery feeling black coating that...
  16. robodelfy

    Skirting board questions...

    Hi, I just ripped off the old skirting in my kitchen ready for flooring. I was surprised that there was such a gap behind to the brickwork. Is there a reason for this gap? I also see some holes in the bricks. I'm just wondering if I should render and plaster before putting new skirting on so...
  17. N

    Gap between skirting floor and wooden floor

    I've installed this new floor and used acoustic underlay (mutemat-3) and plywood below the wooden floor. The floorboards weren't changed and are quite old and crooked (in retrospect I should have changed them but wasn't guided to do so). Also, perimeter strip (a foamy strip) has been installed...
  18. S

    Strange hooks behind skirting boards

    Hi, In this lockdown I decided to replace the carpet near the downstairs cloark room with a laminate floor. For that, I thought it'll be easy to get rid of the old skirting boards and put in new ones, I like them better them putting trims. However, taking out one of the skirting boards, it took...
  19. J

    Removing old pine skirting without damaging the wall. HELP

    Hi Everyone I'm removing my old pine skirting as part of the renovation but this is proving to be very difficult and making a lot of damage to the wall. Basically the skirting is screwed with plugs on some point and very strong nails on others. Using chisel and crowbar but when pulling the...
  20. P

    Sealing skirted bathtub

    There are plenty of tutorials for sealing/caulking bathtubs. However, my bathtub has a kind of skirting around its edge, as in picture: How do I go about that? Should I caulk both edges? I plan to use standard silicone, would that be good for both? Is there any particular I should keep in mind...