1. M

    Fill gap in stone wall at door lining

    Hi, I need to fill a large gap around a door lining and a stone wall. It varies in width from top to bottom and was going to plasterboard it after
  2. A

    Preparing an uneven stone hearth for tiling

    Hello, I have knocked out a fireplace (with great help from this group). It will only be decorative. The builders opening will all be boarded and skimmed. I would like to tile the old hearth (removing it is not an option, and neither is keeping it- drill holes). What would be the best way to...
  3. F

    How do I stop a cold RSJ rotting my joists?

    Hi, we're doing up a stone house, and have lots of vapour-related potential problems. Today's problem: we have an RSJ across a room, both ends in external stone walls, supporting the first floor joists. We're installing internal insulation (stud etc.) on all external walls, so the RSJ is a cold...
  4. W

    Internal stone walls

    Hi all, I am hoping to get some advice. I have a Victorian property where all the walls (internal and external) are solid stone with thick horsehair plaster/ lime and multiple layers of wall paper. Some of the external walls are quite damp as the previous occupants never did any work to the...
  5. G

    Tiling 45deg corner with stone cladding - how to cut

    hi guys I've started tiling my media wall with stone cladding and hit a brick wall. I need to tile the corners and since the cladding I've bought doesn't offer corner tiles I will need to cut it myself. Normal 45 deg cut won't work as the cladding I have varies in thickness (stone-like effect)...
  6. J

    Pebble dash vs flat render

    What are peoples views on pebble dash render over a block wall compared to the smother type render? I was thinking the pebble dash would give a tougher finish compared to say the smooth or am I wrong in this?
  7. M

    Replacing timber lintels in rubble-filled stone wall

    I need to replace a pair of lintels holding up an old stone/rubble wall above a doorway in a ~1890 (?) house. The lintels are timber and have spent many years encased in cement tanking (inside and out) and have become very damp. You can visibly see signs of wet rot; the timber you can touch is...
  8. M

    How to move a big stone

    Hi everyone, I have an old stone butchers table left in the cellar. (It’s a Victorian house) It’s about 180cm tall and about 10cm thick. Need to move it, it looks to be made of sandstone. Unfortunately it’s been bolted to the wall with some brackets and there’s some wiring behind it we need...
  9. J

    Join between exposed stone and ceiling plaster

    Hi All, First, apologies if this is in wrong thread - wasn't sure if it was decorating/ plastering etc. In short, I'm trying to come up with a solution to neatly seal or cover the join between where the exposed stone wall meets the plastered ceiling. Photo for reference. We get occasional...
  10. A

    To insulate or not ...

    I am looking at renovating a 130yr old stone house which currently has lath and plaster internally. Two tradesmen have advised not to insulate and just redecorate but one has said rip out and insulate with kingspan. A friend who has been in a similar situation has advised that heating bills...
  11. moore005004

    price of new patio

    Hi, I want a patio laying using kandla grey natural stone paving, I will need the old patio and some of the grassed area removed, the area is 32sqm anyone have any rough idea as to how much I will have to budget for to get this done I'm in the UK. Cheers.
  12. L

    Remove finish from stone

    Hi, I've got a stone window sill, it has some kind of thick glossy varnish on it. As you can see in the pictures it is cracking and peeling all over. Does any body know what's the best way to remove the existing product, and what is a nice product to refinish with? Any help greatly...
  13. R

    Advice on preparing wall

    Hey, I have this small section of external wall (see attched image) that I'd like to tile over with more modern looking stone split face tiles. I'm after some advice as to how best to prepare the area. I was originally thinking I would chisel off the existing stone but found the existing stone...
  14. R

    Colour running from mortar

    Hi all need some advice. I've recently laid a black limestone patio and did the pointing in a 3 to 1 mix using sharps and, I used a mortar dye to make the mortar as close to black as possible, I followed the instructions to the T. Just after finishing pointing, the heavens opened, I covered it...
  15. M

    stone door cill, condenstation,

    Has anyone got any ideas on how I could make a cover for stone door cill (internally). It's an old 9" brick house, and the cill is constantly covered in condensation in the winter months. I've got a large piece of DPM over it currently, but it's unsightly. I need to make a kind of step, which...
  16. J

    Front Door Stone Step

    I have a stone step that the front door sits on. Since it has got cold there now loads of moisture coming through it (assuming condensation). Is it possible to replace this slab to prevent this or is there anything that can be done to prevent this water coming through?
  17. I

    Basement Stone Floor / Bitumen

    So, after starting a job today it soon turned into something else so thought I'd get the views of people on here. I live in a 1840's stone built end terrace. The previous owner has converted the basement but it leaks and the walls are often damp so it clearly hasn't worked. I'd love to rip...
  18. W

    Flashing into stone

    I’m about to start work on converting and extending an old stone barn. Ground floor extension is due to be flashed into a round stone wall (external of turret style room) for a short section above the door (see picture). Surface of stonework is irregular and curved (see picture) which makes...
  19. H

    Cracked Stone Lintel above fireplace

    Hi, We have recently doing some work in our kitchen to open up a large chimney breast. We've hacked off most of the plaster and were very pleased to find a very large open fireplace. It was almost exactly what we were hoping for as we'd like to install a large range cooker in the chimney...
  20. T

    What to do with these crumbly Stone (Blue Lias) walls?

    I'm currently looking at a first (top) floor flat which although leasehold I'll be responsible for the 1st floor external walls. The entire property has been ribbon pointed with cement at some point which has made the stone work worse, the ground floor section of walls look in reasonably good...