1. C

    Valliant ecotec pro 28 hive install

    Help I've been wracking my brains over the hive installed trawled through every forum and video to get it right. Right now I have the hive receiever wired to the 24v RT port on the boiler onto the common amd heat on on the hive receiever. Everything seems to work as when I use the hive...
  2. SYW

    Add water to boiler Valliant 182e

    Hello, I have a Valliant 182e boiler which I need to top up with water as pressure is too low. I cannot find the 2 valves on the filling loop though. Maybe there's another way to do this, but I am afraid to break something. These photos show the pipes bottom to top. Please help!
  3. T

    Vaillant Boiler keeps turning on and off - flashing timer -> solid radiator -> flashing radiator

    I have a Vaillant EcoTech Plus 624 boiler (conventional, not combi) that keeps turning itself on and off during the night (I can hear it), and has continued today. It cycles between: Flashing timer and solid radiator: Just solid radiator: Just flashing radiator: Back to flashing timer and...
  4. M

    Replacing Salus VBC600RX wireless thermostat with Nest E

    Hello, I know very similar questions have been asked but they haven’t covered this version of Slaus from what I have seen. I apologise if it has. I have a Valliant ecoTEC pro28 boiler which I believe has a Salus VBC600RX wireless thermostat. The boiler is a combi boiler which delivers hot...
  5. R

    Valliant Pump Overrun s.07

    Hi hoping someone can help... I have a valliant ecotech plus 637 installed in a refurbished property. The boiler will not heat the radiators as it keeps cycling to code S.07 pump overrun as the temperature shown on the boiler display rises from 40degrees c to 80 in the space of a few minutes...
  6. D

    Valliant VCW 242 igniting and cutting out every few seconds

    Hi guys, I've got an ancient but usually reliable vcw boiler, we've had it for over 20 years and its been trouble free till now, its been service every so often. The problem is as follows; On the hot water side the has ignites and cuts off every few seconds whilst the hot water tap is running...
  7. E

    Nest Vaillant thermocompact vu gb 282

    Hello looking for help i have a y plan and guess link from boiler 4 to heatlink 3 and boiler 3 heatlink 2 y plan wired like diagram but pump is in boiler not stand alone. so my question is where do i connect zone valve orange wire as guess boiler is wired to 3 amp spur feed permanently and not...
  8. A

    Vaillant Boiler - Service Heat Generator

    I have an EcoTech 825 Plus combi-boiler that is 2 years old and has had 2 services. The last service was October and I've checked the control panel and the next service is set for October 2018. However last week the controller started displaying 'Service Heat Generator' and the boiler display is...
  9. S

    Valliant EcoTec Pro 28 - Pressure tops out

    Hi, i think i may have the answer from other posts, but nothing specific to my issue so want to confirm before calling a tech. Boiler over 5yrs old Cold Pressure set 1.2 Water temp - 60c Heating temp - 60c no noticeable issues with water Heating - comes on and heats up, but soon stops Pressure...
  10. M

    Valliant EcoTec Open Vent + Google Nest v3

    Hi guys - Hoping someone can help. I am having some building work kicking off in January, and with it is a Valliant EcoTec Openvent 38kw boiler (excited!) - there will be two zones, one for the underfloor heating in the kitchen, then the other for the remainder of the house's radiators...
  11. Barry Jackson

    Replacing Valliant VRT50 thermostat

    Hi, I want to replace my VRT50 thermostat with a Salus ST620VBC programmable thermostat. Installation looks simple, however my question is- Do I need to disconnect the existing wiring from the boiler (Ecotec Pro 24)? I believe it uses an eBus connection (not too sure what that means). Or can...