switch wiring

  1. N

    How to replace a double switch with old wiring

    Wiring a new double switch with older wiring
  2. L

    Change LNLN light switch

    Hello, I want to change my light switch to a new one and discovered that the old switch has an L - N - L - N wiring, which I have not come across before (see photo). This is for a bathroom light that has only one switch, so not sure why this wiring was used. Can I use a simple two-way switch...
  3. N

    Change light switch

    Hi I’m looking at replacing 2 light switches 2 gang and a 3 gang however when I’ve looked at the wiring I’ve noticed the new switch are slightly different and confused me I will attach pictures of the current switch’s and wire and the new one if anyone could point in the right direct that would...
  4. OwainOW

    3 Way Light Switch turning one light on and another off from same switch.

    Hi All, I installed a new 3 way switch and intially had it working on all 3 switches after just doing a switch by switch cross over of the cables. I then snapped a screw in the backing box which meant draggging all the wires out. Although I tried to group them I have been unable to rewire...
  5. E

    Adding On/Off Switch to Phone Intercom in Flat

    I have an intercom system in my flat, and for whatever reason no matter which flat is needed people buzz mine. I've been here for a week and it's already unbearabe (the worst was a woman trying to get to her boyfriend's flat at 2:30am) so I'd like to add an on/off switch to the intercom so that...
  6. AdamEG

    Advice needed on decent grid modules for kitchen white goods

    Hi all Have a very tired old switch plate/grid module that needed replacing. It has 3 switches going off to the fridge, dryer and washing machine. Took the old one off and went to fit a new one (links at bottom) but as the modules "front load" the slightest pressure from good ol rigid as hell...
  7. Stax1970

    Bathroom cabinet with lights now needs a switch fitted

    Not impressed with the communication and instructions on my new Ikea Storjorm Bathroom mirror cabinet. The cabinet has lights built in behind the glass doors. I fitted the cabinet to the wall and wired up the lights straight from the mains wire that was already there from the last cabinet. The...
  8. S

    3 way to 2 way switch - confused by wiring

    I've changed most of the sockets and light switches in my house, and am pretty confident when doing it. However, I've never changed a 3 way light switch before - and to make it more confusing, I'm trying to change it to a 2 way. The middle switch is defunct - after talking to a previous owner...
  9. C

    Double Switch to Timer

    Hi, I've been having a browse but struggling to find help on here to match my situation. I should say up front that for some reason in my area there doesn't seem to be any sparks that just want to change a switch...well not at least in the next 4-6 weeks! Anyway, to explain, I have a two gang...
  10. J

    Wiring or switch for power shower

    My power shower has stopped working. The main switch is stuck and was very hot and smelt. I've opened it up and the wire ends have melted. I don't know if I can trim the wires back and replace the switch or if I need a electrician to change the wiring. I've included a picture.
  11. eveares

    Twist earth wire through spare screw hole in back box with no earth lug?

    My Aunty is moving from her council flat in Croydon to a council flat in Kent to be nearer to the family, and so have been doing some simple electrical jobs for her. Whilst I was replacing the 4 brushed chrome light switches (That I fitted about 4 years ago) in the flat for cheap plastic ones...
  12. F


    This is my current stat I'm looking to upgrade to hive, can anyone guide me to what wires go where on the hive stat. Atm I have 1, 3 core and earth going from the mains split across L N and heating on, there's another wire that goes off from the stat that is jut L and N this appears to go via...
  13. C

    Converting two three-way switches to a single dimmer

    I recently replaced my kitchen lights to dimmable LEDs. Right now there are two 1 gang 3-way switches, so I can control the same lights from two switches. I wanted to replace one of the switches with a dimmer, so I bought a dimmer switch and turns out it's only two-way. Both switches look like...
  14. K

    Combi boiler - do I need an appliance switch?

    Hello, We bought a house and in the kitchen, right next to the kitchen ceiling light switch there's an appliance switch (20A neon type) controlling the combi boiler installed upstairs in the bathroom. It's very confusing having 2 switches for 2 completely different things right next to each...
  15. daviwy

    House Electrical Issues

    All, I have an issue with my house and will require some candid advise on what to do, I have recently had issues with different electrical appliances / light bulb / bathroom wiring packing up. If you put 4 bulbs in different areas of the house, you can guarantee that 1 or 2 will blow off...
  16. M

    chrome light fitting light switch do u need to earth front plate

    Hi I've been replacing my white sockets and switches to chrome I've done a few of the double sockets, however when attempting the light switches the switches are earthed to the back box but do I need to do the front plate aswell!? there is a designated earth connection on the front plate but I...
  17. G

    Tag terminal marking on rear of lockout reset button

    There are four terminals on the rear of a lockout reset button switch. on the left are two terminals, one above the other, each marked with an arrow (a shaft with arrow head), pointing in opposite directions from each other in between them is "A", on the right are the other two terminals one...