stud wall

  1. R

    Fitting shower seat to thermalite wall??

    Hi, I have fitted a shower cubicle over a tray. All walls are covered with mermaid shower panels. 1 wall is a stud wall. 1 wall is (I believe) breeze block, but with a insulated plaster board dot and dabbed on front. 1 wall is standard plasterboard on what I now know is thermalite. I had...
  2. R

    Room divider/stud wall/archway

    We have a room with a stone archway and I want to create a partition in the archway with a door to create a separate room. We are using this as a cinema room so need to add some soundproofing. I have thought of a couple of solutions, 1. Hang some sliding doors - these would be big with not a...
  3. P

    Building a stud wall for shower enclosure

    We are renovating our bathroom and adding a shower. Its going in a corner, need to build a stud wall to complete the enclosure, before adding the screen door. Question is should the wall go up to ceiling or just above where the screen will sit? I'm thinking if three walls are at ceiling, the...
  4. M

    Are vertical Joints on a 1.5 course run of blocks ok for stud wall

    Hello, Hope the title was catchy enough Basically I purchased this old Barn and he started to level the floors with a run of blocks so he could put up stud wall. I like the idea of splitting finishing his plans, due to the floor being over three levels and not level in any direction he ran...
  5. P

    Vertical radiator on single stud?

    Hi, I have an internal, decorated plasterboard wall with poor studding: 120cm from its left end, there is a 22mm wide (i.e., as measured horizontally parallel to the wall) stud, then a 38mm stud (the two studs are spaced 60cm), then, after further 78cm, the jack stud of the door. I couldn't find...
  6. rystaman

    Levelling across interior wall, am I missing anything?

    Hi all, I just wanted to check with people more experienced than I that I've not missed anything major with this job of levelling out this wall. Myself and my partner are due to complete on this house soon and in the master bedroom, there is a jut where built-in wardrobes used to be...
  7. StephenStephen

    Stud wall plasterboard screw spacing?

    I do seem to like making life hard for myself! What screw spacing do I need for this sheet of plasterboard: - In general? - Around the cutouts? I know I'll put thousands in if I don't ask advice first! Many thanks, Stephen
  8. S

    Internal soil stack - box in, or put within stud wall?

    First time poster with limited plumbing experience - go easy on me :) We're doing a loft extension, and will have an internal soil stack serving a ground floor, first floor, and loft toilet - the 3 toilets are pretty well aligned. The soil stack will be 'boxed in' on the ground floor and first...
  9. R

    Power cables in Rockwool

    Hello all, I'm renovating a bedroom and taken the opportunity to put a few more power sockets in the adjoining room (see pic). This is an internal stud wall - I've put Rockwool acoustic slabs in to dampen sound but now I'm thinking should I remove the 2 pieces of Rockwool I put either side of...
  10. janieJones123

    Advice on building stud wall in alcove

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me with blocking off an alcove with a stud wall. We have this odd alcove in our dining room that is currently shelved. However the alcove isn't the height of the room, as the chimney goes off to the left above it. It just kinda looks a bit crap...
  11. J

    How to fix shower screen to stud wall

    Hi there I need some help I’m trying to fix a shower screen (the bath type) to a plasterboard wall with splash back but I haven’t got a clue what fixing to use, I was wondering if I could just silicone the bracket let it dry and then fit the shower screen but I just don’t trust it any...
  12. J

    False wall bathroom for toilet. How to do it?

    I have to build a 1m height false wall to hide the toilet cistern. I only got 200mm. How would you place your 4x2?
  13. J

    First Fix nails for nail gun. Ring or smooth to build stud walls?

    I have borrewed a pasloded IM350 to speed build up of few studwall instead of suing screws. As I have to buy some 90mm nail and found fishers to be cheaper than the original Paslode. I only have doubt if the nails need to be smooth or ring. Any help on this?
  14. Richskirich

    Sloping shed base

    Hi, I'm building a workshop at the top of the's 6x3.5m. the slab has been poured but due to a mess up on my part it has a 0.5⁰ slope from the back to the front, putting the front around 50mm lower than the back. It will be a timber framed workshop on a single course of bricks (which...
  15. Dee12345

    Stud wall - screwed into joist or floor board only?

    Hi, I want to put up a stud wall on the 1st floor. Do I have to screw the bottom or top stud plate into the joist below/above or can I just attach to the bottom stud into floor board and the top stud into the ceiling plaster? The joist run at right angle to the stud. Thanks Dee
  16. R

    Hanging a heavy radiator?

    Hi, I’ve recently bought a new build house. I’m looking to change a standard double panel 600mm x 600mm radiator to a vertical radiator which is 1800mm x 480 mm. The vertical radiator weighs around 45-50kg before water. I think the current one is probably only 20kg before water. The current...
  17. B

    Costing for garage

    I’m looking to put some stud walls in my garage and need to move the control box (I’m assuming that’s not the right terminology but I’m clueless unfortunately with electrics) the switches and lights before I put my walls up. My question is what sort of money would I be looking at having to...
  18. B

    Can’t find what I need?

    Hello I’m just hoping to get some clarity on what if any building regs I need for a slight garage conversion. I seem to be finding conflicting information online and was pointed in the direction of this site. I’ll include some pictures which have a window one end and a normal garage door the...
  19. J

    Stud wall, Partition wall with plasterboard and noggin

    Hi, Im doing a bit of renovation and for the first time I have to build few wall including one partywall and a fully enclosed bathroom. My idea is to use 15mm plasterboard or maybe 2x15mm to make it stronger but question is what stud size need to use and if there is any basic concept to use in...
  20. janieJones123

    What size gap at bottom of stud for ply/PB

    Hi, I am building a half stud wall that I will be covering with 12mm ply and then plasterboard, then adding skirting once it’s had a skim. I was wondering if I need to leave a gap at the bottom of either covering like you would on a masonry wall? I would think not to leave a gap for the ply, but...