1. Tom1234567

    Render not in line with drive runoff

    Looking for some opinions on this, new driveway with new rendered block Wall. 50mm gap between beading and driveway block on the right and no gap on the left Builder is suggesting that this is for drainage…. Makes no sense to me. Does this require completely removing and starting again or can...
  2. T

    Need help with uneven concrete floor

    Hello, before installing LVT I need to even out the concrete floor but it's difficult how I should proceed.. Should I use self levelling compound or concrete + sand?? Thank you The first picture - 2 to 4mm gap between lounge and dining room The second picture - 8 to 12 mm gap between kitchen...
  3. A

    uneven foorboards in Victorian terrace

    Afternoon all Recently moved into a mid terraced property built in 1902. House is full of quirks/wonks/age related settlement and I understand nothing will be straight etc. Just looking for some clarity on the sloping floor in my dining room. The adjacent living room floor is straight, the...
  4. S

    En-suite ceiling - slight bulge of 3mm and to re-plaster

    I am refurbishing my en-suite and one job is to get the sparky in to move the ceiling lights to better positions. Generally speaking the ceiling is not in great condition and so I am looking at re-skimming it to tidy it all up I used a straight edge to check how flat the ceiling is and there is...
  5. R

    Kitchen top shelves - uneven ceiling

    Dear Forum Members, I am planning to install additional MDF shelves on top of the existing kitchen cabinets, and I have noticed that my ceiling is uneven: The existing cabinet is installed correctly - I've checked the top of it with spirit level meter. Therefore I 'blame' the ceiling. I've...
  6. R

    Composite expansion gaps

    Hi all I installed a 9m x 6m composite decking in my garden. When I installed 18 months ago the expansion gaps were 3mm and perfect. Now they are all uneven (see pic). What should i do to fix this to ensure it doesn't happen again? Any help would be appreciated! :)
  7. T

    Ridge in floor over breeze block wall

    Looking to re carpet one of our bedrooms, which has a pronounced ridge running the length of it, around 2ft from the nearest wall. Seems this is because the breeze block wall of the room below is higher (especially with joist hangers) than the joists that the chipboard rests on either side...
  8. B

    Upstairs floor straddles block wall and joists at different levels

    Hi all. I had a squeaky uneven upstairs bedroom floor that seemed to go downhill at one end. I removed old t&g floor to find the room straddled the wall between utility room and the garage. The top of the breeze blocks being higher than the top of the joists. So am now a bit puzzled as to how to...
  9. D

    Evening interior walls - Primer paint?

    Hi, Is there are a primer paint / something similar that will even out slight bumps on a wall caused by old paint that has chipped off? e.g. like below. Last time I sanded it down with an electric sander but still as you can see the second picture the surface is uneven at an angle. Would like...
  10. S

    Kitchen Tiling onto Uneven Mixed Surface

    Hi lovely DIY helpers! I have done a lot of tiling in my time as a lover of DIY but never onto a surface like this of my sister’s kitchen. Removing the old tiles has left an uneven and very mixed surface. When I’ve finished removing all the old tiles, I just want to tile to where the old tiles...
  11. I

    Uneven Floors across entire house!

    Hi all, I've just stumbled across this forum and am hoping someone will be able to shed light on the issue in my home. Whilst buying my house, we noticed the floors seemed uneven. I paid for a full structural report via the bank and asked specifically for this to be inspected. When I called...
  12. J

    Tiling uneven wall

    Hi, looking for some advice for a bathroom wall that needs tiling. Top half of the wall is wallpaper on flat decent plaster, the bottom half was tiled. When I’ve taken the tile off there’s a lot of cement like material (possibly old adhesive). This is around 1/2” tick, more in places and...
  13. U

    My loft joists are horribly uneven.. what to do when converting?

    I installed a loft hatch today, and in the process found that the joists on either side are at different heights, an entire inch apart! I'm looking to board out the loft in the new year, with 2x4's across the existing joists and insulate and all that good stuff, but now I've to work out how to...
  14. B

    Uneven and bulging concrete floor. Sulphate attack? (with pictures)

    Not sure how to handle this and its the first thing I need to decide on before doing anything else! I have recently acquired a 1960 Derby based house from my parents and understand that is has an issue with sulphate based hardcore / ground floor. Underfoot the floor feels obviously un-even with...