1. G

    Electric installation - is this right?

    Dear Professionals I am not an electrician, nor am I about to undertake a project myself. But have some knowledge and I am concerned about an installation that’s been completed for my elderly mother. This installation is in readiness for a stair lift. The closest power available to tap into is...
  2. P

    is wiring on cooker switch separate

    Hi, got this ugly thing on the wall needs to be moved. My Q, would anyone familiar with these know if there are 2 sets of wires to each switch inside. We would hope to have a cooker switch separate and underneath the worktop have a plug switch for washing machine. I could have new equivalent...
  3. S

    Tracing / fixing a damaged spur

    Hello, We live in a late-90s townhouse. One of the bedrooms on the top floor has 3 sockets. One of them has never worked. This never bothered us before because it was behind some immovable wardrobes but we’ve now got rid of them and I would like to put it into service. This socket is a spur...
  4. J

    Number of spurs from kitchen ring main.

    Hello! I've tried searching for this but keep getting unhelpful answers. Is their a maximum number of spurs I can run off an actual ring main circuit cable, using a junction box? I know I can run one spur off each socket, but I'd like to run them direct from the ring main cable as its closer...
  5. Moonhead

    Cooker socket- multiple spurs?

    Currently, I have a socket for my gas cooker that has another socket spurred off it for my under counter fridge. A little like the attached image of mine, but without the dual outlet plate and just spurring straight off the back of the socket under the counter. I plan on putting some eBay LED...
  6. CrazeUK

    Running a 4 gang off a spur

    Hi all. I have an area of the kitchen with no work surface and no electric supply. I want to make this area usable and move the coffee machine (1kw, assuming 4.5amps) and baby steriliser (600w assuming 3amps) to that area without making huge modifications to the electrics. The current kitchen...
  7. A

    Spur a outdoor heater from an outdoor light

    Hi, I want to attach a heater on the external wall to provide some warmth when sat on a bench we have. We current have two outdoor lights that run off mains and turn on when motion is detected, about a meter from where i would like the heater to go. My question is, can i take a spur off the...
  8. C

    Extra socket in shed

    Hello Everyone, I simply want to add an extra twin socket in shed. The existing socket is I believe a fused spur, taken from kitchen. I have 2 simple questions: - Is the current set up (see pictures) ok? - can I extend directly from FCU or socket? thank you so much for your support and feedback.
  9. D

    Washing machine spur off central heating boiler supply in a bathroom?

    Can I add another fused spur in a bathroom (for a washing machine) to the existing supply for the central heating boiler? Old colours cable - 51M DELTA ENFIELD BASEC. Thank you, Dain
  10. O

    Bedroom socket

    Hello friends... The wiring in my house will need replacing in a few years. I wont be doing that!! I have a new consumer unit installed a few years ago and currently my electrics are sound. In my bedroom I have an old fashioned wall mounted socket. It's a right faff and I have a 4 way...
  11. janieJones123

    Safe to remove kitchen extractor hood from spur until new one arrives

    Hi, I was wanting to double check that it is safe for me to remove my old extractor hood from its fused spur and leave it switched off (and fuse removed) until my new extractor arrives? The hood is on the kitchen sockets circuit, so I want to switch the circuit breaker off for this circuit...
  12. Codger69

    Taking a spur for outside socket - want to check it's safe

    I want to create an outside socket for garden use but one of it's uses will be running a Lay-Z-Spa over the summer which run at just over 2000 watts when heating with possible short bursts of 2850W if it happens that the pump, air bubbles and heater are all on (minutes at a time). The Lay-Z-Spa...
  13. J

    Adding a spur?

    Hi just a quick question about adding a spur. Do I need to wire the socket in or can I wire a plug with 2.5mm grey flat cable and plug the new one in that way? The one I want to add a spur to has 2 cables in it already. I have fixed the new socket to the wall ready to wire it into the kitchen...
  14. G

    Fused spurs

    Hi all, bit of an ‘is this ok’ question, or could you suggest a better way....!? Want to add a socket in a hallway, but the tidiest socket to spur from already has a fused spur from it, supplying an alarm. The alarm spur is fused at 3A so not suitable for a double socket, but I don’t want to...
  15. thunt

    New Install - Cooker Hood

    I wish to have a new cooker hood installed that will come with a plug, so need a single socket installed up high. Initial idea was to use a vacant single socket above the worktop, change this to an FCU and spur a socket above or in the wall unit adjacent to where the cooker hood needs to go...
  16. J

    Does adding a 16A MCB to a spur meet regs, or do I need a 13A fuse?

    Hi, I have a new-build with (just about) attached garage which has one double socket and one light socket installed. The double socket is connected via a spur from the ring main for the downstairs sockets using a single 2.5mm T&E cable through the wall to the main house. Downstairs sockets are...
  17. bruceiow

    loft light and shaver light on one fused spur??

    Hi all, I have just moved in to a property and am a little confused with some wiring that I have found. So there is a 20amp circuit on the box labelled "Water heater". Turning it off shows that the fridge in the utility room goes off, one socket in the smallest bedroom, the loft light and the...
  18. J

    Multiple switches from a fused spur

    Quick electrical question I currently have a floodlight outside wired into a fused spur which has been taken from a socket many years ago. I've recently had two more flood lights added (mrs not me!!), everything on LED so not an issue with load. When the builder put the lights up he ran...
  19. Cameron Gray

    What can I actually do myself in a Scottish flat?

    Hi All, I'm having a bit of difficulty trying to work out what electrical work I am permitted to do myself in my Scottish flat as most information I can find online relates to England or regular houses. I keep coming across this PDF online which seems to state that I can do very little outside...
  20. B

    Spurring off a single socket in each room

    Hi. Moving into a house with only one socket in each of the three bedrooms. I need to have proper look once moved in but I know the consumer unit is new and believe wiring to be in good condition at time of install in recent years. Can anyone advise me if I can change single socket to double...