Valliant ecotec pro 28 hive install

7 Mar 2021
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United Kingdom

I've been wracking my brains over the hive installed trawled through every forum and video to get it right.

Right now I have the hive receiever wired to the 24v RT port on the boiler onto the common amd heat on on the hive receiever. Everything seems to work as when I use the hive thermostat it seems to translate this to the boiler and the radiator light comes on the boiler and the boiler kicks in for abit but eventually stops and radiators don't heat up.

Is it the boiler or my amateur attempt at wiring this thermostat in.

Any help would be much ly appreciated
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When the heating stops does the radiator Icon on the boiler display stay on ?
Easy way to check is bridge the 24v and see if it works,
Has it a built in clock ? If so set to constant
There is no internal clock.

I've been working backwards and reinstalled the old thermostats and have got the heating working again like it used too.

So now im thinking it has something to do with how the old thermostats are wired. I have 2 zones upstairs and downstairs with 2 separate thermostat. Could this be effecting how the hive thermostat is working ?
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That is your problem you have wired it up wrong, you can only control 1 zone with the Hive, if you want to control both zones you will need 2 x single channel Hives, the Hive does not get wired to the boiler, it gets wired to the corresponding zone valve and the zone valve brings the boiler on, that is why the boiler is only on for a short time, the zone valves are closed so the heat has no where to go
Yeah had a feeling it had something to do with the 2 separate zones

Shame hive advertises how easy it is to install turns out its the opposite and buying another receiver and thermostat and getting a pro to fit it is more money then I'm willing too pay

Gues ill be sending it back and stick with what I already have.

Thanks for the help
you could use the Hive to control 1 zone and leave the other zone controlled as is , if you want, beats the point though as you would want to controll both zones with your phone
Yeah I don't think I would like to have a semi smart heating system sort of defeats the point in having it. But if I can't get my money back I guess that would be the option until I decide to take the leap and pay a pro to do it.

Luckily hive is just a luxury and the thermostat system I have now isn't bad and still works fine.

Once again thanks for the help
you wouldnt need a pro to wire them, just two simple circuits, we can help you with that if you want, but you will need two seperate units
I appreciate it but I think its a slight bit out my comfort zone. As well as I didnt want to pay for a second reciever and thermostat as I got this hive on a deal. If I can't return it I may give it a go.

Hi, quick question as i am about to install Hive on my dads Valliant ecotec pro 28 boiler. Does the RT wires coming from the receiver go to the 24V connection or to the 230V connection? If it goes to the 230V i presume i will need to loop the 24V terminal?

Depending on the age of the boiler, may depend on the voltage side, but no loops/links required. If it’s the newer type though you will need a link at the hive receiver. That boiler cover forms part of the combustion circuit and should be checked afterwards by someone who is competent to carry out 26.9 checks.
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sorry but point 1 you are hi-jacking a post against site rules, and point 2 if you start messing around with low and high voltage when you dont know what you are doing can be very expensive, please start your own post and ask exactly what you want to know
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