thermostat change

  1. GamerGypps

    Hive Heating with Logic Combi ESP1 35

    Hi all, I’m looking to replace my current thermostats with Hive. I have ESI ESRTP4+ thermostats in the bedroom and hallway of my flat. With a Logic ESP1 35 combi boiler. When looking at the wiring needed my current thermostats only have 2 wires. NO/ON and COM. Hive obviously needs more...
  2. H

    DT10RF - pairing a new Thermostat

    I have a WB Greenstar boiler with a DT10RF Thermostat (Receiever unit on the boiler and transmitter / Thermostat normally mounted on the wall). The the batteries leaked over summer when it wasn't in use and since then it shows the wrong temperature, eg 28c when it is obviously around 16c...
  3. RhysM96

    Thermostat change

    I am currently redecorating and the thermostat in my property looks ancient and yellowed. I found a nicer looking one, not too expensive on Amazon and wondered if the current wiring( Black,Brown,Grey and Ground) are compatible and in which way it should be wired. Thanks
  4. R

    Hive thermostat installation

    Hi, I've just changed from a EPH thermostat system to Hive, just wondering if anyone could help in matching the wires up for me, are they installed correctly? I've attached 2 photos showing the change I've done between them, thanks
  5. M

    vaillant thermostat wiring

    Hi All Vaillant ecotech system installation (+ tank for Domestic Hot Water), single zone. Current thermostat is a wireless salus, with a drayton programmer. Myvaillant connect will be installed to program heating times via phone app, directly on ebus connection so no wiring headache for this...
  6. M

    Recommendations to replace HCW80 wireless thermostat

    Hello, I have the HCW 80 thermostat installed with the HC60NG (relay module). They are both working fine but I would like to replace the thermostat with a programmable version to set a day and night temperature, but keep the same relay without needing to call in an electrician to replace both...
  7. 5

    Programmable Thermostat to Replace Mechanical 3 Wire Thermostat

    Hi All, Our home is fitted with dual zone (upstairs and downstairs, surprisingly) thermostats and I am thinking a programmable thermostat might be a better solution for the family. Slight changes to the working patterns mean the on-off twice a day which the central heating controller offers...
  8. F

    HIVE wiring help! Please

    Hey everyone. So we have a Glow worm combi boiler and had a thermostat (honey well I believe) and it seems to have stopped working (boiler will just continue to run even when at tempreature). So we have bought a HIVE and trying to understand the wiring is beyond us! We have tried every combo...
  9. sam2232

    Thermostat Replacement Help

    Hello everyone ill be very appreciated if someone can help me replacing my old thermostat with a new one, i have attached few photos of the old and new thermostat and the boiler, please let me know if i can provide more pic that can help . thank u all
  10. T

    Help needed please New thermostat install

    Hi I'm new and I could do with some help if guys wouldn't mind. So my current boiler is a combine and it's running a single mechanical thermostat. This is a Honeywell unit I have just had new radiators fitted as the ones in my place was around 30 years old. As the guys was just about to leave...
  11. S

    Wiring a Replacement room thermostat for central heating

    am replacing my old thermostat with a new one, the old one had 3 wires connected to it, i tried to buy the same model so i can just easily rewire it . unfortunately the new one has a different wiring method . help please
  12. timmurray

    Nest wiring - ideal logic combi ESP1 35

    Hello everyone, I am looking to change my naff ESI thermostats to Nest gen 3's and wondered if someone could help me with the wiring. I have two motorised valves in the upstairs airing cupboard along with the wiring centre. I've checked the back of the facia on the wiring centre and there isn't...
  13. K

    Installing Hive Dual channel replacing centraplus c11

    Hey everyone, I've just ordered a dual channel hive thermostat and my current wiring looks like this On the hive website this is what a dual channel install looks like In order for it to work would i need to fill 1 and 3 or would it just work off my current install with only 2 and 4 full? I...
  14. CHRIS19876

    How to remove Thermostat when installing Hive

    Hi I have an existing Drayton wall thermostat , which I need to remove as I have a Hive thermostat to install. There are the 3 wires coming from the backplate of the thermostat. live goes to bottom of 3 in the wiring centre, wire 3 on thermostat goes to bottom of 2 in wiring centre. The top...
  15. bob-the-intern

    Honeywell T40 to Hive Thermostat Mini

    Hi there, First of all, thank you for your time. I'm looking at replacing my Honeywell T40 thermostat which serves pretty much as an on and off function on my home heating, I've a combi Vaillant boiler and the thermostat is wired to 1 (red cable) and 3 (orange cable) terminals, using the...
  16. I

    Tlx2259 upgrade... Please help!

    Looking to replace tlx2259. Wiring looks like this - can anyone give me a steer on what is is/isn't compatible with? Ideally I'd get a Google nest. Newbie here - any help much appreciated!
  17. P

    Replacing Drayton LP111 with Center BDR91 - HELP!

    I'm looking to replace my fixed boiler control unit with a wireless thermostat (so that i don't manually have to switch boiler on & off). Need some help in understanding how to rewire my existing control unit (Drayton LP111) with the wireless thermostat (Center BDR91). I've added all the images...
  18. L

    Updating Honeywell T40 Thermostat - too many wires?

    Hi, I’m trying to update my old manual Honeywell T40 thermostat to a programmable T40 on a combi boiler. the man in the shop said nice easy swap but once I removed old I found there’s too many wires. I think the T4 only needs 2 but the old T40 has 4. Is it a simple problem to solve or do I...
  19. E

    Thermostat wiring advice: Honeywell 6360 to BHT-6000

    Hello. I understand that this isn't an uncommon sort of question, I did search beforehand but I would appreciate advice on my specific scenario to be sure, please. My existing thermostat has 4 wires connected: Earth, Live, and 2 other wires. My new thermostat accepts 4 wires, but none of them...
  20. Careful_Bodger

    Pairing programmable thermostat with existing WB receiver controller

    I currently have this controlling my fully GasSafe installed WB Greenstar 30i... If I purchased this ... Is it possible to unpair my existing thermostat shown top right, and replace/pair with the new programmable thermostat shown bottom right. I understand there could be possible timer...