1. S

    Towel Rail Valve Fitting

    Ignorant question time: Speedfit 10mm pipe will be coming out of a block wall that will be ultimately tiled and the wall-to-centre measurement for the towel rail is 57mm - 65mm. I’m thinking of using corner valves, with (2-piece) 15-to-10mm adaptors. My uncertainty, and hence question, is the...
  2. S

    Channelled pipes for towel rail

    In the middle of a bathroom refurb and need to replace existing radiator with a towel rail, but I am uncertain on the best approach to take. My first idea was to use the original (channelled) pipework along with (additional) chrome pipe and fittings, to compensate for the new position of the...
  3. S

    Speedfit with iso-valves

    I note on John guest’s website that they state that their connectors can be used with compression joints as long as they are not shallow depth. It’s a a subjective statement and I’m not sure whether it will be OK in my scenario with the iso-valve i have purchased. The attached pictures show...
  4. S

    Speedfit fittings and copper pipe issue relating to verdigris

    Realise this is an odd question, but I was searching around on the Internet today and I came across a comment from a plumber discussing verdigris caused by the teeth on Speedfit fittings; they are there if you look very closely! He reckoned it wasn’t that uncommon and provided pictorial...
  5. S

    Best method for plumbing a towel rail

    I have removed a rad from the bathroom that was fed from 10mm plastic pipe (see attached pic), which had been chased into the wall; I dread to think how deep they went! I now need to move the pipes higher up the wall for the replacement towel rail and my query relates to the best way to do this...
  6. R

    Best way to do 4x 22mm holes in masonry

    I'm delivering water feeds (via Speedfit 22mm) for a newly installed unvented cylinder in a cellar under the front sitting room to a utility room in the back of the house also on the ground floor. This will involve four separate 22mm feeds (cold supply, hot return, and supply/return for...
  7. G

    Does this speedfix need straightening ?

    Hi, I've got some speedfix joints that don't look very straight, I'm wondering whether that might put too much pressure on the fittings , maybe I need to straighten them out somehow ? Thanks
  8. A

    Speedfit Stop End

    Disconnecting my bath tomorrow ready to install a shower enclosure. Will a 22mm speedfit Stop end seal an imperial pipe? Will be for a week or so until I get to sorting the birds nest of pipework.
  9. M

    Pushfit mix and match - conflicting advice

    So floplast are changing their hot and cold pushfit fittings it seems and so screwfix have stopped selling them and are running down old stock. A PITA since I have a project on the go which has used floplast. I have reels of pipe but needed some more fittings for next stage - no joy. Hence I...
  10. G

    water under floor could be speedfit ?

    Hi, I have a deep puddle of water under my floorboards. I can hear a drip in the direction of a certain speedfit pipe, but cant see it as theres a supporting foundation wall. Is there a specific way of attaching a new pipe and pulling it through the twists and turns ? its not protected in...
  11. G

    Is speedfit safe ? Looks loose

    hi I bought a house with speedfit plumbing , mainly their pipe , few compression fittings used too. Not sure how old it is I noticed on all the fittings the threads we’re slightly loose. They weren’t leaking, but are they just working loose from slight vibration of the water flow ? And are...
  12. O

    Insulating Pushfit pipe

    Specifically, insulating joints. 15mm cold and hot pipes clipped to a board fixed to the rafters in a roof space above 80mm of Celotex. Which is working very well cos it is very cold up there. I lagged the pipes when I put them in (out of habit) but couldn't find any neat way of lagging the...
  13. G

    Copper or plastic pipe with speedfit fittings?

    Hi I'm rerouting CH pipework to a new rad. I can solder but its a very tight space in a floor so going to use JG speedfit fittings. Is it better to use copper pipe or JG plastic pipe? Cheers.
  14. C

    Leaking pipes - Speedfit fittings? problems caused by hot weather?

    Morning all, I got home last night and noticed a slightly wet ceiling with water dripping from a fairly new extension (built and plumbed about 6 months ago) - had a look upstairs and couldn't see anything obvious (room above is a (second) bathroom) - no water has been used in this bathroom...
  15. eveares

    Pull cord fused spur - Does such a thing exist?

    One of family members lives in a council flat, and in the bathroom there is a extractor fan what is always on, what has a pull cord to toggle between the low speed trickle and high speed modes. Now there is a unswitched fused spur in the corner of the bathroom wall labelled fan, what I assume...
  16. G

    Speedfit elbows or cold forming bend....

    im moving some rads and am undecided whether to use elbows or cold forming bends (cfb's). Most people seem to use elbows but it seems preferable to use cfb's for a better flow. Anyone experience of cfb's and their long term reliability?