1. C

    Drayton SCR to Hive

    Hello everyone, They say there is no such thing as a stupid question. However, apologies if you think it is! Our house has a Drayton SCR and Digistat +3RF on a Vailant ecotec Combi Boiler. I am wanting to switch over to the Hive V3 and hub. I was going to get someone to do it but an...
  2. T

    Most efficient way to run modulating boiler with UFH to prevent cycling

    I have a Vaillant ecoTec plus 618 boiler. The minimum heat output of the boiler is 4kw. I have UFH downstairs with 5 zones. Some of these zones are very small, like the utility room and the study. I think the UFH manifold is set to around 32/35°C. The house is a well insulated new build and...
  3. J

    Constant burning after Vailant PCB change

    British gas were out due to error codes on Vailant Ecotec Plus 618 yesterday. The PCB was changed and it was back burning again. The issue now seems to be that it hasn't stopped burning even though there is no call for water or heating. It looks like the temperature is going above the...
  4. R

    Loud droning from new Vaillant system boiler

    We had a new Vaillant EcoTec Plus 612 system boiler installed in February. Occasionally, about once per week, we have experienced a very loud droning resonance in the pipework. This is savage enough to be heard through the house and felt on the pipes and boiler casing. It appears to be caused...
  5. E

    Vailant Turbomax Plus pressure fluctuation and ideal CH temperature

    Hi All, I recently moved to a new place. I am noticing a significant fluctuation in the pressure at operation (given my limited past experience) in the gas boiler and I just wanted to check whether that is ok for this model/seek some advice. Details -Vailant turbomax plus -small 2 floor...
  6. _Theo

    Need manual for Vailant digital timer

    Hi, Is anyone able to send me instructions or a manual on how to set the timer on this boiler? I've looked all over the internet but first and foremost I don't even know what it's called. I think the boiler itself is called an ecomax pro 28 but searching online for that brings up boilers with...
  7. P

    Vaillant ecotec 418 wont heat both water and rads succesfully

    I have a Vaillant 418 on a Y plan. I'll try to explain problem briefly -- I can't get it to do both water and rads at the same time. With the 3 port valve in mid position (d70=1), the boiler only uses the D77 setting of 7KW and so it doesn't have a high enough KW output to do both rads and...
  8. D

    Vailant Boiler Refill - Help Please

    I have a vailant boiler that is showing low pressure (other than that it seems to be fine) so i guess its needs to be refilled. I have looked on multiple forums/you tube but cannot find a setup like mine so dont know which valves to turn. i have posted a few photos and would be really grateful...
  9. J

    Nest generation 3 to valiant ecotec pro 28

    Hello, I have a year old valiant ecotec pro 28 boiler fitted with a wireless salus thermostat. I want to swap out the salus unit and install the nest system. Ive read loads of forums and still not quite shore what terminals to connect to, could anyone offer a simple diagram or pictures of what...
  10. K

    Ecotec (630) DHW pump speed

    We have an unvented Vaillant ecotec 630 system boiler with a Gledhill 200 litre slim tank on the first floor and the boiler in the utility room on ground floor. Can anyone advise why pump speed (d.019) 2 would be used over speed 1 & what setting would be best for minimum gas usage? Thanks
  11. O

    Combi or megaflow instalation

    Hi I'm after bit of advice. I live in new build 2 bedroom house with 1 bathroom and 1 toilet all running on megaflow 145l heated by Vaillant ecotec 632. Problem is that builders put megaflo in one of the rooms upstairs and this thing is taking too much room, so I had two plumbers to have look...
  12. K

    Help Installing Nest Gen 3 with Vailant eco tech plus 637

    Hi Guys, I am a little cheesed off as I have already done in 1 boiler PCB board which I will have to order in. My Set up for the ground floor is: 1x Vailant 637 boiler which does my ground floor heating and hot water 1x Honey well programmer 1x Honey well Room stat. and my system is Zoned...
  13. eveares

    Vaillant VRC 470f keeps resetting it's self.

    Got a small problem with my Vaillant VRC 470f wireless weather compensating heating controller that is used with my Eco Tec Plus 937 boiler. Every now and then (a few to several times a week), the clock on the controller randomly resets its self as if new batteries were put in. This has lead to...
  14. C

    Vaillant Turbomax VUW 242E / 282E - Not auto igniting and switch broken

    Hi everyone, My parents have one of the above and recently it has stop auto triggering when heat is requested. What actually started happening was you ran a hot tap, the water would start to warm , then go cold within a minute and never heat again. An engineer came out, advised to turn hot...
  15. C

    replacing my thermal store and boiler…Help in specifying

    hi guys, my current boiler (potterton suprima 80L 2003/4 installation) is causing me grief and a gas engineer has suggested replacing it.. The problem is the hot water fluctuates (heating is fine) i also have a Gledhill systemate 2000 but apparently that is working all fine… Whilst i will try...