thermostat change

  1. K

    Installing Hive Dual channel replacing centraplus c11

    Hey everyone, I've just ordered a dual channel hive thermostat and my current wiring looks like this On the hive website this is what a dual channel install looks like In order for it to work would i need to fill 1 and 3 or would it just work off my current install with only 2 and 4 full? I...
  2. CHRIS19876

    How to remove Thermostat when installing Hive

    Hi I have an existing Drayton wall thermostat , which I need to remove as I have a Hive thermostat to install. There are the 3 wires coming from the backplate of the thermostat. live goes to bottom of 3 in the wiring centre, wire 3 on thermostat goes to bottom of 2 in wiring centre. The top...
  3. bob-the-intern

    Honeywell T40 to Hive Thermostat Mini

    Hi there, First of all, thank you for your time. I'm looking at replacing my Honeywell T40 thermostat which serves pretty much as an on and off function on my home heating, I've a combi Vaillant boiler and the thermostat is wired to 1 (red cable) and 3 (orange cable) terminals, using the...
  4. I

    Tlx2259 upgrade... Please help!

    Looking to replace tlx2259. Wiring looks like this - can anyone give me a steer on what is is/isn't compatible with? Ideally I'd get a Google nest. Newbie here - any help much appreciated!
  5. P

    Replacing Drayton LP111 with Center BDR91 - HELP!

    I'm looking to replace my fixed boiler control unit with a wireless thermostat (so that i don't manually have to switch boiler on & off). Need some help in understanding how to rewire my existing control unit (Drayton LP111) with the wireless thermostat (Center BDR91). I've added all the images...
  6. L

    Updating Honeywell T40 Thermostat - too many wires?

    Hi, I’m trying to update my old manual Honeywell T40 thermostat to a programmable T40 on a combi boiler. the man in the shop said nice easy swap but once I removed old I found there’s too many wires. I think the T4 only needs 2 but the old T40 has 4. Is it a simple problem to solve or do I...
  7. E

    Thermostat wiring advice: Honeywell 6360 to BHT-6000

    Hello. I understand that this isn't an uncommon sort of question, I did search beforehand but I would appreciate advice on my specific scenario to be sure, please. My existing thermostat has 4 wires connected: Earth, Live, and 2 other wires. My new thermostat accepts 4 wires, but none of them...
  8. Careful_Bodger

    Pairing programmable thermostat with existing WB receiver controller

    I currently have this controlling my fully GasSafe installed WB Greenstar 30i... If I purchased this ... Is it possible to unpair my existing thermostat shown top right, and replace/pair with the new programmable thermostat shown bottom right. I understand there could be possible timer...
  9. anonfool72

    Replacing underfloor heating thermostats

    Hi all, we moved to a house that has underfloor heating with a thermostat for each room. This makes programming a nightmare as every thermostat has its own schedule, time settings etc. Are there any smart thermostats that can be used to replace all the thermostats (about 15 of them) and...
  10. B

    Room Thermostat Upgrade Woes

    I’m trying to swap out the room thermostat in my gf’s flat. She’s got an old analogue thing and I wanted to replace it with a digital programmable one. I bought her the same type as I have at home, and wired it up the same way as I have at home. Nothing - completely dead. when I reconnect the...
  11. A

    Boss BR1 to Hive Active Heating wiring

    Hi all, Just get someone to double check my research into the wiring as planning to move to Hive (single channel). I have a Worcester 28i junior boiler with BR1) receiver (wall mounted - picture 1&2) & remote thermostat (BPS242RF) which is not working hence the heating system but still have...
  12. S

    Thermostat change from manual to programmable

    I have an old RTS1 thermostat with wires at N (blue) L(brown) and 3 (green). I wish to replace it with an ESRTP4 (NOT wireless). I assume that I should wire the Blue to 1, Green to 2 and Brown to 3 but I need some assurance. Can you help, please?